What are WordPress Bookmark Plugins?

These are basically plugins which are designed to help users create bookmarks of their favorite article or blog available on a website for quick access.

But the current situation is that the market is flooded with such plugins who lack in features & facilities.

Therefore, to overcome this drawback we have listed some of the best Bookmark WordPress Plugins on this blog.

Most of the plugins elaborated here offer multiple settings, private/public bookmarking, latest WordPress support, Shortcode, widget compatibility and much more. In addition, they are easy to install, update, add and remove on any WordPress theme or template.

Before going into plugin details give a glance over the blogs below:-

1. CBX – WordPress Bookmark Plugin

CBX is a beneficial WordPress bookmark plugin for those who want to help their logged in users create public or private bookmarks. It is an easy to use WordPress plugin which supports custom post types and provides you various shortcodes to apply this plugin.

This plugin comes along with one year support and allows you to apply it to an unlimited number of websites.

CBX WordPress Bookmark Plugin


First Plan Second Plan Third Plan Addon Plan
$20 $30 $50 $12
Single Site 2 Sites 5 Sites Single Sites


  • You can attach bookmark button like youtube on pages, posts, etc.
  • With this plugin, you can have widgets like posts, categories, and items displayed in the form of widgets on your website.
  • It allows you to create private as well as public categories of bookmarks.
  • This plugin is powered by shortcodes and provides you multiple shortcodes to add this plugin.

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2. User Bookmarks – WordPress Plugin

User Bookmarks is a plugin which allows users to make content, categories, posts, forum topics, etc selected as bookmarks. With this plugin managing bookmarks become easy as collections are formed.

They are easy to integrate into any theme of website template as you can show them as widgets. Plus, it offers settings through which you can choose specific posts which can be excluded from being bookmarked

User Bookmarks WordPress Bookmark Plugin


  • $11 is the price of the regular plan of this plugin with which you get free updates, limited support and money back guarantee.
  • The extended plan of this plugin will cost you $49 which includes similar services and additional facilities as well.


  • This plugin is powered by Ajax which helps in faster execution and provides better performance.
  • Automatic mode of bookmark widget permits you to include and exclude certain posts through custom settings.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can display bookmark widgets on your website via shortcode.
  • It allows users to create collections of favorite bookmarks and also permit them to select bookmarks as private or public for visibility.

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3. Tasty Marks – WP Bookmarks Plugin

Bookmarks created using this WordPress plugin helps you save, search and archive entire web pages with just a few clicks. Tasty Marks supports tags, text search, and auto-complete as well.

You can also create and manage bookmarks directly from the admin panel of WordPress.

Tasty Marks WordPress Bookmark Plugin


  • The regular license of this plugin is priced around $20. This package includes multi-browser compatibility, single-click installation, and many other advanced features.


  • This is a user-friendly WordPress plugin which is easy to install and can be managed from WordPress dashboard without any hassle.
  • It provides you the functionality of full-text search which helps you find bookmarks with ease.
  • Tasty Marks also has drag & drop facility with which you can simply add bookmarks into chrome or firefox toolbars.
  • It also stores the copy of the site that you have bookmarked and allows you to view even if the site is down or deleted.

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4. Bookmarks Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

Bookmarks shortcode plugin for WordPress is crafted for people who want to add bookmarks to pages, posts, widgets in an easy way. This plugin provides three different shortcodes which are capable of generating an unordered list of your WordPress links.

This plugin is very simple to apply to WordPress sites and supports different types of changes & settings.

Bookmarks Shortcode WordPress Bookmark Plugin


  • Bookmarks Shortcode is a WordPress plugin which can easily be downloaded from wordpress.org site. This is a free plugin which can be deployed on any WordPress website.


  • Using shortcodes provided by this plugin you can apply it on posts, pages, media, widgetized areas, etc.
  • With this plugin, you get three different shortcodes for easy application on a website.
  • It is an advanced plugin which is super easy to use and supports latest WordPress versions.

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5. Pinboard Bookmarks – WordPress Plugin

You are allowed to publish bookmarks on your blog through Pinboard bookmark WordPress plugin. It helps you retrieve bookmarks from account, tags and you can publish them on posts and pages using shortcodes.

Pinboard Bookmarks WordPress Bookmark Plugin


  • This WordPress plugin is totally free of charge. It can be downloaded from wordpress.org and helps you publish bookmarks on blog posts and website.


  • This plugin provides drag & drop feature which allows you to add it to the sidebar widget area.
  • It offers one-click installation and can be managed with ease from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Using this plugin you can publish bookmarks on your WordPress blogs with ease.

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6. LH Add Media From Url – WordPress Plugin

Other than creating bookmarks you can use this plugin to fetch images from remote URLs and save them as media files on WordPress. With this plugin, you can simply create bookmarks just by navigation through the website.

LH Add Media From Url WordPress Bookmark Plugin


  • Another entirely free WordPress plugin which holds more than 2,000 active installations on the web.


  • Automatically downloads and updates media library with additional files.
  • Bookmark selection becomes easy with this plugin as you don’t have to copy/paste URLs. Just select the URL which you want to bookmark.
  • This plugin supports the most recent WordPress versions.

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Final we are at the closure of this blog on best WordPress Bookmark Plugins. I hope the plugins defined here are beneficial for your website and will fulfill all your needs as well.

This is not all, in case of doubts or queries feel free to contact us through comments below. We will be happy to solve your problems.