Spell Check option has made people carefree while writing. You can write as much content as you want without bothering about the accuracy of the text.

And this liberty has been provided by almost every website for their users.

If you are still not providing this facility to your users on your website, you might miss out some of the most regular and reliable users of your website.

And if your website or application includes consistent spell checking option to the user,  the chances of this high-quality data to be searched and used in future is very high.

Now, do not wonder how to do it, as the answer is right here.

Writing codes for having spell check have been an age-old process.  The best results are guaranteed via adding plugins to your websites.

The following discussed jQuery spellchecker plugins have turned out to be the perfect solution. The reason is their simple installation and easy usage.  You are also assured of the data security as these plugins do not send the content to a 3rd party for spell check.

Further, you also get many dictionaries that hold vocabulary of all the important fields like legal, medical etc.

The list of such affluent features is quite long actually, so it’s better we start learning all of them in detail together.

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1. JavaScript SpellCheck

This plugin allows spell check for the content in two ways:

You can either make the corrections for misspelled words while typing in the text area. The plugin also gives basic grammar checking option in this mode.

Else you can do the spell check in the dialogue box that opens up with a click. This dialogue box holds all the misspelled words with correct suggestions.

It also has additional options like basic grammar checking and lookup “meaning ” etc.

The plugin is customizable and you can set up the spell check by copy-pasting 1 line of jQuery code. It facilitates spell check the content on almost all browsers & intranet.

Also, it gives the best performance amongst its contemporary plugins. It can scan and spell check up to 30,000 words per second. The plugin has AI tuned fuzzy logic to give 100% accurate suggestions for correction.

JavaScript Spellcheck jQuery Spell Checker Plugin


This plugin is absolutely free to use for all websites.


  • This plugin does not send the content to any 3rd party for spell check to ensure the security of data. In this way, Google protocol for protecting data from hacking does not get violated.
  • For form validation, the plugin gives two options to generate errors. Either on submitting the form or prompt users as they are writing with Live field validators.
  • It has 20 dictionaries with vocabulary for medical, scientific, legal, etc. You can analyze and make the corrections for multilingual documents as well. Plus, it enables you to add vocabulary to a custom dictionary.
  • You can install JavaScript Spell Check on all the modern OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux servers. This plugin also supports almost all major web servers such as Windows IIS & Apache.

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2. jQuery-spellcheck

This plugin scans the texts and displays the spell check results under the input field. It also lists all the misspelled words along with their correct suggestions.

To use this plugin you need to have Google’s spell checker API and a server to handle the communication with API.

Along with this, it is very easy to use & responsive to all screens.

jQuery Spellcheck Plugin jQuery Spell Checker Plugin


You can add all the features of the plugin on your website without spending any penny. As it is free.


  • The plugin comes with various options like letter code for languages.
  • It allows you to set the number of milliseconds to spell check a word after a key event.
  • You can ignore the words with caps to apply spell check on them.
  • Further, the spell check can also exclude digits.

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3. Browser Based Spell Checking Plugin For jQuery – Spellchecker

This enables a user to spell check an incorrect word within a form field or in a DOM tree.

It displays all the misspelled words in a dialogue box & also provides a ‘check spelling’ button below. On clicking this button, all the incorrect words will be highlighted in red color & a dotted red line. Then you can hover the cursor on every marked incorrect word to make corrections.

Browserbased Spellchecking jQuery Spell Checker Plugin


Avail this plugin for your website without any currency transaction. Completely Free!


  • On clicking the incorrect word you will get a list of correct words to use as a suggestion. If you feel the given word is correct, you can ignore the suggestions,
  • This plugin includes HTML parsing along with text parsing for WYSIWYG editors and form fields.
  • It supports Unicode in order to work with mostly used global languages.

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4. jQuery Spellchecker

This lightweight jQuery plugin provides the users with a number of demos with an elaborated explanation.

It integrates with 5 editors – Reactor, Bootstrap-wysihtml5, jHtmlArea, CKEditor and TinyMCE editor.

The misspelled words are marked with red underline in these editors. Which on hovering suggests the correct word.

jQuery Spellchecker jQuery Spell Checker Plugin


Do not pay any amount to use this plugin, as you can download it directly.


  • With HTML parser, you can replace the incorrect words on the page.
  • This plugin supports Unicode character sets. It allows spell check in different languages such as English, Spanish, French & many more.
  • Along with this, it also includes PHP web service that supports ASpell and Google spellchecker.
  • It can apply spell check for multiple form fields.

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These were some of the best jQuery spellchecker plugins which are potentially capable to enhance your website functionality.

The correction for the misspelled words is done without affecting the website performance. And above all, they are free.

Find out the best from them and start using it now.

For any suggestions or queries, comment below.

Thanks and regards!