“Are you in search of a plugin which helps you to convert the currencies on your site?”

WordPress Currency Exchange Rate Plugins are widely used for the conversion of currencies online. The sites which are dealing with the exchange of currencies like the ones which sell their products online are often found struggling when it comes to trade for money. These plugins prove to be the savior by providing exchange rates and much more.

Today we will ponder on some of the best Currency Converter plugins for WordPress. Some of them are free while others are paid.

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Without fiddling around let’s get back to the topic & discuss the plugins which will make the conversion of currency effortless for you.

1.CBX– WordPress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

The CBX Converter WordPress plugin is well known for universally converting the currency & also displaying the current exchange rate. This currency converter plugin is specially designed with lots of features especially for sites which are dealing with the exchange of currencies from different countries.

It provides you with the exchange rates from the trusted source of Google Finance. Also enables you to integrate with the WooCommerce & Ecommerce plugins.

CBX Currency Converter WordPress Plugins


This plugin is available at the cost of $22. The plugin comes along with the WooCommerce & Wp-E-commerce integration.


  • It is easy to customize the settings of a widget.
  • One can save the data before uninstalling the plugin. This saves the data from being deleted.
  • This plugin provides with the support of exchange rates of  94 countries.
  • There are flags available to you which makes it easier for the users to identify their countries with the help of these flags.
  • You can set a default currency to convert from & further add the various other currencies in a listing for the conversion.

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2. Multi-Currency -Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

This esteemed currency converter plugin for websites is studded with exemplary features like easy conversion of currencies, display of prices & exchange rates, etc.

There’s no currency in the world that this currency converter does not support with an exchange. Exchange rates are made available to you from the reliable servers like Villa Theme.com & Google FInance & also have plans to add more servers in the near future.

Note: This plugin may not be compatible with the versions apart from WordPress 4.4 or higher versions & WooCommerce 3.2.x.

Multi Currency Currency Converter WordPress Plugins


You can try the free version of the plugin if suitable you can further opt for purchasing.

The plugin is available at two different prices:

  • For availing the standard license you have to pay $29.
  • For the extended license, the price is $150.

Along with the product, you also get the benefit of all future updates & support for next six months. To continue with the benefits for another year you have to pay $9.38 & $48.75 respectively.


  • You can format the layout of the price that will be displayed at the front end. For instance $100,000 or $100.000.
  • It enables you to automatically detect the native currency of the person with the help of which you will be able to display the price in that particular currency.
  • This plugin automatically updates the exchange rates as & when they occur. You can also manually set the time interval of updates to 30mins, 1 hour, or anytime as you please.
  • It’s easy to customize the widgets as per your requirement as different widget styles are provided to choose from. Apart from this, you can also add your own customized design through CSS.
  •  Also, you can provide the approximate price to the customer of any country. The price won’t be exact but an approximate value.

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3. Smart Currency Converter – Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

The Smart Currency Converter is an outstanding WordPress Currency Exchange Rate plugin. This plugin not only provides the exchange rates but also enables easy translation in any language.  It enables you to avail the users with the up to date rates for exchange by garnering the info from Yahoo finance.

This plugin supports all the contemporary browsers inclusive of IE 8 and above versions along with http. And is very user-friendly when it comes to installation & configuration.

Smart Currency Converte rWordPress Plugins


You can get the available Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin at two different prices along with future updates of six months.

  • The regular license is available at $ 16.
  • And the extended license is charged at $ 80.


  • This plugin supports 237 countries & 157 currencies, amongst which many countries use multiple currencies.
  • One can use the default exchange rates for the currencies or can manually customize these rates if needed.
  • Also, it allows the user to select the preferred currency which will be saved and used throughout the session.
  • You can add the widget to page defining the currency. In case a widget is not used, then the currency detected by the plugin will be used.
  • It enables you to set a pop-up message which will display to customers that product is available in their own currency, also that currency can be modified.

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4. All in One Currency Converter -Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

The WooCommerce All in One is one of the best Currency Converter WordPress Plugins. It is fully fledged with outstanding features like auto-update of exchange rates, selecting the currency and a lot more. This plugin enables the user to switch currency with cache support.

It supports PayPal payments along with all other payment platforms.

WooCommerce All in One WordPress Currency Converter


The product is available at the cost of $30 inclusive of6 month updates & support. You can also extend the services for another year at a small price of $9.75.


