Do you want to provide translation facility on your website?

If yes, then you must be looking for some kind of tool that will help you to have language translator!

With the help of jQuery Language Translator Plugins you can easily add the translation functionality to your website.

Reading or viewing the content on a website in a default language let’s say in the English language will have a good impact.

But you have a global audience so merely English or your own language on the website won’t serve them all.

You have to serve viewers with the option to translate the content of your website in their native language. Just like Google Translator!

If you agree with this statement than here’s an easy solution for you!

jQuery language translator plugins help in easing the task of translation. Thereby, provides your visitors a positive user experience as they read the content in their own language.

Moreover, these plugins provide you with several impeccable features like:

  • They translate all the textual data on the website without restricting to word limit.
  • You can easily add your own dictionary or use the one provided by the plugin.
  • These plugins are user-friendly, easy to customize and offer multiple customizations.
  • Apart from this, they use cookies which help in saving & restoring the languages.

And there is a lot more to discover…

For this reason, we have amalgamated a list of some of the best jQuery language translator plugins. Also, we have highlighted their key features, pricing plans & various other details.

1. jQuery Plugin To Translate Web page:

This jQuery plugin is based on localization tool. It can be used for all the type of websites. Further, this plugin provides a list of languages to the viewers which makes it easy for them to view & choose. 

That’s how you can judge that this plugin is easily usable by a person who has no technical knowledge.

 jQuery Plugin To Translate Web page


  • This language translator plugin does not charge a single penny. You can download it from ‘’ to get to know more information about it.


  • You never have to worry about the content limit. This plugin translates all of the textual data on a website even it contains a lot of words.
  • It allows translating the content into various languages such as English, Japanese, Italian, Malyalam, Arabic & many more.
  • This plugin allows you to add a label template option on your site right from the settings section.

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2. jQuery Lang JS:

With the help of this jQuery plugin, you can create multiple versions of the content on your site from default language to other languages by using phrase translations.

It provides a high-performance code without any intervals or timeouts. This plugin provides an easy platform for language translation. You don’t need to refresh the page as the plugin instantly switches the language without any hassle.

Additionally, it hooks the events for custom processing, supports regular expression search and a lot more.

jQuery Lang JS jQuery Language Translator Plugin


  • It is free of cost. You will be able to download its version 3 from ‘’ & get to know more features about it.


  • You don’t need to worry about the translation on every page as it automatically maintains the consistency of language across the pages plus, it reloads via cookies.
  • It automatically changes the URLs of images as and when the language changes.
  • This plugin translates the dynamic content i.e. the content added via jQuery or loaded via AJAX all by itself.

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3. : Language Translator Plugin is an efficient jQuery plugin which is designed & built for easing the job of translation on your site. This plugin provides you with several features for translation like a predefined dictionary, cookies, etc.

Apart from it, this plugin is very easy to use & responsive to all screens and mediums like tablets, mobile & desktop. Language Translator Plugin


  • You can get this plugin without spending a single penny. Just go to ‘’ & download this jQuery plugin for free.


  • It automatically replaces the parameters while translating the content on the page. This reduces the chances of any further complexities. 
  • This plugin uses cookies information which makes it easy to save & restore the language as & when required.
  • You don’t need to hassle around as this plugin provides a predefined dictionary. You can call it by ‘$.tr.dictionary’ adding a shortcode at the backend.

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4. Simple jQuery Translations Plugin:

It is an astounding jQuery plugin for easing the task of translation on a website. This plugin provides multiple features like creating your own dictionary, predefined dictionary & lot more.

Although, this a freemium plugin but it provides efficient features. Moreover, this plugin is fully customizable & easy to use.

Simple jQuery Translations fits beautifully on all screens and also provides few examples related to the plugin which will help in case of queries.

Simple jQuery Translations Plugin


  • This jQuery plugin for language translation is available at ‘’ for free of cost. You can download it & get access to all its features.


  • You can open the default or create your own translations.json which consists of all the translations.
  • It empowers you to implement the elements in HTML elements by using the data-translate attribute.
  • This plugin has the ability to manage dynamic numbers. All you gotta do is add ‘%n’ in translations.json.

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Wrapping Up!

Consequently, we have stated few of the finest jQuery language translator plugins which will help you in translating the content on your website into different languages and hence make it easier for your audience to read in the language of their own choice.

Further, we also scrutinized their details like major attributes, pricing plans, etc.

After going through this blog, we hope that you must have found a perfect jQuery plugin for your website.

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