What will you do if you want your site to stand out in front of online competitors website? And you don’t know the A-B-C of coding as well?

Confused? Don’t be, because today we will walk you through some best-compiled theme customizer WordPress plugins.

Yes, you heard it right, but the question is why you need these plugins? And what will they do?

Let’s have a look!

These plugins will allow you to see live preview changes, in adjusting colors, fonts, sizes, and in positions along with drop-down options.

In fact, these theme customizer WordPress plugins don’t ask for any coding skills from your end. As these are designed in such a way that a developer and an average user both can get benefit from them.

You can even extend your current theme to enable front-end customizations. Moreover, you can tweak other theme settings according to your site requirements as well as personal preferences.

Let’s take a glance at the features and pricing of these theme customizer WordPress plugins.

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1. CSS Hero Review – Theme Customizer WordPress Plugin

This plugin gives a simple interface which makes it a lot easier to customize the website. In fact, it comes with CSS Hero Inspector, which is a great tool to make CSS changes. It is an integrated engine which checks your code for errors. And at the same time, you can add your own media queries to make your website more responsive.

CSS Hero Review Theme Customizer WordPress Plugin

Price –

The price of this plugin depends upon the number of sites you will use along with one year of updates.

  • 1 site: The cost price is $29/year with basic support
  • 5 sites: The cost price is $59/year with basic support and access to CSS Hero Inspector.
  • 999 sites: The cost price is $199/year with priority support and CSS Hero Inspector.

Features –

  • This plugin helps you make style changes for both landscape and portrait views for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Using CSS Hero, you can apply complex CSS styles like gradients, shadows, 3D effects, etc. without writing any code at all.
  • It has built-in color picker which enables you to pick any color you like.
  • In fact, it has an animator option which helps you to apply various CSS animations like shake, fade, rotate, flip, etc.

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2. WP Theme Customizer – WordPress Plugin

It is so handy that you can use this plugin with any WordPress theme. Even it allows you to choose from different color schemes for your very new theme.

Moreover, it comes with 10 patterns, 5 ready-made background images, and 15 color palettes, which you can use to customize your website. Also, this plugin comes with full documentation and screenshots for your better understanding of the working of this plugin.

WP Theme Customizer Theme Customizer WordPress Plugin

Price –

  • The cost price of this plugin is $20 with 6-month support from phpbaba.
  • And if you want to extend the support for 12-months then the cost price will be $25.63.

Features –

  • With color palettes and color picker, you can change the background. heading, links, and buttons color.
  • You can change the background image with background switcher.
  • It has a day and night mode which automatically changes the background image according to day and night.
  • This plugin provides you two types of special effects: Rain and Snow effect.

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3. Switcher – Best In Theme Customizer WordPress Plugins

The Switcher is an advanced theme customizer. It allows you to redo the changes in style sheets, backgrounds, colors and more. Also, it helps you to display your site in multiple ways to your customers.

You can easily change, remove or repeat the backgrounds of your choice. It offers an extensive documentation with it.

Switcher works as a plugin and doesn’t impact the workflow or new editions of your theme.

Switcher Theme Customizer WordPress Plugin

Price –

You can buy this plugin at $18 with a regular license. And also, its quality is checked by Envato.

Features –

  • It supports different kinds of backgrounds like patterns or page-wide background.
  • The script of this plugin is loaded in wp_footer() template tag so it doesn’t impact the loading of the site.
  • Allows the user to see your site with a different header on a phone.
  • You can redo the style changes on the page to see how it would look, using the settings.

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4. Styles – Free In Theme Customizer WordPress Plugins

This plugin gives you creative control in one consistent interface. Styles lets you make your site on your own. It is built on WordPress customizer, so by the time latest version of WordPress come styles will also grow.

This plugin has up to 30K active installations till date and a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars which symbolizes the popularity of this plugin.

Styles Theme Customizer WordPress Plugin

Price –

Styles is open source software, which means it is freely available and can be downloaded from the official website of WordPress.

Features –

  • You can see the instant preview of any change which you have made from your dashboard.
  • It provides you color options which you can apply to your texts, border, and background.
  • In fact, you can use Google Fonts with previews and search options.
  • Also, you can change the text size according to your personal preferences.

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5. Customify – Free In Theme Customizer WordPress Plugins

Using Customify a user can make changes without having to know or edit the theme code. You can choose different typography styles from Google Fonts library as well. It will help you in setting the simple text field to customize elements like site title or footer credits. And, gives you a drop-down menu selector for choosing from multiple options.

Customify Theme Customizer WordPress Plugin

Price –

You can buy this plugin at zero cost as it is available free of cost, and you can download it from wordpress.org.

Features –

  • This plugin provides reset buttons are available for all the options, individual sections or panels.
  • You can control any text or background color of an element using color picker option.
  • It includes a library of fonts like Fonto, or Google Fonts so that you can customize your website’s texts.
  • You can customize the font-weight, size, letter spacing, text-align, text decoration etc and see them instantly on live preview.

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Conclusion –

These theme customizer WordPress plugins improve the way in which users work with themes by providing many customizable options.

We hope you have already selected the one to change the font size, style, background color and more for your theme.

Don’t forget to share your experience with these theme customizer WordPress plugins in our comment section!