Use WordPress coupon plugins & start converting more visitors to customers!

Yes! That’s true! But you might be wondering ‘HOW’?

Suppose you have an e-commerce store & want to increase the sales of your product. One way of doing it is through advertisements which will take time to give results. But there is another & easy way which is by creating discount coupons on your site!

People are attracted towards the offers & discounts rather than the normal price. If you add a discount to any of your products, the probability of its sales will be higher than before.

That’s why we’ve listed some of the best WordPress coupon plugins through which you can create promotional coupons for your site. Some of the plugins are paid while others are free.

These plugins are fully customizable in such a way that you’ll be able to:

  • Create text for the coupon in any language, font size & style.
  • Add images of any size.
  • Also, add the social sharing icons on it & a lot more things which you can test.

The more your coupon is catchy & attractive, the more it will lead to sales!

That’s why all we want from you is to go through this blog & finalize the best coupon WordPress plugin according to your needs.

You may read our other blogs which consist of more WordPress plugins. Who knows, they might help you in your work?

Let’s dive into these plugins now!

1. Viral Plaza: Best in WordPress Coupon Plugins

Viral Plaza is a WordPress coupon plugin that provides the ability to ignite any kind of business’s growth with the help of coupons. Basically, it comes with coupon codes through, which you can customize the promotional coupons according to your needs & then post it on your website.

It will display in a pop-up window which contains an image & some social media icons.

Viral Plaza WordPress Coupon Plugin


  • This WordPress coupon plugin charges $97 which is a one-time payment for lifetime access, updates & support.


  • You can mention your latest & most popular products/services on the pop-up & add the discount to it. This is how people will get to know the best offers & then purchase the product associated with it.
  • This coupon functionality is customizable through which, you can add & change the colors to that pop-up window.
  • Also, the coupons created through plugin are responsive for all types of devices.

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2. Order / Coupon / Subscription Export Import Plugin:

This WordPress plugin allows migrating multiple numbers of coupons to your e-platform or campaigns. Apart from it, you can also import/export the order history of subscriptions with the help this add-on.

Order, Coupon, Subscriptions Export Import WordPress Coupon Plugin


Below is the information in which pricing of the number of sites is mentioned for the duration of one year.

  • 1 site at just $69.00.
  • 5 sites at $99.00.
  • And 25 sites at $199.00.

Note: After a year, you’ll get the support & updates at 50% discount on your current site plan.


  • One can import & export the coupons, subscription order history in CSV file format to your site.
  • Using Cron Job, you can set scheduled export/import of orders & coupons.
  • Apart from it, you can export all of the discount coupons either in bulk or one at a time to any location.

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3. WP Coupons and Deals: WordPress Plugin

WP Coupons and Deals is another WordPress plugin for creating & adding simple as well as affiliate coupons. One interesting feature of this plugin is that when you are creating a coupon, you can check its live preview at any time.

WP Coupons and Deals WordPress Coupon Plugin


  • To use this plugin on a single site, you’ve to pay only $29.99/year.
  • $99.99 is the charge for 5 sites on yearly basis.
  • For the unlimited number of sites, $199.99/year is the charge.


  • This plugin comes with 7 coupon templates. That’s why you can create as coupons of multiple styles.
  • It allows setting the coupon expiration time such that people when they see it on the popup will make the deal without having a second thought.
  • No matter on which device you open your site, the coupon’s layout will never misalign.

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4. WooCommerce Coupon Box: WordPress Coupon Extension

WooCommerce Coupon Box is a WooCommerce extension that helps you collect your visitor’s emails. Also, it helps you turn traffic into email subscribers.

This Coupon Box for WooCommerce plugin displays a subscription email pop-up to new visitors and offers coupons and ask them to subscribe to the email. After that, it generates and sends coupon code to the subscribed email address. You can check the subscribed email addresses in the plugin back-end or sync with your email marketing tool account.

This plugin is available in a Free and Pro version.

WooCommerce Coupon Box


  • It has a regular plan which charges only $26.
  • This plugin also has another plan which costs $125.


