From an online product, to a movie, or to a restaurant, or a salon, we need reviews for almost everything. The internet has provided all of us to share opinions on just about anything.  And these opinions have taken the shape of online reviews.

The rating system or reviews are a way to communicate or a way to express the level of satisfaction a product or a service has provided.

In fact, rating and reviews have become one of the most important buying decision factors of modern lifestyles. According to one of MarketLand reports, 90% people accept that their buying decision is dependent on online reviews.

Now if you want to add a space where people can post their reviews or share their experiences then rating WordPress plugins are must to have. You’ll need these plugins to sort and arrange the reviews, present the reviews in different ways like stars, percentage etc.

And no matter what kind of business website you own professional or personal, showcasing reviews & rating will surely enrich you with benefits.

These WordPress Plugins are fully packed with enormous features like different designs (emoji, thumbs up, stars, hearts), monitoring of the rating activities the rating activities, numerous layouts (grid, inline, tabular), and with other customization options.

Moreover, Rating WordPress plugins are mobile friendly, SEO compatible and are adopted by all cross browsers.

Now, dive into these best rating WordPress plugins and be sure to find your five-star solution.

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1. GD Rating System Pro – WordPress Plugin

GD Rating System Pro is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for rating and reviewing.

It flourishes you with different kind of rating methods but the main method consists of stars & reviews. This plugin lets you customize the reviews and rating into various designs, categories etc. Then, it has a slider rating will help users to rate through a custom-built slider. It also has thumbs-up rating will allow viewers to give thumbs up or down rating with numerous features.

Also, you can add the emoji rating feature through which users can choose rating according to their emotional based element.

Dev4Press Rating WordPress Plugin


GD Rating System Pro comes with different kinds of pricing plans:

Developer license cost is $200.00/year
Business license price is $100.00/year
A personal license costs $50.00/year


  • You are provided with 10+ widgets, each and every method of rating adds two widgets- one for the individual block, and others for the rating list.
  • 20+ shortcodes can be added to rating section for the current post, new post, and rating list.
  • You can customize the rating template and overwrite them with your own words and tags.
  • Also, you will receive email notifications whenever a visitor adds a rating or review on a website.

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2. RatingWidget – WordPress Plugin

Rate WordPress Content plugin is a user-friendly and five-stars rated plugin for WordPress. You will be benefited with 70 beautiful rating designs as well as with thumbs rating designs for your website. Then you can decorate your website in an eye-catching way with these rating designs and plugin customization options.

The friendly service and fast support option of the plugin will help you to get your work done out of the box. You can do the setting in the WordPress dashboard which you can configure easily.

 Rating Widget Rating WordPress Plugin


You will be enriched with its three different plans:

Its Starter plan cost is $399/month with unlimited support and help center.
A professional plan comes with a price tag of $799/month with advanced analytics.
And, business has a cost of $2999/month with moderation top-level support.


  • This plugin is already available with beautiful rating designs but if you don’t find the best one then you can add your own rating design using custom field option.
  • You can easily analyze the trends, monitor rating activity, and moderate visitors’ votes in the moderation dashboard.
  • Take your rating website to next level by enhancing through JavaScript, API, and with powerful user setting option.
  • It supports more than 40 languages with the help of WPML WordPress plugin.

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3. Multi Rating Pro -Wordpress plugin

Multi Rating Pro is one of the powerful ratings and reviews WordPress plugin suitable for any kind of business website. You can easily create rating forms with rating items, custom fields or add multiple rating forms on the same page if needed.

Then moderate rating entries will let you get notified about the moderation in rating. You can easily view all the rating from WP-admin panel, also it helps you to filter rating entries according to dates, users, posts etc.

Multi Rating Rating WordPress Plugin


This Multi Rating Pro WordPress plugin costs you $49.00 for 1site.


  • You can easily edit the rating details such as title, name, comment etc. from the admin panel of the dashboard.
  • Display users reviews in different layouts like a table or in an inline view.
  • Show sample rating items in numerous kinds of layouts like a bar chart, inline count or an average rating.
  • Provides your visitors with some of their rating statistics through user rating dashboard.