  • It enables you to add a switcher which can easily be added through widgets,  by using some shortcodes or PHP function.
  • This plugin is fully customizable with the help of custom CSS rules, JavaScript code and WordPress filters.
  • Also, it provides many free currency exchange rate APIs which consists of Yahoo Finance, European Central Bank & many more.
  • Apart from English &  Polish versions, custom po/mo files are provided for easy translation.
  • You can effortlessly convert the price only for a user or you can also convert the whole transaction. Whereas, if you choose the former option the transaction summary will be in the base currency.

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5. Currency Switcher – Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

Switch the currencies as per the requirement of the user with the help of WooCommerce Currency switcher. This currency converter plugin proves to be trump card when you want to magnify your sales across different countries.

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.x to WooCommerce 3.3.x, which means you can’t use this elsewhere.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher WordPress Curency Converter Plugin


You can avail this plugin at two contrasting prices, along with which you will get future updates & six-month support as well. This support can further be unfurled for another year at the price of $9.38 & $29.63.

  • A uniform license is available at $29.
  • And you can buy the extended license at $99.


  • You can display the currency switcher different ways at the front-end like ddsclick, chosen, wselect, simple dropdown or in the form of flags.
  • It provides you with the AJAXED widgets like currencies rate & converter which enables the user to display the rate also convert it simultaneously.
  • One can input the shortcodes to add a widget at any place of the page, thereby making it easy to use even for non-technical people.
  • Also, it is easy to format the pricing in 4 different formats like decimals count, sign, custom sign & sign position.
  • This plugin sends an email notification whenever the exchange rate is updated automatically, also you can set the rate manually.

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6.Easy Digital Downloads – Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

This Currency Converter WordPress plugin enables the user to select the price of the product in the currency of his/her own choice. Easy Digital Downloads is very well known Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate plugin is very responsive and has multiple cool features complying with the needs of the user.

Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin


This Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin is available at two different prices. You also get the future updates & 6-month support services along with this plugin, for continuing which you have to pay $13.13 & $24.38.

  • The regular license can be availed at $39.
  • An extended version can be obtained at $85.


  • It provides a beautiful dropdown menu to chose the currency from, henceforth enhancing your site.
  • Also, you can use shortcodes in order to insert the required currencies.
  • You get the ability to add your own custom currency and along with this, you can also add the sign for the currency.
  • One can also replace original base currency with the transformed currency.
  • This plugin automatically detects the native currency of the consumer based on his/her location, therefore it saves a lot of time & effort if the user which in a case would have spent converting the currencies.

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7. Currency Converter Widget – Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

This WordPress Currency Converter Widget is a world class product which provides its users the benefits of easy conversion of currencies. It enables the user to set the currency of the product in the currency of their own choice. Thereby, providing the customers’ ease from going out and converting the currencies.

Currency Converter WordPress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin


The product is available at wordpress.org at free of cost. All you have to do is got to the WordPress site and download+install it from there.


  • This plugin is available in 8 different languages which enables the users from these backgrounds to easily surf the site.
  • You can set the commonly used set of pairs for conversion like USD/EUR which will save the time along with the efforts.
  • It enables the users to enhance their WordPress site by adding widgets, changing fonts and a lot more in a single click.
  • One can display the widgets on certain selected pages or on all the pages.
  • Also, shortcodes are provided which makes it easy to place widgets on the pages or on the sidebars.

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8. Open Currency Converter – Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin

Open Currency Converter is a WordPress Currency Converter which provides the users with loads of excellent features like converting of currency, updating the exchange rates and a lot more.

The plugin is outlined for both single-site & multi-site installation and is also compatible with PHP7.

Open Currency Converte WordPress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin


You can download and install this Wordpress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin from WordPress.org without paying a single penny.


  • This plugin automatically updates the exchange rates from Open Source API which means you don’t have to trouble yourself by regularly updating the rates.
  • You can add your own features with the help of PHP, which will definitely enhance your site.
  • With the help of templates which the user can preview the output before actually publishing it.
  • One can store the results in a cache which makes the session hassle-free and responsive.
  • Through admin screen, you can define the rates and currencies manually or use the default rates.

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WordPress Currency Exchange Rate Plugins are used to ease the conversion of currencies & update the exchange rates simultaneously. These plugins can be very useful if you are running an E-commerce site as it will help in the hassle-free transformation of currencies in users’ native language. Hence, magnifying your sales and making your business grow.

The above-mentioned plugins are available in the market to serve your needs. It’s up to you, choose the most appropriate plugin according to your needs and requirements.