Importing files on WordPress via upload file WordPress plugins is an effortless way to get your files on the desired page.

Before going through the blog, let me explain to you what really are these plugins:

A WordPress file uploader plugin basically takes the desired file from the user which is to be uploaded on the WordPress site. After uploading, it allows the user to share, edit & many other things.

What if the files you upload show some abnormal behavior such as:

  • Files are not opening properly.
  • Sharing of files is denied.
  • Or you are trying really hard to edit it.

That’s the most noteworthy problems of this era!

Either the file is corrupted or the plugins are the reason for it. You can easily solve the problem of the corrupted files by re-creating as well as editing them.

But there can be some plugins which do not upload files effectively i.e., they always leave the ground for errors.

Fortunately, there are also some plugins which don’t generate any kind of errors during & after uploading of the files.

So for those people who are seeking for genuine add-ons, here we’re with 7+ upload file WordPress plugins (Free as well as Paid) which they can integrate with their WordPress site.

As per their user’s experiences, they are the best plugins for uploading the files to the WordPress with just a single click.

1. WP Media File Manager: Primest in Upload File WordPress Plugins

WP Media File Manager is one of the best add-ons in upload file WordPress plugins. By using its drag & drop features, one can organize the media folders from WordPress media library.

There is no requirement for creating folders manually. Its enhanced media library plugin allows the user to upload directories with multiple numbers of files directly from PC’s file manager to website.


Pricing of this Upload File WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $24, no charge to end-users.
  • Extended: $120, end-users can be charged.

Features of this Upload File WordPress Plugin:

  • Drag & Drop:
    You can organize the files & folders either by moving one by one or selecting bulk of files. All of this is done through its drag & drop feature.
  • Third Party Compatible:
    This file upload WordPress plugin is compatible with Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Divi Builder, Slider Revolution & many more.
  • File Types:
    This plugin has only supported those file types which are most popular & effective. Apart from it, you can wish to change the uploading file types anytime you want to.

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2. Drop Uploader for CF7 – Drag&Drop File Uploader Addon

It is a WordPress file upload plugin through which you can easily upload files to the website. This Addon provides drag and drop area to upload files. Apart from this, you can send uploaded files as mail attachments.

This plugin allows you to upload files of any size and you can specify what type of files can be uploaded.

Drop Uploader For CF7 - Upload file WordPress plugin

Pricing of this WordPress Plugin:

The charge of its regular license is $17 only and you can also go for extended license at $90 only.

Features of this WordPress Plugin:

  • Thumbnails and list layouts:
    The user can easily choose which layout is more suitable for the site.
  • Drag & Drop feature:
    To add & upload files user can use drag and drop method or default file browse method.
  • Style Options:
    You can change color, border size, browse buttons and icons by customization of the uploader.

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3. WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader: WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader is a plugin which lets the customers upload files for purchased products directly from its product page.

This plugin allows uploading one as well as multiple files on the product page with Ajax drag & drop uploader.


Pricing for this WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $19, one user, no charge to end users.
  • Extended: $120, 1 user, no charges on end users.

Features of this WordPress Plugin:

  • Upload Files Count:
    The customers can see the files upload count on the product page itself.
  • Authenticate Files:
    You as well as your customers can preview the file which is to be uploaded in order to remove the unwanted files before uploading.
  • Multiple File Support:
    The supported file types are: jpeg, png, gif, zip, rar, mp3, wmv, mp4, pdf, eps, doc, xls, docx & many more.

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4. Arfaly Press: WordPress Frontend File Upload

Arfaly Press is a WordPress frontend file upload plugin for multimedia files. It is highly configurable with a contemporary design as well as UX animation for maximum usability.

The plugin has a backend management system where the user can create the unlimited number of file uploaders with ease.


Pricing of this WordPress Frontend File Upload Plugin:

  • Regular: $18, 1 client, no end client is charged.
  • Extended: $90, one client, end clients may be charged.

Features of this WordPress Frontend File Upload Plugin:

  • Translations:
    This upload file WordPress plugin has a PO template. This template is always ready for translations into other languages.
  • Browser Compatibility:
    It is compatible with most of the modern browsers such as Firefox, IE 9+, Chrome, Safari & many more.
  • Acceptable File Types:
    This plugin accepts the file types such as audios, documents, videos, archives & music.

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5. WooCommerce Chekcout Drag and Drop Files Upload:

This plugin easily enables the customers to upload images as well as patterns in a systematic order.


Pricing for this WordPress Plugin:

  • Regular: $17, one user/client, end clients are not charged.
  • Extended: $50, 1 user/client, end clients can be charged.

Features of this WordPress Plugin:

  • WooCommerce Versions:
    This plugin is compatible with all versions of WooCommerce from ‘’ to ‘3.1.x’.
  • File Uploading Limit:
    You can easily set a limit on the number of file size uploads to prevent any problem which may occur after multiple file uploads.
  • Themes:
    It is compatible with all of the themes. Apart from it, one can validate the file type as well as its size.

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6. Real Uploader for WordPress: WordPress Plugin

Real Uploader for WordPress is one of the cheapest upload file WordPress plugins. It is based on javascript and supports HTML5 uploadings.

This plugin provides drag and drop uploads with a preview of the image at the time of uploading.

Real Uploader for WordPress - Upload file WordPress plugin

Pricing for this WordPress Plugin:

Its regular license charges $15 only and for the extended license, you have to pay $75.

Features of this WordPress Plugin:

  • Multi-file uploads:
    It provides multi-file uploads on all browsers with light-box like previews of the images.
  • Report panel:
    By this feature, you can easily analyze the reports of the uploaded files.
  • Thumbnail Generation:
    With this feature of Real Uploader WordPress plugin, thumbnails generation of images on the server-side can be done easily.

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7. File Upload Form: Primest in Free Upload File WordPress Plugins File Upload Form is the best free upload file WordPress plugin. It is basically a file sharing and storing service.

Apart from it, one can create file upload form plugin for WordPress to receive the files directly from the WordPress.


Pricing of this File Upload Plugin for WordPress:

  • This WordPress plugin is free of cost.

Features of this File Upload Plugin for WordPress:

  • Progress Bar:
    During a file upload, you can easily the progress of the file uploading on the page through its progress bar.
  • Easy Process:
    Through the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) data encryption, file uploading & downloading is fast as well as secure.
  • Form Color:
    One can choose any color of the form to make it more beautiful & responsive from the user’s perspective.

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8. Front End File Upload and Manager Plugin:

Front End File Upload and Manager Plugin help the user to upload files for the admin. All the files are saved in the directory. That’s how each user will be able to delete as well as download the files after login.


Pricing of this File Upload Plugin for WordPress:

  • This WordPress file upload plugin is free of cost.

Features of this File Upload Plugin for WordPress:

  • Uploading Elements:
    As a user, you can upload various elements such as button font, background color & its title.
  • File Limit:
    One can upload up to 5 files on the page to avoid any data loss.
  • Messages:
    You may receive the messages in some cases when the file uploading is successful as ‘Success’ or ‘Error’ when there is any fault.

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Hence above are some of the best free as well as upload file WordPress plugins which are most relevant & easy to use. They are able to securely upload your files to the WordPress page.

Either some of them use shortcodes or the files can be uploaded directly by uploading buttons as well as drag & drop elements.

So we’d advise you to choose the best plugin for them, especially that one which securely uploads the files.

For any suggestions as well as queries, please comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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