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4. Rating Form -A part of Rating WordPress plugins

Rating Form WordPress plugin will enrich your website with amazing rating form styles like stars, hearts, thumbs up & down and many more. Even you can design your own rating form styles through this plugin and can add it to your website.

This plugin is user-friendly and it has live customization option through which you can adjust colors, sizes, alignment, switch between different forms and more.

Its rich snippet will help you to easily display rating result formatted in microdata, JSON-LD or custom data in search engines. It makes easier to include or exclude the number of posts and pages from the backend portion of a website.

Rating Form Rating WordPress Plugin


Rating Form WordPress plugin comes with a price tag of $25 with its lifetime updates.


  • Widgets will help you to display top rating with lots of customizing options.
  • This plugin is used with comment section as well as with the categories section of rating.
  • You can easily ensure your visitors with live rating statistics.
  • Also, you can easily edit the previous rating starts or review the post or page.

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5. User Rating – WordPress Plugin

User Rating WordPress plugin is basically used for community rating system. Using this plugin, a group of people can put their reviews and rating on products for each-other on the website

With this, you can allow or restrict the text comments section to a specified limit using the dashboard setting option.

In addition, you will be enriched with PO/MO which helps you to get your labels and messages translated into reference language.

User Rating Rating WordPress Plugin


User rating WordPress plugin costs you $13 with its 6 client months supports facility.


  • This plugin has the ability to add star rating or text comments for others users.
  • It is easy to set up this WordPress plugin on any kind of multisite.
  • You can easily view the average numerical rating of others.
  • It helps you to display the top rating members through shortcodes and widgets.

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6. WP Rate Everything – WordPress Plugin

WP Rate Everything WordPress plugin as its name says it allows you to rate for each and every WordPress post, page or you can add shortcodes from the backend.

It is WooCommerce compatible WordPress plugin that will help you start an e-commerce website. And can add the rating system to every product page.

This plugin supports microdata format for better search engine visibility on Google. Moreover, it has the ability to control the size of rating starts and also it controls the number of rating stars.

WP Rate Everything Rating WordPress Plugin


This plugin comes with a price tag of $10 with a regular license.


  • It is powered with AJAX based update version so you don’t have to reload the page.
  • You can set the default position of rating section from the backend panel of a website.
  • For an E-commerce website, the rating can be displayed in the list, grid or detailed view.
  • Also, you will be provided with the shortcode generators for post & templates.

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7. Yasr – One of the best Rating WordPress plugins

Yasr (Yet Another Star Rating) WordPress plugin has the ability to enrich your website will full of customization options in rating or review section.

It will let you create an attractive rating section with different designs like a star, thumbs up etc. With the help of this plugin, you can automatically display the rating at the beginning of the post or at the ending portion of the post.

Also, this plugin is speed optimized as well as its SEO friendly with all search engines.

YASR Rating WordPress Plugin


Yet Another Star Rating WordPress plugin is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from WordPress. org


  • You can use the shortcodes to stuff the rating and review section in post and pages.
  • This plugin provides your users to easily show their rating votes on the posts and pages.
  • It comes with a multiset feature, that will enrich you to vote for every aspect related to the one product.
  • Yasr WordPress plugin is compatible with all kinds of languages with the help of WPML plugin.

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8. Universal Star Rating – WordPress plugin

A universal star rating is one of the renowned plugins that comes with 6000+ active installations.

It provides you with 2 shortcodes through which you can add the rating and review for any kind of desired data, products or services with the help of a classic star rating system.

Universal Star Rating WordPress Plugin


Universal star rating WordPress plugin is free of cost.


  • It supports the two languages i.e English and German.
  • You can use the shortcodes in single line star rating or tabular line star rating section.
  • This plugin allows you to add your own design of rating image into the custom image folder.
  • You can easily modify the changes in the reviewing section through the admin panel.

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Here we have covered all the essential features of rating WordPress plugins. We hope you will find the best rating plugin from the above list and make your website rating section more attractive and eye-catching for visitors.

If you liked the content or have any suggestions please comment below.