Footer WordPress plugins are basically designed to fulfill the goal of providing a professional footer to your WordPress website. There are multiple options available in the web space but only a few will help you get the perfect footer that will suit your web design.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 7 footer WordPress plugins of 2021. With the use of these plugins, there is no need to edit your theme files manually. The shortcodes & scripts provided by the plugins will help you embed various functionalities very easily.

A footer is a place on your website which will help you to engage your visitor for much higher time constraint. It is a place where you can effectively showcase your advanced services, categorization, and many user engaging features. It may be the last section of your website but is great to showcase widgets and contact information and more.

Delve into these awesome WordPress plugin blogs:

1. Smart Footer System – Best in Footer WordPress Plugins

Smart Footer System is an advanced footer WordPress plugin. With the use this plugin, you can add infinite footer styles with 9 different modes to your website. This plugin has tons of customizable options to create footer of your desire.

You could also use various icons and personalized text for opening and closing of your footer. SFS footer plugin lets you create or edit footer with the visual composer, king composer, beaver page builder and many others. Additionally, it is also compatible with theme’s page builders.

Smart Footer System


Pricing plan:

SFS footer WordPress plugin has a regular license of $20 with video background footer and more options.


  • 9 footer modes available namely sticky, reveal, slide up, banner, CSS3, accordion, spread, menu and normal.
  • CSS selector available to hide/show part of your theme.
  • Automatically recognize the theme’s custom post type.
  • This plugin contains WooCommerce dedicated panel settings.

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2. Royal Footer Bar – Footer WordPress Plugins

Royal Footer Bar is a flexible footer WordPress plugin. There are unlimited options available to create footer bars for advertisement, social and custom usage. You can target any page for custom footer style. You can test your designed footer with A/B/C split testing.

The plugin will also provide a report showing overall effectiveness of your footer. And get feedback from any possible angle.

Royal Footer Bar

Pricing plan:

The Royal Footer Bar footer WordPress plugin will cost $39 for a regular license with 6 months support.


  • Create unlimited footers through the three footer-categories Ad, opt-in or social bar.
  • Provide page level footer targeting.
  • This plugin will provide an auto-fill form functionality.
  • Text footer bar against one another through the built-in testing mechanism.

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3. HayyaBuild

HayyaBuild is a drag and drops footer WordPress plugin. It lets you build an unlimited number of footer, content and shortcodes for your WordPress website.

This plugin doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge. It comes with very powerful modules for footer designing.
It is a kind of all-in-one page builder plugin. You can easily create different sections of your site with the use of this multipurpose plugin.



Pricing plan:

HayyaBuild 5 stars footer WordPress plugin has a cost estimate of $29 only.


  • This plugin will provide you 20 premade page templates.
  • It will allow you to design different footer designs for different pages.
  • Compatible with plugins like BuddyPress and WooCommerce.
  • IE10, IE11 ,Opera, Chrome, Firefox & Safari browser compatible.

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4. WP leFooter

WP leFooter is a slide up footer WordPress plugin. It will provide a 5 different themes and textures. This plugin provides highly customization feature with color styling settings. It will let you embed compound slide up footer animations with easing effect.

The plugin has famous one-click installation and a 4.5 stars rating.


Pricing plan:

The leFooter WordPress plugin will cost $15 for a regular license.


  • This plugin is compatible with the brand new WordPress version 4.8.x.
  • It supports WordPress plugin integration.
  • Multiple widget alignment options are available with this plugin.
  • Provide options to hide any specific widget on any device such as desktop, mobile, iPad etc.

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5. Footr

Footr is a footer WordPress plugin that adds up a sticky footer on your WordPress site. The footer will remain hidden until a page scroll occurs to the bottom of the page.

For slick and professional options this plugin will use widget-driven contents. It will provide a simple, fully responsive and customizable footer design.


Pricing plan:

Footr footer WordPress plugin has a regular license of $18 with a 4.8 stars rating.


  • Location visibility control for full control on where you want to display Footer.
  • Hassle free options to add any contents via footer widgets.
  • Easy footer setup up to four columns.
  • Brilliant default settings, more customization options available whenever needed.

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6. Header & Footer

Header & Footer WordPress plugin is a centralized and well-managed plugin. With the use of this plugin, you can provide functionalities of Google analytics/DFP code/Webmaster, Facebook pixel etc.

It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin. Just copy the code and easily manage your services via a centralized system.
Furthermore, Header & Footer is a theme-independent WordPress plugin & will let you change your theme anytime.

Head, Footer and Post Injections

Pricing plan:

It is a free-to-use product by Stefano Lissa with 5 stars ratings.


  • This plugin will allow you to inject the code into many sections of your theme.
  • To add logic to your injection it will recognize & execute the PHP codes.
  • Different options for desktop & mobile injections.
  • It is a shortcode enabled plugin.

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7. Insert Headers and Footers

The Insert Headers and Footers WordPress plugin provides a simple interface to insert a footer in your website. It allows you to insert script/code for embed functionalities like google analytics, custom CSS etc.

Rather than using two different plugins, this single plugin will empower you to set your site footer as well as the header.

Insert Headers and Footers


Pricing plan:

The Insert Headers and Footers WordPress plugin is a free product you can directly download it from


  • It is very quick and easy to handle plugin.
  • A single plugin can be used for both header and/or footer.
  • Empowers you to add Google analytics to your theme code anytime.
  • Insert Facebook pixel code, any script/code easily.

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Consequently, this was our take on top 7 footer WordPress plugins of 2021. We hope that the article helped in your search domain.

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