jQuery slider plugins are specially designed for developers, website manages and people who want to have attractive slider effects visible on their website.

There is a large number of jQuery plugins for sliders available online. So, to simplify your search process we have listed some of the best jQuery slider plugins on this blog.

All these plugins are equipped with features like slide transitions, latest browsers compatibility, multisite support, animation effects, touch swipe effects and much more.

In addition, all the plugins are extremely affordable and we have also defined some popular free plugins here as well. So, let’s get started with the jQuery plugin details.

But before that have a look at the blogs listed below:-

1. LayerSlider Responsive – jQuery Slider Plugin

LayerSlider is a premium jQuery plugin using which you can have sliders with animations displayed on your website. It helps you create sliders, slideshows and animated content which looks professional.

This jQuery plugin provides a well-explained demo which has all the details. Plus it is perfectly optimized and provides great support.

LayerSlider jQuery Slider Plugin


  • The regular plan of this plugin is priced $15 with which you get an advanced slider and animation services.
  • $75 is the price which is charged for the extended plan of this plugin.


  • With this jQuery plugin, you get access to more than 200 predefined slide transitions.
  • You can simply design sliders with the help of drag & drop visual editor which comes with undo/redo functions.
  • Allows you to get dynamic content from pages & posts and automatically update them in content sliders.
  • This jQuery plugin is fully optimized for all latest browsers, SEO friendly, multisite ready and more.

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2. All In One Slider Responsive – jQuery Slider Plugin

All in one slider is a responsive jQuery slider which offers full-width version along with circle timer. This plugin comes pre-loaded with 5 banner styles which helps you give a unique look to your website.

Just by using these banners you can design your own sidebar banners or mini-galleries within few minutes.

All In One Slider jQuery Slider Plugin


  • Regular license will cost you $11 with which you get various slider options and facilities.
  • The extended license will charge you $55 for the advanced features and services of this jQuery plugin.


  • It includes 5 different types of banners like banner rotator, thumbnails banner, a banner with playlist, content slider and carousel.
  • Allows you to have transition effects with multiple photos (16 photos).
  • With this plugin, you get 3 predefined skins which will help you give unique look to sliders.
  • Provides various parameters like width & height, autoplay, loop, images randomize, show/hide controllers, etc.

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3. Master Slider – jQuery Slider Plugin

With Master Slider jQuery plugin you can display sliders with images and content that support touch navigation with a pure swipe gesture. It provides more than 80 ready-made sliders which look attractive design.

You may also have add-ons like hotspots, thumbnails, video support, a variety of effects, and more with this jQuery plugin.

Master Slider jQuery Slider Plugin


  • The first plan with regular features and services will cost $17.
  • The second plan of this jQuery plugin with extended features and services will cost you $85.


  • This jQuery plugin offers more than 70 pre-built sliders templates which can be used for different purposes.
  • It provides touch swipe navigation and looks great on various devices as it is fully responsive.
  • Allows you to define various animation parameters like effects, duration, delay and more.
  • Hotspots features permit you to add tooltip which displays information while the mouse is being hovered over it.

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4. Rama – jQuery Slider Plugin

Rama is a jQuery slider plugin that holds 21 slider transition effects which can be applied with a combination of images, icons, and text. With this plugin, you can create an unlimited number of objects for different styling.

It is super easy to implement this plugin as you just need to know little HTML and Javascript.

Rama jQuery Slider Plugin


  • The cost of the regular package of this jQuery plugin is $7.
  • The price charged for the extended version of this jQuery plugin is $35.


  • This jQuery plugin helps you can create unlimited slider combinations using texts, images, and animations.
  • CSS file to apply various features like coloring, positions, shadows, etc.
  • With this plugin, you can use any size of the image in the sliders.
  • It also includes example pages which are a great help in the implementation part of this plugin.

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5. Slider Pro – jQuery Slider Plugin

Slider Pro jQuery plugin is fully responsive which automatically scales down images and animated layers as well. You can have swipe, slider transitions along with elegant fade transition between slides with this plugin.

It also permits you to optimize image loading with options like lazy loading, conditional loading, retina-enabled, etc.

Slider Pro Slider PRO jQuery Slider Plugin


  • Slider Pro is free of charge jQuery WordPress plugin which comes loaded with numerous features and facilities.


  • Provides multiple animation effects like CSS3 transitions, animated layers, fade effects and more.
  • The breakpoints facility of this plugin helps you dynamically changes the settings of the slider as per the screen size.
  • Easy to install and gives you proper documentation with examples which simplifies the process of application of this plugin.
  • Various layout options are also provided like carousel, infinite, full width & full window and more.

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6. WOWSlider – jQuery Slider Plugin

WOWSlider is one of the best free jQuery image slider plugins which helps you provide unique visual effects. Without editing any code or image you can create fantastic image sliders within few seconds with this plugin.

It is responsive, touch swipe, all browsers, all devices, search engine friendly and more. Plus it has been used on millions of pages and it proves to be bug-free.

WOWSlider jQuery Slider Plugin


  • Another free of cost plugin which comes pre-equipped with plenty of features and advanced facilities.


  • This plugin provides well-documented demos which are easy to understand and implement.
  • WOW jQuery slider is super light (6kb gzipped), provides faster loading and uses hardware-accelerated animations.
  • It is compatible with old as well as new versions of browsers like IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome on PC, Mac, iOs, Android, etc.
  • Offers attractive animation effects with 25 plus stunning transitions, image and text effects.

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Finally, we are at the end of this blog on jQuery slider plugins. I am sure that you must have found the best slider plugin which will fulfill all your needs and requirements.

In case of doubts or queries related to these plugins, you can ask them to us in the comments section below.