Why should you use WordPress Feedback Plugins?

The traditional way of getting feedback from call centres was time-consuming. The smartest way is to install a WordPress Feedback plugin on your business website.

In fact, WordPress Feedback plugins enable a feedback form on your website by which you can get to know the problems, suggestions and overall view of customers responses directly on your emails.

So, we are here with a list of some free, premium and best WordPress feedback plugins of 2018 which will let you –

  • Collect all the responses, suggestions or ideas of your customer on your emails.
  • Understand your customer expectations and sentiments.
  • Gives you insight analytics of your business loopholes.
  • Helps to improve your blog or website designs.

So, let your customer be your site’s director and get something that genuinely meets your visitor’s needs.

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Now let’s get into the list of 7+ Best WordPress Feedback Plugins.

1. Pabbly Form Builder

You can simply collect the feedback from your customers by embedding feedback forms on any page or post of your site. Also, you can embed forms on the sidebar, or share your forms on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

Creating feedback forms using simple drag and drop form builder is just a few minutes task with this form builder. Also, not only feedback, you can create multiple other forms as well using Pabbly form builder like for payment, survey, contact, lead capture and more.

Pabbly Form builder provides you with a sorted dashboard along with tons of features like conditional logic, multi-user account, email notification, and a lot more which you can implement on the WordPress website.


This form builder offers multilingual support, collect payment, add spam protection and more at the cost of $15 per month.


  • Contact form Re-branding is also allowed which can help you can grab customers attention and promote your product by adding your branding, logos, images and more on feedback forms.
  • All the data collected via forms is stored on a cloud server which you can export it anytime in the CSV file format with just a few clicks.
  • This form builder supports various security features like form validation, form captcha, email validation and more which prevent you from the un-authentic users or spam entries.
  • Using this form builder you can add unlimited form entries in a flash. Also, it helps you to send the confirmation email to users after receiving the form entries.

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2. Fixed Vertical Feedback Button

Fixed Vertical Feedback Button is easy to use, straightforward and delicate WordPress plugin. This plugin helps to add a vertical feedback button to your site.

As we know that designs have a major role in bringing traffic to your site. So this plugin will improve your blog’s designs and will also provide you full Control to style-match with your WordPress site.

It provides Pixel Perfect and compatible positioning ie. whatever you design in Photoshop or fireworks, looks exactly the same in all browsers. Also, the vertical feedback button is in trend and we can see it on the left, right or middle of each site as per our need.

So, this useful plugin will reduce much effort for those who don’t want to mess with the template, to avoid undesired problems.

Fixed Vertical Feedback Button for WordPress-WordPress Feedback Plugins


The plugin offers premium services for $15 only.


  • Provides a lot of styling option which can be executed with help of custom settings page for plugins.
  • You can set the background color for feedback button as it’s image is transparent.
  • You can align feedback button the way you want. For example, horizontal or vertical with needed proportions and ratios with greater ease.
  • Supports four different Contact forms CF Forms 2, Contact form 7 Ninja Form, gravity Form that will reduce spam, have better information control, and provide greater consistency.

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3. TrackDuck

TrackDuck has the most advanced application among all the visual feedback tools available in the market. Visual feedback is gathered at one place which makes everything by actual mock-ups or the live application. Feedback is available right on a website or image file. This plugin takes a screenshot of every new comment. A link to the exact page and technical details like browser version, OS, and screen resolution is also provided. TrackDuck provides you a visual approach to bug reporting.

trackduck-WordPress Feedback Plugins


It has different pricing models which start from $9 and goes up to $99 based on the number of projects


  • You are allowed to integrate popular tools like Trello, Github, Asana, Hipchat, Slack, JIRA with a two-way synchronization.
  • Capable to create and assign tasks, set priorities and much more while being on the same page. This will saves a lot of times and reduces the hassle of switching over different pages.
  • Feedback is available at right on top of the page element which allows us to quick decision making.

