The jQuery slideshow plugins can bring a WOW expression on your site visitor’s face.


Do you agree that the very first thing encountered on a site by a visitor is the slideshow in the front. What if this you can fill the slideshow of your webpage with amazing transitions & advanced animation effects. Definitely, this will bring an enthusiasm as well as help you engage the viewers. And jQuery Slideshow plugins exactly does that.

In fact, these plugins will let you simply create a slideshow of photo albums/galleries/portfolios very easily. Most of all these plugin works in an automated manner but also allows you to customize some elements.

jQuery Slideshow Plugins

So, you can easily showcase your products, their description and much more in an automated manner using slideshows created by this plugin.

In this article, we came up with the 5+ best jQuery slideshow plugins with multiple interesting features. Go through the listings and find the best suitable for your site.

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1. Seria – jQuery Slideshow Plugin

It is a multipurpose slideshow jQuery plugin with a vertical alignment. You can beautifully create a portfolio of your amazing site work. The features of this plugin will let you showcase your site products, picture gallery, latest news and blog/posts.

In addition, Seria jQuery plugin is ready to customize with just a few options to suit your site needs. For an instant just suppose you want to show/hide/configure the visibility of some adjacent images. Or if you want to switch modes like normal and carousel.

CSS is split into many sections and groups for easy modifications. Also, it makes excellent use of the CSS3 transitions.

Seria jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The Seria jquery plugin has a regular license plan of $10 and an extended license of $50.


  • You can configure the visibility, color & opacity of adjacent images.
  • 3 variations are available for the text animation.
  • Various image options available like- preloading, auto orientation/centering, and enlargement.
  • It has a detailed documentation, application programming interface (API) & callbacks available for easy implementation on any site.

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2. Fullscreen Scroll Gallery – jQuery Plugin

jQuery Fullscreen Scroll Gallery plugin will help you to display fullwidth images. The slideshow has an auto delay constraint set for each & every image of the slideshow. It also contains a scrollable navigator with thumbnails.

Furthermore, this plugin works efficiently with the latest browsers like IE 8-10, Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari.

jQuery Fullscreen Scroll Gallery jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The jQuery Fullscreen Scroll Gallery plugin has two cost estimate plans-

  • Regular licensed plan – $8
  • Extended licensed plan – $40


  • It is a fully responsive plugin.
  • Scrollable thumbnails navigation.
  • It presents auto delay image slideshow.
  • Shows image in fullscreen.

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3. Carousel 2 Sides Slider Plugin – jQuery Plugin

This plugin displays sliding the images with two faces (front/back). Clicking on a slider image, it flips and shows the back container. You can make use of this functionality for various purposes for example to show some information regarding the flipped image.

jQuery Carousel 2 Sides Slider Plugin jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Pricing Plan:

It is available at the cost of $7 for a regular license & $35 for an extended license with future updates.


  • The navigation style is of simple carousel type with two-faced sliding images namely front & back side.
  • It has CSS3 driven animations & graceful degradation.
  • Options available for multiple animation transition styles.
  • Optional go-back animation delay.

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4. ZoomZu – jQuery Gallery & Slideshow Plugin

ZoomZu is a fullscreen responsive photo gallery WordPress plugin with lazy loading. This feature will add new gallery elements on scrolling downwards. The lazy loading feature will automatically reduce the overall loading time. It is a vertical style slideshow plugin.

ZoomZu facilitates 7 CSS3 slider animation effects & 2 image scale modes. It is a mobile-optimized jQuery plugin. Also, it works great on various mobile devices which support CSS3.

ZoomZu jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Pricing Plan:

ZoomZu jQuery slideshow plugin has two pricing plans such as-

  • Regular – $10
  • Extended – $50


  • You can set the image scale to cover the whole screen to just fit by default.
  • Zoom in/out with double click or tap.
  • It supports touch-swipe. Plus keyboard navigation is also possible via. left & right arrow keys etc.
  • The slideshow will automatically “close on scroll”.

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5. Fullscreen Slideshow – jQuery Plugin

jQuery Fullscreen Slideshow is a completely clean & clear working plugin. It consists of a background, text heading and description and a custom image to show. The plugin is completely responsive for almost every screen. Also, it has pre-defined auto delay slideshow set.

jQuery Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Grab this plugin at just $8 for a regular license and $40 for an extended one.


  • Auto-delay set for image slideshow, text heading & text description options available.
  • The CSS3 transition that supports the modern browsers.
  • It is completely isolated and compatible working with other plugins.
  • Detects modern browser automatically.

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6. Skippr – Free in jQuery Slideshow Plugins

The Skippr jQuery plugin is a free product of GitHub. It is a fast and light jQuery slideshow plugin. The plugin is very well documented so as to make it very easy to use even for the beginners.

The plugin will let you embed a full-width slider with buttons on it. Also, a navigation is present on the bottom to slide between the images.

skippr jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The Skippr is a complete Free plugin. You can directly download it from the professional website GitHub.


  • 100% responsive layout with heading and text description.
  • CSS effects like- transition, speed, easing, navType, autoplay, arrows and much more.
  • Can set the slider images with a proper image sliding delay.
  • Buttons are also available for further redirections.

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This was our take on the 5+ best jQuery slideshow plugins (Free & Paid). Hope this article was helpful to you in your search domain. Choose the one which best satisfies your site needs.

Any further queries and suggestions are highly recommended.

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