The very first thing I do before trying anything new (say buying a gadget or watching a newly released movie) is checking out its reviews. This helps a lot to decide whether it is worth trying or not. Especially when it comes from Google reviews, the value of that product automatically shoots up. Because these reviews come from multiple opinions. A 4 or 5-star rating will always hold most of its satisfied customer.

Now, when we know the impact reviews can create, why not we integrate ready-made and reliable reviews of Google Reviews by using Google Reviews WordPress plugins.

The websites when integrated these plugins will allow you to pick-up reviews from popular websites like Facebook, TripAdvisor etc. Then you can also showcase Google places along with review snippets on your webpage. These reviews can find their place in the sidebars, footer, homepage or any post or page on the website.

Now every Google Reviews WordPress Plugin that we are going to discuss here holds all the must-have features for your website to make it even more credible.
Like review concatenation, unlimited Google places, and Google snippets etc.

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1. Google Reviews Pro WordPress Plugin

This plugin is known to store Google reviews in the WordPress database. This is done by creating two tables, one for information about business places and the other one for storing the reviews. With it’s Google snippet functionality, your business can have a remarkable position on Google.

For an amazing appearance, this plugin provides 5 layouts in the form of reviews slider, list, grid, fixed and embed badge.

RichPlugins Google Reviews WordPress Plugin


The two categories for pricing plan of this plugin is as follows:

For Business Plugin

1. Single Site License at $65
2. Up to 5 Sites Licence at $99
3. Up to 15 Sites Licence at $169

For Plugins Bundle

1. Single Site License at $89
2. Up to 5 Sites License at $117
3. Up to 15 Sites License at $199

Key Features

  • When Google provides lengthy reviews, in terms of words, this plugin shortens them via adding “read more” links to keep the review connected.
  • This plugin allows adding a “Write a review” button for the customers in the widget. It will eventually boost the number of reviews and business.
  • You can set the least rating limit (say 4 stars), this lower limit will act as a filter and display only those reviews with 4 star or higher rating.
  • With the moderation panel, you can see the saved places (where a customer had checked-in and reviewed it) anytime.
  • You can also delete any review/s of your choice too.
  • This plugin supports pagination for the reviews. And sorting of reviews on the basis of most useful, recent, oldest, highest and lowest score categories.

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2. WP Review Slider Pro

This plugin facilitates you to display the reviews with a completely different outlook in the testimonial sliders (or even with masonry grid, regular grid etc.) . All you need to do is simply: Pick up reviews from the popular websites like Facebook, TripAdvisor (or even add some manually). Create a customizable template and add those reviews on it. Then use the template code on the website and display the testimonials.

It is as simple as ABC.

WP Review Slider Pro Google Reviews WordPress Plugin


With its 30 day money back guarantee, this plugin purchasing is based on yearly and lifetime usage different licenses

Yearly Plan

1. Single Site at $29
2. 3 Sites at $39
3. Unlimited Sites at $99

Lifetime Plan

1.  Single Site at $99
2. 3 Sites at $149
3. 5 Sites at $199


  • This Review Slider gives excellent performance on multiple platforms (in addition to Google and yelp) like Shopify and Weebly.
  • In order to have the consistent progress of your website, this plugin immediately notifies you via email on finding any low rating review.
  • You create review badges with customizable colors and borders as this plugin includes CSS. These badges can hold icons and ratings for the website.
  • Unlike the commonly used star icon to show ratings, this plugin lets you select from built-in images for full and empty star icon.

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3. Google Places Review

Perfect for hotels, companies, retail stores, restaurants and many more, this plugin helps to get reviews for such business entities on the google maps. And you want to provide an elaborated information about your business, then this SEO optimized plugin is just for you. This information can be the business name, website, Google+ page and what not.

Wordimpress Google Reviews WordPress Plugin


With 1 year validity of update and support for every license mentioned below, you just need to pay

1. $45 for Single Site License
2. $87 for up to 5 Licenses
3. $150 for up to 15 Licenses

Key Features

  • This plugin comes with built-in caching for widgets. That in turn, increases efficiency by reducing the loading time.
  • To get an extra review, rather, more than one review for a business is always the first choice of a customer. This plugin allows displaying up to 5 business reviews for improved marketing.
  • Specially designed widget themes that can match any color scheme and goes with all the websites design.
  • The use of shortcode will replace those lengthy coding lines for displaying the reviews in a page/post content.

