Importing media files through WordPress media upload plugins is a proficient way to get media on desired pages or posts of your site.

But before moving further let’s have a brief description of WordPress media upload plugins:

WordPress media upload plugins basically help users to upload the media files on WordPress site. After importing, it allows you to modify, change or add other files too.

Further, with these media files on your website, you will be able to convey messages in a more creative way. It makes your blog memorable, promotes your brands name & breaks up large pieces of text into smaller bits of interactive images, videos etc.

WordPress Media Upload Plugins

These plugins come in action when face any problem while uploading the files like big in size or not in proper format etc.

Media upload plugins will easily aid you while uploading the files as these are feature riched like you can create shortcodes of the media files, then it supports different files formats (jeg, .zip, .rar, etc.), creates PDF files thumbnails using the PDF.js extension and much more.

Now we’ve handpicked 4+ best WordPress media upload plugins for you. Take a look at the features and pricing sections of these plugins.

You can also try out these WordPress plugins too:

1. WP Media File Manager – WordPress Plugin

To make your files more searchable, WP Media File Manager helps you to organize media library in folders as well as in subfolders.
It then adds the ability of drag and drop interface so, you can select bulk of files at one time and move them to the media library.

Additionally, for proficiency and better security WordPress allows you to upload only the files which are most commonly used. You can also manually manage the list of allowed files.

WP Media File Manager WordPress Media Upload Plugin


  • The regular plan of this plugin will cost you $25 with 6 months support and lifetime updates.
  • $125 is the cost of the extended plan which includes item price and buyer fees.


  • You can create shortcodes of media files without making the physical copy on the disk.
  • It helps you to upload the files directly from PC to specific folders in the media library.
  • This plugin is compatible with other third party plugins or themes for example – WooCommernce, visual composer, slider revolution etc.
  • You can also regenerate the thumbnails of existing image or can create the new ones.

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2. Remote Upload – WordPress Plugin

If all you need is a way to add media directly from the internet without saving the files in folders then, with Remote Upload plugin, you will be able to import the files from the internet with file link URL.

This plugin supports file formats like jeg, .zip, .rar, .flv, .swf, .mp3, .mp4, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .pdf & etc upload to your posts or pages.

Once you have uploaded the files, you are allowed to edit media file details in the media library settings and it’s also integrated with post uploader.

Remote Uploader WordPress Media Upload Plugin


  • The price tag of this remote upload WordPress plugin is $11 with lifetime updates and its extended license will costs you $55.


  • You can set the media file size limit from the media library setting of the dashboard.
  • It supports all kind of media files with high resolution.
  • This plugin will automatically download the files from internet and add them to media library section.
  • You can select the post ID where the media should be attached from the plugins setting.

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3. External Media Upload – Part of WordPress Media Upload Plugins

As you are already aware that WordPress uploads several files from folders or internet. External Media Upload will aid you to clutch files from external URL link to your server and add them to the media library.

It can clutch file extension like an image, audio, videos, PDF, office documents, zip, executable and CSV files and you can also add your own one.

With the help of this plugin, you can add a pre-built media files to the post and pages of the website.

External Meida Upload WordPress Media Upload Plugin


  • This external media upload plugin is free of cost. You can download it directly from site.


  • You can manage the files extensions in the plugins setting of the dashboard.
  • This plugin will help you to directly attach external images as the featured image on the website.
  • It allows you to upload multiple media files simultaneously with post and pages.
  • You can also load any external media URL to WordPress library.

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4. Advanced Uploader – Member of WordPress Media Upload Plugins

As the name suggests, “Advanced Uploader” it helps you to add the functionality to your prebuilt media library in an easy way. It allows you to add the portion of files to the shared posts with HTTP upload limits.

You can directly add the files to BWS gallery which is the best responsive gallery for WordPress websites and will let you create an amazing gallery with few clicks.

Additionally, you can select the category for files uploading with this plugin like MP3 tags and also you can exclude the category.

Advanced Uploader WordPress Media Upload Plugin


  • It is an open source WordPress plugin which you can download from


  • You can create thumbnails of images in the browser instead of the server to avoid memory limit on hosts.
  • This plugin also helps you to create the PDF files thumbnails using the PDF.js extension.
  • It directly adds the files to WordPress media gallery section. Later on, you can upload these media files to the site.
  • Also, you are allowed to upload the numerous directories at a single time with different size formats.

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5. WordPress File Upload – WordPress Plugin

This is one of the most popular free WordPress plugins with 20,000+ active installations till date.

It lets you create the shortcode [wordpress_file_upload] of files to the WordPress post or page content. You can add the plugin widgets at any sidebar of the website.

This plugin allows you to add custom fields to submit the additional data combining with the uploading flies on the web. Also, it aids you to capture the screenshots or videos from the webcam and further you can upload them to page or posts.

WordPress File Upload WordPress Media Upload Plugin


  • This plugin does not charge any cost you can download it free from


  • You can add the additional form fields like checkboxes, emails fields, dropdown lists etc to the media library.
  • Apart of it, you are allowed to select the destination folder from the bunch of subfolders.
  • With this plugin, you can easily monitor the uploading progress through progress bar.
  • It also supports the filtering option before and after uploading the files to post or pages.

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Above were some of the best WordPress media upload plugins which you can integrate into your WordPress website. Through them, you will be able to fetch the external media files, download directly from the internet along with the URL and much more.

If you have any query or suggestion regarding this blog, please comment below and we will be back soon to you.