“A Progress bar is an element used to indicates a progress of an operation or to show users how far along they in a process.”

jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

A progress indicator is an important and powerful tool to help your customers in the completion of their tasks. Animated and creative progress bars always attract your visitors.

So, there are two ways to add such creative progress bar functionality on your website.

  • Manual Coding
  • jQuery Progress Bar Plugins.

The easiest and convenient way to add a progress bar is via jQuery progress bar plugins. There are a number of plugins available in the market.

These plugins offer different types of progress bars such as circular progress bar, progress with percentage bar, page load progress bar, animated bars and so on.

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So, let’s begin with the plugins that we have accumulated here. They are easy to use, lightweight, well documented, and cross-browser compatible. Hence, you won’t find any hurdles in handling them.

1. ReloadProgressBar jQuery Plugin

ReloadProgressBar creates a loading bar on the top, when a page is reloading or when some content like images and texts etc are loading into an element. It is so easy to use, as it can be done with a single line of javascript code. You can place this code on the desired page and element.

If you already using AJAX to load content dynamically then, you can also equip it with a progress bar. With the help of this, you can allow your users to know how long will it take to get fully loaded.

ReloadProgressBar jQuery Progress Bar Plugins


This jQuery Progress bar plugin cost you $6 only on purchasing it from the codecanyon.net.


  • It comes with 30 ready to use themes of a progress bar. Additionally, you can easily create your new custom theme with this plugin.
  • It automatically preloads all the images of your page. 
  • Works well in multiple web browsers such as IE10, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.
  • The plugin is retina ready and offers high resolution.

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2. jQuery Circle Progress

jQuery Circle Progress allows you to draw animated circle progress bars on your website. This plugin comes with a detailed documentation so that you can implement easily. Every single function and event is described illustratively.

This plugin enables you to handle mouse click events like progress with mouse move, dragging, on click etc.

jQuery Circle Progress jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

Free Download

You can download this jQuery progress bar circle plugin for free.


  • Very well documented plugin. So, anyone can easily use this on their website.
  • You can use static color as well as variation of colors in a single circular progress bar.
  • It allows you to customize the size of the progress bar.
  • Apply animations with simple codes given in the documentation.

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3. Progress Bar Webpack Plugin

Progress Bar Webpack plugin displays a simple progress bar when a web pack is built. This plugin is easy to implement. So, if you want to add a progress bar in the creation of a web pack then, there is no better option than this plugin.

The percentage progress bar plugin also shows the duration of time takes in building the webpack.

Progress Bar Webpack Plugin jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

Free Download

You can grab this progress bar plugin from the GitHub.com


  • It displays the progress bar using a symbol “=”.
  • You can configure the format of the progress bar by changing the elapsed time, total ticks etc.
  • It uses “Chalk” plugin to sprinkle different colors.
  • You can specify the current progress message also.

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4. progressStep – jQuery Progress Bar Plugin

progressStep is a jQuery plugin that creates a dynamic progress bar with numbered steps. For example, if you are creating a sign-up form and want to add a profile setup progress bar in a number of steps. Then, you can use this jQuery progress bar plugin.

It does not use the new jQuery widget factory. So you can use it with jQuery v1.8 or newer. This plugin is cross-browser compatible including IE8.

progressStep jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

Free Download

Download this plugin from GitHub.com that too in free.


  • You can define different colors on each step.
  • It allows you to add a left and right margin of the progress bar.
  • You can also define font-size and font-family.
  • Highlights the inner circle only when that particular step is active.
  • It comes with interactive documentation. So, you won’t find any difficulties in using it.

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Well, this was our take on jQuery progress bar plugins. So, if you also want to add a progress bar whether for profile creation or simply just a page loader progress bar. Then, you don’t need to look around.

As we’ve hand-picked some of the best in market jQuery progress bar plugins which makes the creation of progress bar as easy as ever.

Hope, you’ve found the article helpful. Thanks For Reading.