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4. Google Places Review Pro WordPress Plugin

In order to upgrade Google ranking for your website, you have to have this 5 star rated plugin. With A/B testing performed on information with regular texts and ordinary images and the one having Google reviews. The later one had an outstanding result as customers found this page more interactive and live. Such surveys are meant to assure you that attracting your targeted audience is no more an issue now.

Google Places Reviews Pro Google Reviews WordPress Plugin


Get the regular license of this plugin at $39 only with future updates and 6 months support. You just need to pay $13.13 extra to extend the support for a year.

Key Features

  • In addition to the reviews of your website, you can also give details of your business. Information about your business name, website, Google+ page etc.
  • The shortcodes incorporated in this plugin helps to display the reviews in preferred order and position.
  • This plugin allows displaying the reviews not just in the body content but also in the widget area of the page.

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5. Google Reviews Plugin By Tagembed

For businesses, it is important to get reviews about their products or services. But it is equally important to showcase them so that it helps consumers to make their purchase decisions. And this is where Google Reviews WordPress Plugin by Tagembed comes into the picture. It helps in collecting, curating, customizing reviews from your Google My Business, it then eventually displays them on the website. Alongside Google reviews, the plugin is also compatible with 20+ social media platforms and provides various features that make it an ideal WordPress plugin.

Google Reviews WordPress Plugin by Tagembed


The plugin has a Free-forever plan, which fits in any marketing budget.

Pricing plans have 3 subscription models: Basic, Pro, and Plus, which costs $9, $19, and $39 per month yearly.

Key Features 

  • The plugin enables you to personalize the widget as per your choice. For example, you can change the font size, font style, and more to make the widget more appealing to visitors.
  • A wide range of layouts and themes – you can choose the one that best suits your website’s style to bring uniformity.
  • Freedom to remove all irrelevant and unwanted content from the website under the moderation feature. It helps to maintain the quality of the website.
  • A responsive widget that adjusts itself as per screen size.
  • The feeds on the widget display the content as soon as it is posted on the source.
  • Custom CTA, custom CSS, analytics, and more

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6. Everest Google Places Reviews

One of the best ways to highlight those outstanding reviews is by having them in the floating layout. After deciding their position on the page, you can also choose which page will hold such pattern of reviews (like all the pages or a specific page). You can enable/disable user description followed by limiting their texts. Then you can also allow only 5 stars rated reviews to be displayed for certain google business location.

This plugin allows you to create multiple google places and rating reviews (eg. Multiple branches of a restaurant in the same city).

Everest Google Places Reviews Google Reviews WordPress Plugin


Buy this plugin at the most affordable rate of $16 with 6 months support and future updates.
And if you choose to extend the support to 12 months, pay $4.50 more only.

Key Features

  • The autocomplete functionality reduces the amount of time and texts a user puts in. As this aids auto-search of google places or business location name on google map.
  • Creating unlimited google places/location
  • This plugin provides 5+ amazing review templates designs with different layouts (in the form of lists and sliders)
  • It also integrates 5+ built-in templates for badges/header that can be set horizontally or vertically.
  • This plugin provides a “Rate Us” button, where a new user can give ratings and feedbacks for every product.
  • Since reviews can be in any language, this plugin uses WordPress standard language files and translates it.

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7. Google Reviews Slider

The 5 star allotted to this plugin ensures the high quality of performance it provides. Or in other words, this Google Reviews Slider can be termed as best among the free Google review plugins. All you need is a WordPress version 4.6 to get started.

Google Reviews Slider Google Reviews WordPress Plugin


No currency has to be paid to use this feature loaded plugin as it is free!!

Key Features

  • This easy to use plugin provides a distinguishing feature of reviews in slider format. Giving an extraordinary layout to the reviews.
  • This plugin will let your website be more updated by displaying the 5 most recent reviews for the product.
  • The slider can be placed anywhere by simply inserting a shortcode in the page.

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These were the best 5+ Google Reviews WordPress Plugins in the market. For your reviews site, we are sure these plugins will provide every functionality to make the task hassle free and smooth.

Nonetheless, you get honest reviews of available Google Reviews WordPress Plugins from our blog. However, for software reviews, you can visit Reapon. It is a product review platform which offers impartial reviews for over 2000 plus software covering more than 1000 categories.

Feel free to share your opinions and let us know how did you like our content. In case, you have any queries, you can comment in the comment section below.