Have you ever wondered what exactly YouTube video slider WordPress plugins do?

YouTube video slider WordPress plugins help you add clean, effective and SEO-friendly video slides on your site.  Also, you can apply text, image, hotspot and social media button layers to the slides.

Basically, YouTube slider plugins let you embed any YouTube video to the slides. In fact, this isn’t just confined to YouTube, you can embed the video of sites like Vimeo, social media sites etc.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of 4 best YouTube video slider WordPress plugins. These plugins have lots of features such as customizable color scheme, photo transition effects, option to set the different link for each image and a lot more.

These plugins can be used on any websites. Further, there is a parameter to disable responsive behavior of the site so, this way you can choose on which screens would you like to display the slider.

The listed plugins are highly customizable so that you can make easy changes in the text size, navigation buttons, slide loading icon, etc.

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Let us discuss each Youtube video slider WordPress plugins in detail.

1. Slider Revolution WordPress YouTube Gallery

Slider Revolution is an innovative WordPress plugin in the list of YouTube video slider WordPress plugins. It allows you to display your content in an effective way.

You can add multimedia content like images, YouTube and Vimeo video, social media content etc on your website easily with the help of this plugin.

Further, the plugin is not only for sliders. You can also build a beautiful one-page web presence with absolutely no coding knowledge required.

This plugin has drag and drops editor which permit you to build sliders with various customization options. Such as you can add text, image, video, shortcode, and more.

Slider Revolution WordPress YouTube Gallery Youtube Video Slider WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this slider revolution WordPress plugin at $25 with full support and regular updates. The extended license is available at $120.

Features :

  • It has object library where you will find growing selection of objects. Such as background images, transparent PNG objects, SVG, font icons etc.
  • Slider revolution plugin offers 3D parallax effects with layers and backgrounds. Also, it has an option for mouse controlled viewport movement.
  • The plugin has different free addon to increase functionalities. These add-ons are a whiteboard, typewriter effect, slides backups and a lot more.
  • Consists of navigation designer with arrows, bullet, tab, thumbnail etc. Also, you can export your own navigation sets.

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2. YouTube Vimeo Video Player And Slider WP Plugin

This WordPress plugin as the name defines can be used as a YouTube and Vimeo video player or you can use it as a multimedia slider. With the help of this plugin, you can add the unlimited number of animated text layers for images.

It plays video files on your website in a beautiful way. All you need to do for displaying videos is a use of video ID. Also, you are able to obtain the video thumbnail, title and description from YouTube servers with the help of YouTube video ID.

YouTube Vimeo Video Player And Slider Youtube Video Slider WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this plugin at $15 with 6 months support and regular updates. The extended license is available at $80.

Features :

  • It has a playlist with 3 versions you can show the playlist thumb and description or hide one of them according to your wish.
  • One can use the plugin as fixed width or as full width, according to their layout design.
  • The plugin supports 16 photo transition effects for images such as life fade, blocks, slide, stripes and more.
  • You can change playlist size and color according to your requirement with the help of various customization options.

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3. Video Slider – Slider Carousel WordPress Plugin

Video slider plugin is an excellent plugin which is used for creating a stunning video slider without any requirement for coding skills. The plugin is easy to set up with more than 37k installations.

The noteworthy feature in this plugin is you can select the slideshow speed that you would like to have. You just have to write the time to change the video speed.

You can choose the color for your title that appears on your slides. Also, this plugins allows you to hides/shows the name and description of the title.

Video Slider Video Slider WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

You can get this plugin free of cost from the official website of WordPress.

Features :

  • The plugins consist of a lot of animation effect which you can choose for sliders.
  • One can completely customize the name, title, description of each video using this plugin.
  • You are able to decide the number of slides in the slider, depending on, how much videos to create.
  • This plugin has pause time feature which is used to set the time to pause. You just have to choose the appropriate time to stop the slider.

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4. Slider by WD – Responsive WordPress Slider

Slider WD is a powerful plugin which helps you to add fast loading and responsive sliders anywhere on your website. This plugin supports both images and videos on the slides. Further, you can add your content with various transition effects.

It is easy to set up and is highly customizable so that one can make easy changes without any programming skills.

Slider by WD Youtube Video Slider WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

Download this slider by WD plugin free of cost from wordpress.org.

Features :

  • With the help of parallax 3D effect you can set slides in a carousel view, which shows the main image at the foreground, and rest of the images in the background.
  • The plugin has 27 slide transition and 38 mind-blowing layer effects to give your slides a better look.
  • You can add beautiful slides to your posts or pages with high-quality images which further improves your user engagement.
  • Consists of unlimited styling options. These are simple text color and fonts, hotspot animation effect duration, and more.

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Conclusion :

Here we have covered every feature of the YouTube video slider WordPress plugins. We hope you like the above article and will choose the plugin that best suits your business.

You can comment your problems or any suggestions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more exciting plugins.