In this modern era of online purchasing, customers trained their mind to purchase any product after taking many suggestions like review reading, grabbing information from the current user, making comparisons, etc. Actually, its fact that 70 percent of users from all around the world prefer customer reviews before purchasing any product. The reason behind doing this is to check out the quality, abilities & functionalities of a product. It also helps a new buyer to track fraud & the worth of it.

To grab this customer satisfaction people always prefer multiple product review websites that gives them all the information for which they are looking. But, they only trust those sites which display reviews from genuine sources. That’s why we have prepared this article in which we list some of the best software review sites to guide buyers about every software they want to purchase. But first, we’ll tell you what are software review sites & why people prefer them before purchasing.

Basically, software review sites provide useful information to newbies about every product or software. It also offers an opportunity for vendors to submit their products on review websites so they can get reviews & feedback from users. These feedbacks help vendors to upgrade their services which leads them to grow more traffic.

So, if you want to know more details & features of software comparison sites you can check this list of product review websites here –

1. Reapon

Reapon is one of the leading review website that provides you a piece of in-depth knowledge about multiple products & services. It is an amazing platform for vendors to showcase their product in the market to grab more traffic.

In fact, product vendors from all around the world can feature their product on this review website by simply clicking on “Add Your Product” & adding a few details in it. Reapon also gives its visitors proper guidance about every product by describing its features & pricing details.

Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that helps users to find out different products based on the categories like vendor management, financial analytics, live streaming & many more.


  • This product review website offers visitors an advanced review option which includes star ratings & a comment section to write like & dislikes about the product.
  • It has a review monitoring system that provides notifications to the vendor whenever a new review posted on its product.
  • Reapon provides reviews for more than 2000+ software which contains 850+ categories that help visitors to find the review of the exact product for which they are looking.
  • Software is intended with management features based on a review, feedback & monitoring.
  • The best feature of this platform is 360-degree feedback that collects feeds from various sources from all around the globe.


The amazing fact about Reapon is that it gives all these functionalities absolutely FREE to its vendors & users.

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2. SourceForge

SourceForge is the largest software review and comparison website in the world. It has nearly 30 million visitors per month who come to compare business software and services, as well as open source software. SourceForge has over 2000 business software and services categories. Further, it also hosts over 500,000 open source software projects.

SourceForge offers a wide variety of features to help users find business software. It enables users to search by category, user reviews, integrations, pricing, region, language, and more. SourceForge provides the most granular way to find the right business software on the web.



  • Users looking for business software or services can search for the right solution using very granular filter sets and criteria.
  • Users interested in open source software can search, compare, and download open source software directly from SourceForge.
  • SourceForge features over 2000 business software and services categories, and is adding new categories all the time.
  • Vendors that want to advertise their business software or services can pay a flat rate, and get unlimited clicks to their website. Additionally, they also can make use of other benefits such as buyer insight data, review generation tools, lead generation, and more.


  • SourceForge is 100% free to use for all users interested in comparing, buying, or downloading business software and open source software.
  • Vendors that want to acquire new customers have a number of different flat-rate plans to choose from to generate new customers from SourceForge.

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3. Capterra

As we know, Capterra is the most popular product review site that gives complete information about its listed products. These websites resolve queries of all customers who find difficulty in choosing a product as per the requirements.

In addition, it includes tons of software which are divided into 700+ software categories & different search filters that help users to find out a suitable software solution. This review platform fulfills all the requirements based on user & vendor perspective.Capterra - Software Review Sites


  • User can search the tool by using its search filters and get all the information like ratings, description, pricing, etc.
  • It provides opportunities to vendors for showcasing the products that help them to collect multiple user reviews and objectives to improve their product & website traffic.
  • Capterra offers various software categories to make visitors search more easy & accurate. It also includes search variations based on pricing, popularity, comparison, etc.
  • Additionally, this product review website gives users the ability to compare products at the same time for better analysis.
  • By using its review monitor option, vendors can see user reviews & quickly get notifications about the latest review submitted on a product or blog.


Grab the valuable information related to the software of any category & submit reviews without paying anything.

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4. FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline comes in the category of one of the best growing & perfectly managed software reviewing platform. This website contains a directory of software & products which are placed in a categorized manner. Also, it showcases & offers you the most popular product categories like CRM, project management, accounting, business intelligence, etc.

As per the current stats value, FinancesOnline has 2,501,337 monthly readers & 10,268 real user reviews that make it highlighted from others. Besides, software rankings & comparison this website also creates articles which contain listing comparison based on factors selected by review teams.

FinancesOnline - Software Review Sites


  • This product review website is integrated with multiple marketing partners like HubSpot, Sisense, FreshWorks, etc. that gives your listed products some opportunities to gain more trusts & enhance your website traffic.
  • Provides you an ability to suggest your product or software in this review website.
  • In fact, after the approval of your product, you will get an opportunity to get featured on their website with Verified Quality Seal.
  • FinancesOnline has built-in SmartCore system which rates your product or software on the basis of usability, features, pricing & other details.
  • The review page of this website displays the product’s full information like user reviews, price, benefits, etc. This information gives a detailed analysis to visitors about any product.


Add reviews & feature your product & services in this B2B software directory platform by paying ZERO charges.

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5. SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest is a leading software consultancy firm that can provide you with an intensive knowledge of leading solution providers in the market. It lists, reviews, and compares software services to ensure that companies get a perfect match for their business needs. Trusted by hundreds of satisfied global clients, SoftwareSuggest is an end-to-end platform for product vendors to feature their products and drive awareness for target audiences.

With a comprehensive software database, SoftwareSuggest has tons of options and makes it easy to apply search filters to find the best solution for your category. It also has real user reviews to help you understand product features better and make an informed decision for your business.



  • SoftwareSuggest provides a comprehensive list of niche software that can be segmented industry and city-wise to help organizations get the perfect solution.
  • Users can easily compare the pricing, features, and specifications of various software to make an informed decision.
  • 360-degree feedback mechanism from vendors, clients, and stakeholders for each software.
  • SoftwareSuggest provides authentic reviews for each product, along with video reviews too – this helps visitors find the exact product they need for organizational requirements.
  • Additionally, various advanced search filters can help users scan through products based on price, popularity, and functionality.


SoftwareSuggest provides organizations with free consultation services to help them decide the best solution. It provides customized pricing packages for a range of services depending on business requirements.

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Since we discussed above some important information about the best product review sites that you should prefer now before buying any software. These platforms will help vendors to effectively enhance the sales & brand awareness of their website with ease.

Also, it’s a true fact that most platforms provide free listings & reviews whereas some of them offer paid partnerships to showcase products on their website. Now, it’s your choice to choose & prefer the best platform which gives you all the information that you need before purchasing any tool.