  • 15 popup effect for you to select, including Fade in & scale, slide in, 3D slit, 3D flip, sticky up
  • Display a checkbox that allows customers to agree with your site policy, terms of use.
  • 4 templates with 4 different element arrangement ways.
  • Add 4 more input fields: name, mobile, birthday, and gender besides the email field
  • Can edit button close, coupon box header, background image, and button subscribe
  • A GDPR checkbox is optional for those who need to be GDPR consent.

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5.  Coupon Pro: WordPress Coupon Plugin

Coupon Pro is another WordPress plugin for adding as well as managing coupons & affiliate links easily. With the help of its unlimited color schemes, one can create an attractive coupon icon in a couple of minutes.

Coupon Pro WordPress Coupon Plugin


  • It has a regular plan which charges only $14.
  • This plugin also has another plan which costs $100.


  • It has some adaptive templates of coupons which are easily adjustable with the current theme of your WordPress site.
  • You can add the like & dislike button on the coupon such that you’ll get to know about which offer is most liked by the people.
  • Also, you can set the discount offer in any currency you want to.

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6. Every Order Coupon for WooCommerce:

Every Order Coupon is a WooCommerce/WordPress plugin to generate the coupons based on recent promotional offers. It is way too easy to use in such a way that even a non-techie guy can use it without any complications.

Every Order Coupon for WooCommerce WordPress Coupon Plugin


  • It has a basic plan which costs only $16.
  • Apart from it, this plugin charges $80 to provide advanced features.


  • On the account page, you’ll be able to see the unused coupons which the customers haven’t used yet. So you can modify it according to the specific needs of them.
  • Also, you can send the link to the unused coupons along with the discount amount to the customers. If they have missed the coupon earlier, they can use it this time.
  • Apart from English, this plugin supports Estonian & other languages too.

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7. Exit Coupon WordPress Plugin:

Exit Coupon is an important WordPress plugin which can help you to increase the conversion rate of visitor to customer. How? You can add the promotional coupons to your WordPress e-commerce site with the help of this coupon. At last, people will be attracted to that discount & surely, they’ll go for it!

Exit WordPress Coupon Plugin


  • This WordPress coupon plugin charges $13 for basic services.
  • To use its advanced services, you’ve to pay only $70.


  • When the visitor clicks on the button of the coupon, he’ll be redirected automatically to the cart or checkout page. From there, he can purchase that coupon.
  • Due to its color picker, you can create a multi-colored coupon in place of entering the hexadecimal codes of for colors which is typical.
  • Also, you can enable/disable this plugin for both mobile & desktop. So, you can set on which device the coupon should be visible.

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8. Coupon Creator: WordPress Plugin

‘Coupon Creator’! You can even judge by its name that it is a plugin through which you can create coupons for your WordPress site. And if you have an e-commerce business, then this the best choice for you to attract your target audience just by showing discounts!

Coupon Creator WordPress Coupon Plugin


  • Coupon Creator plugin does not charge any amount for the lifetime.


  • You can add the image of any size to the coupon to make it look more catchy from the visitor’s eyes.
  • Apart from images, this plugin allows adding the text of any font size & style for more attractiveness.
  • Also, it does not bound you to create the coupon text in a specific language. You can create it for all the global languages.

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9. WooCommerce Gift Coupon: WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Gift Coupon is a WordPress plugin through which you’ll be able to create WooCommerce product/service as gift coupon. Then you can sell it on your WordPress site for the customers to show them discounts.

WooCommerce Gift WordPress Coupon Plugin


  • This coupon WordPress plugin is free of cost.


  • This plugin allows creating unlimited coupons for a site without any boundations.
  • Also, you can track that which coupon was used & for how many times.
  • Apart from it, you’ll also be able to check the preview of your recently created coupon at any time.

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So above are some of the best WordPress coupon plugins through which, one can create or add the discount coupons on a website. It consists of both free & paid plugins.

All we want from you is to try them out & finalize the best one which suits best according to your needs!

In the below section, you may drop your queries if you have any doubt or want to suggest some more coupon plugins for WordPress. We’ll reply ASAP!