Having a login form on a website is one of the primary concern of all the webmasters.

Therefore we can say that a login form on any website acts as a gateway for the site visitors. This is because it creates an easy mode of entrance for the visitors of your website and allows them to be a part of it.

In short, login forms turns the random visitors of your website into reliable users.

This genuinely allows them to peep into the wonderful happenings in your web world and start accessing them as well.

The conventional step-by-step creation of such forms is not even a choice now when you have fully functional jQuery plugins to create login forms with much accuracy. It is a far better choice than using any other options which are available in the market for ages.

The login jQuery plugins that we are going to discuss in the following blog will provide you with best of their features. You can not only create normal and one-line login forms but can also present them as a dialogue box on your webpage for the users.

Further, some of these plugins will also allow you to generate a login option through users Facebook login credentials. This kind of integration will help the website owners to get the authenticated users for their site.

Now let’s start understanding them one by one in detail.

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1. Metro Login

This plugin creates a login form that looks like window 8 login screen. You can obtain this unique and advance look for the login form with the integration of jQuery tricks and CSS3.

You can set any background image and add date and time for an interesting layout on the web page.

Also, the plugin ensures responsiveness on every kind of devices such as tab, mobiles etc.

Metro Login jQuery Plugin


You can get this plugin for your website at a very affordable rate of $5 with 6 months support. To extend the support to 12 months, you just have to spend $1.13 extra.


  • The plugin provides you with a couple of functions to customize form buttons and background colors easily.
  • Besides username and password fields, you can also add ‘remember me’ checkbox in the login form with PHP functionality. You can use these restored values for any further reference.
  • The plugin comes with detailed documentation for the users’ convenience.
  • It is easily compatible with many modern browsers such as IE8, IE9, Chrome, Safari etc.

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2. Fblogin

Facebook offers multiple SDK and API to allow “Login with Facebook” on your website. But this jQuery Fblogin plugin uses these toolkits in the most user-friendly and effective way to integrate Facebook Login system on your web page.

Further, it allows users to log in with their Facebook account credentials without registration on your website.

Instead of using multiple steps to incorporate this login system to your website, you can do this via $.fblogin(); function call with this plugin.

Fblogin Login jQuery Plugin


Use this plugin on your website without spending a penny as it is free of cost.


  • This plugin allows implementing this user login system via Facebook account without page refresh.
  • You can provide a login button and a dialog box will be open on clicking it, asking to fill the email and password.
  • Login via Facebook credentials ensures user authentication. Further, the access permission is asked from users to read/write their public data such as recent activity, posts in the group.
  • You can ask the user to input either their email or birthdate in the username field. And mark it as a required field (*).

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3. Login plugin

This jQuery plugin has been designed for users to add a login box with required functionalities on their website.

It’s seamless integration into your website further helps to create the one-line or normal login box with least possible code.

Login Plugin Login jQuery Plugin


You can use this plugin in free just by downloading it from github.org.


  • This small size jQuery plugin lets you append the login box of 4 different styles to your web application with only a single line code.
  • You can customize the appearance of the login box in terms of height and width of the field label, name attributes for username and password field etc.
  • Later, it verifies the entered values from client-side in the input fields for form validation and processes the form further.
  • After server-side validation and giving the success/error message, the user gets redirected to a different page. And with the function call, you can remove the login box.

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4. jQuery Modern Login Validation Plugin

Validify.js is a lightweight jQuery login plugin which provides client-side input field validation on login form of your website in real time.

In simpler words, this jQuery plugin validates the login credentials i.e. email address, password field of the form.

You can style the dynamic success/error messages and create patterns for input fields with CSS customization.

jQuery Modern Login jQuery Plugin


You can start using this jQuery immediately on your website spending any money. Free!


  • The plugin automatically checks the input field with emailCheck data attribute. It also makes the email submission as required field via requiredAttr HTML tag.
  • You can check whether the given email address is in the correct format or not. This is to verify the genuine email address. If the input format doesn’t match to the standard format, the login button gets disabled.
  • Further, the callback functions onFormSuccess and onFormFail are initialized on the form submission to validate the entire form submission.

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The idea behind discussing these jQuery login plugins was to provide you the best paid and free plugins. Since each one of them is feature loaded, your only to-do task is to pick the best one for your website.

And if you still find any changes to be made in any of these plugins, the CSS customization will never disappoint you.

So get a login form on your webpage of absolutely your choice.

Your suggestions and queries are always welcomed. Feel free to post them in the below section.

Thanks and regards!