If you are experiencing the headache to find the best Rank Tracker Plugins, then here are some tools that work great for your website.

First page rankings of a business website is really a hot potato nowadays.

Website rankings changed constantly and you should always stay vigilant against its performance. Because rankings matter!

If you have a business website, you must be aware that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search.  

And the key to receive traffic through any search engine is to gain first page rankings. Because nobody is going to click beyond the first page of the search engine.

So, what you need to do is to integrate rank tracker plugins to your website.

The below mentioned rank tracker plugins keep you updated about your website’s rank. As well as, they help to find out how your competitors are ranking in SEO and let you find the best ways to outrank them.

Some of these plugins also work as the keyword ranking tool for your SEO needs.

We are pretty picky! Here’s the list of Top 4 Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins, plus features, prices and links. We update this listing frequently, so all the details are up to date. Let’s check out!

Don’t rest on your laurels because we also have the list of more recommended plugins that will surely add ice on your cake! Check out:

1. Rankie – Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins

Basically, Rankie provides an impressive keyword tracking capabilities to your website. It can perform various important functions of keyword research, generation of ranking reports as  well as track your website’s Google rankings.

Rankie is a perfect tool to track your existing SEO performance and finding new keyword opportunities.

With this plugin you can enable the functionality to catch google search terms. It allows to track which keywords visitors are using to find you on the Google. The plugin can automatically add the newly found keyword to the keyword tracking list.

Rankie Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins


  • You can use this plugin to track your own website’s rankings as well as those of your competitors’.
  • Rankie allows you to filter your report by keyword group, website and timeframe.
  • Rankie worked as a WordPress SERP plugin. You can track keywords ranking on Google and keep updating these ranks daily.
  • You can generate the ranking reports by monthly, yearly or by all time letting you know how your website ranking is going.
  • It can send you a daily email on website’s ranking position transition up or down.


You can buy Rankie at $22.

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2. Wincher Rank Tracker – Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins

With this plugin you can also setup a competitor monitoring campaign for up to five of your closest competitors.

The plugin allows to monitor the history of your rankings performance. It helps to know what has made a huge impact on your rankings in the past.

You can setup email reminders about sudden changes to your rankings of your website.

Wincher Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins


  • The plugin will provide you the ranking history of your website in graphs.
  • You can download the ranking report in CSV and PDF formats as per your convenience.
  • It allows to collect ranking performance of your website on month or yearly basis.


This plugin has 3000+ active installations till date and you can freely download it from official WordPress website.

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3. WP-Ranking PRO – Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins

This is a widget plugin that can display the ranking of your popular articles in each elements and period on your blog.

You can check the positions of your blog either 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month or a year depending on which plan you have selected for your blog’s domain.

The main features of WP-Ranking PRO include the ability to exclude access from the aggregation target. For example: HTTP referers, user agents and logged-in users.

WP-Ranking PRO Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins


  • The ranking data of this plugin has the ability to cache a certain time period.
  • You will get the summary of your website’s rankings at the dashboard.
  • The plugin accumulates log by a database, but the plugin has the function to automatically eliminate them.
  • It supports Japanese and English.


It has 200+ installations and you can download this plugin from wordpress.org.

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4. Simple GA Ranking – Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins

This freemium plugin has 1000+ installations till date. It shows the article rankings of your website by using Google Analytics. You can specify the number of rankings to be displayed for the terms of period.

The plugin also allows to set shortcode at where you’d like to show the ranking like on post or product category.  

 Simple GA Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins


  • It is a light weighted plugin.
  • Also, the plugin does not save the ranking data at the WordPress database of your website.
  • The plugin is available at English, Japanese and Thai language.


It is an open source software. You can download it from wordpress official website.

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Final Thoughts!

These Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins are really easy to use, plus they are offering lots of useful functionalities.

If you have spent lots of sleepless nights worrying about your website’s traffic and ranking positions then veg out.

Because these plugins will surely offers you peace of mind. They can immediately detects if something should go wrong regarding your ranking factor and you’ll know about it straight away.

Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins are certainly worth the investment beacsue they will give you enough time to resolve the problem, without impacting your traffic figures too much.