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4. eForm – WordPress Form Builder

eForm – WordPress Form Builder is the Premium WordPress Form Builder. It has the capability to integrate into your existing WordPress site. You get complete solutions for your most important tasks. This robust and all-inclusive form builder is the best combination of style and practicality. It is clean and modish to use and packed with all the components you need.

eForm- WordPress Feedback Plugins


The plugin starting price is from $38 for 6-month support and extended support of 12 months at $12.75


  • No coding knowledge required: Equipped with intuitive drag and drop form builder. Using this, you can quickly manage form components, change the settings, themes, designs, etc.
  • Fast & scalable: The system can handle 100’s of form components with conditional logic and mathematical calculators.
  • Dynamic and responsive design: eForm fits with every kind of devices like iPad or a PC. eForm makes sure that your forms are readable and interactive to get most conversion rate.
  • WooCommerce integration: You can build your own powerful eCommerce presence. Helpful in converting new customers with the help of forms, automation, and powerful segmentation

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5. Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact form

Usernoise Pro is an easy to use, delightful WordPress plugin. It allows users to gather and discuss the feedback which makes it an interacting plugin. Provides clean, precise and up-to-the-mark feedback. Answering the feedback submitted from the email software is also possible through this plugin. It is a user-friendly plugin and allows the users to set screenshots of feedback for better information. The interesting part is the integration of Akismet. It fights spams without monotonous captcha requirements. The plugin has shortcuts to let the feedback display on any of the page.

Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback- WordPress Feedback Plugins


The plugin starting price is from $19 which offers you  6-month support and with $5.63 an extended support of 12 months.


  • Available in both WordPress as well as PHP version.
  • Reporting the progress and status of each item is possible as you can assign categories and status to the feedback submitted.
  • Shortcodes provided to put feedback discussion onto any of the pages.
  • Provides feedback form which is customizable and can go with all your business needs

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6. WebEngage Feedback, Survey, and Notification

WebEngage is a multi-channel user-friendly platform which automates user intercommunication. WebEngage is an only platform which allows you to connect with users right from the initial sales pitch to the final sales conversion. The form plugin allows your organization to engage not only with existing users but also with unregistered users. Additionally, WebEngage enables you to create a multi-channel engagement marketing campaign.

WebEngage Feedback- WordPress Feedback Plugins


This plugin is available freely on WordPress. It also offers different pricing plans with an assortment of features and capabilities which starts from $199 to $1499


  • Easy and unlimited feedback from customers.
  • Insight collection and analyzing all the data.
  • Increasing conversion rate by sales push approach.
  • Offers to push a feature update message to all your visitors or announce a downtime on your website.
  • Webengage is a great source of information. It not only provides feedback but also grabs other useful information like location and IP address etc.
  • You can add your own fields to feedback form but this feature is available only with the paid version plugin
  • Responses to all the surveys and feedback can be downloaded in a real-time interface.

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7. MyEffecto-Instant Emotion Reaction

Myeffecto emotion reaction plugin is the user-friendly emotion based rating system. Provides simple menu consisting of many emotional responses. Emoticons like awesome, love, like, dislike, and sad are available. The great part is that you can also create new menus by mixing and matching dozens of emoticons and text labels.

MyEffecto-Instant Emotion Reaction- WordPress Feedback Plugins


It is available for FREE. You can also request for customizable buttons.


  • Tracking visitors sentiments by one click feedback.
  • Creates new emoticons which go with your blog.
  • Includes optional recommendation and social sharing widgets.
  • Highly customized which can work on any device be it a mobile laptop, desktop etc without any hassle
  • Custom CSS can be added to your menu and it supports 23 languages.

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Winding up

This was from our side on 5+ best WordPress Feedback Plugins. WordPress Feedback Form Plugin will help you to get the genuine and valuable feedback from your potential user. This will play a vital role in your business success.

So, we hope with these plugins you must have found a perfect match for your website.