WordPress Audit plugins inspect your website and provide you the metrics that you need to work on. It will also figure out the performance of your website.

You have made your website well, the excellent content is also loaded into it!

But there are some issues that can not be detected at ease.

Then for this, you need to audit your website!

If you are an expert then you can audit your website by yourself or you can get it done from a digital marketing agency.

However, you do not want to go with these two options, then you have a simple solution and that is “WordPress Audit Plugins”.

These plugins audit the SEO, social audits, content, and installed plugins of your website and provide you the inventory of all the metrics.

Moreover, these plugins can be used by digital marketing agencies to offer automated audit services like UX, SEO, image analysis and so on.

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So, without wasting any time let’s explore the list of some of the best WordPress audit plugins that will save your hours of manual work, boost up you website performance and enhances the search engine visibility of your website.

1. Content Audit – Best in WordPress Audit Plugins

Content audit lets you create an inventory of content right away in the WordPress edit screen. This plugin allows you to mark the content as redundant, trivial, outdated, or the need for SEO and Style review.

Further, it gives you an overview report of your content that shows which posts, pages need concentration. You can put labels on the content which works like categorization. So, you’ll get an easily sorted list of your content which you can work on.

Content Audit WordPress Audit Plugins

Free Download

You can download this WordPress Audit plugin free from the official WordPress website.

Additional Features

  • Ability to add custom labels – There are predefined status labels are available. If you don’t want built-in labels, then you can add your own content labels as well.
  • Possibility to add custom CSS – You are allowed to add custom CSS for the front-end display of your website.
  • Audit Details – This plugin allows you to display the audit details to the logged-in editors on the front-end.
  • Custom Audit Message – It also gives you the flexibility to style the audit message through custom CSS.

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2. Pagezii SEO Agency Plugin

Pagezii SEO Agency is a WordPress plugin. It enables digital marketing agencies to offer automated services like UX, Image analysis, SEO audit, and social audits to their website visitors.

If you own a digital marketing agency and wanna offer complete website and SEO audit to your clients. Then, you can go for this plugin. As it gives your visitors a complete report regarding the audit via Email in a PDF format.

Pagezii SEO Agency Plugin WordPress Audit Plugins

No Charges

It is a completely free plugin available on WordPress.org.

Additional Features

  • PDF Reports – This plugin takes a few seconds to generate the PDF report and will be sent to the client’s email. It contains a detailed description of on-page SEO, image analysis, social audits etc.
  • SEO Score – It also provides you the SEO score summary. It will show the score in a percentage format considering slug, description, headers, and body.
  • Audit For Any Domain – Your visitors can enter any domain that they want to get audited.
  • Agency Information – You can set up your agency information from the admin panel. This info will be added to the audit reports.

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3. WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log is the easiest to use audit trail plugin for WordPress. It provides a complete WordPress activity log solution. This plugin helps thousands of website owners to keep eyes on their website.

They can monitor not only which post, object, or a user profile etc was updated but also they’ll get complete details about what was changed in that.

Moreover, it also gives you the details regarding plugins and themes changes such installing, updating, and deleting etc.

WP Security Audit Log WordPress Audit Plugins

Free Of Cost

This WordPress audit plugin won’t cost a single penny! Grab this for free from the WordPress.org.

Additional Features

  • WhatIsMyIpAddress.com Integration – This plugin is integrated with WhatIsMyIpAddress.com. So, you can get all the information about IP addresses within a click.
  • Secure Management  – You can limit managing of the plugin by permitting specific user roles to manage.
  • Supports WordPress Multisite – Fully supports WordPress multisite. Through this plugin, Admin can access all the WordPress security alerts of all the websites on the multisite network.
  • Monitor Database Changes – You can monitor the changes of the database such as addition and removal of the tables.

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4. Plugin Auditor – Optimal in WordPress Audit Plugins

Plugin Auditor is a plugin that audit bunch of plugins that you’ve installed on your WordPress website. It cleans the trash and removes the unnecessary plugins. Additionally, it keeps your plugins up-to-date.

It boosts the website speed by removing unwanted plugins. Ensures you “why you should remove this plugin” and provides you the reasons via a complete audit trail.

This plugin is perfect for websites that have multiple administrators and also for the agencies that manage their client sites.

Plugin Auditor WordPress Audit Plugins


You can download this plugin for free from the WordPress.org.

Additional Features

  • Records Of The Plugins – It gives you the complete report about who installs the plugin and the reason behind the installation of every plugin.
  • Get More Benefits – If you install this plugin as your first plugin for a website. Then, it gives you the proper information ever since you had created the site.
  • Manage Multiple Admins – It effortlessly manages the websites with multiple admin users by providing you the complete details of changes made by each admin.
  • Supports Comments – Admins can post the comment regarding every plugin. So that others admins must be aware of that.

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That’s all from our side on WordPress audit plugins. We’ve covered all the free plugins that won’t cost you a single buck but offer best class service.

If you are looking for such a plugin then, you should consider this list. Explore the specified plugins and find the best fit.

Still, if you want to include your favorite WordPress Audit Plugins, then feel free to share in the comment section.