Depicting a written file or document with a relevant image is what I understand from the word Icon. To put it up in a simpler way, icon is a way of symbolizing.

Because this obviously being an easier way to showcase the entire details, occupies the least possible space too!

You have to have an appropriate picture to use as an icon. The more catchy an icon is, the smarter you are assumed. For instance, the Instagram icon is a camera..because Instagram is solely about pictures.

The first impression would be the correct term I guess.

Structuring your website with the icon plugins, will not only give it a look but it will also make the visitor believe that the site must be holding some sensible content. Now if I make sense here, it would be clearer to you why we are going to talk about Icons WordPress plugins.

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1. WP SVG Icon Pro

To have attractive icons in your website is very much easy with the help of this plugin. Because not just those icons which you get with your themes, you can also produce them. This is simple as the process involves only uploading, installing and using your favorite icons.

WP SVG Icons Icons WordPress Plugin


The purchase of Icon Pro is divided into three types of licenses.

  1. Personal License – $29.00
  2. Business License – $69.00
  3. Developer License – $139.00


  • The shortcode will help to create a variety of icons that can be added directly to pages and posts.
  • This plugin provides icons with different animation effects. Which means the view of the icons gets changed by a user click or hover.
  • Now you can add your preferred icons to menu items easily from menu edit screen.
  • The provided icon containers are best for the landing pages, which allows adding text to the container as well.

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2. Floating Social Media Icons

This plugin provides you with a variety of floating social media icons for WordPress websites. The floating icons especially social media icons is a great way to enhance the look of your website. As a moving icon is always attractive.

Floating Social Media Icons Icons WordPress Plugin


You can avail this plugin at just $24.49 with a 30-Day money back guarantee.


  • You can have your preferred icon from 20+ icons styles/themes.
  • When social media icon is chosen to be displayed automatically, the icons will fly from top left to bottom right of the page. It will remain there floating.
  • If the user wants to customize the display option, social media widget, shortcode, PHP code does it easily for you.
  • The function of icons can also be defined. And then, these icons will redirect you to the social media profile.

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3. Iconize WordPress Plugin

Iconize WordPress plugin works best for adding the icons that take very little space and yet provides the complete meaning. This plugin includes almost 2000 icons of size 16x pixels. You just have to select(virtually), configure and edit the icons.

Iconize WordPress Plugin Icons WordPress Plugin


Get the regular license of this plugin at just $18 and extended license at $90.


  • The plugin enables to transform the icons, like, rotating, skew effect, shrink and so on.
  • The icons can be added to the following areas as well – Menu items, widget titles, categories tags and custom taxonomy terms.
  • This plugin gives the option of using editors. Plus, it helps in customizing the icons like editing the existing icons, combining two icons etc.
  • The allows different types of hover effect for an icon like pulse, grow, flip etc.

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4. Animated SVG Browser Icons – WordPress Plugin

The best way to inform the customers that their app or game is compatible with the major browsers is by putting up their icons.simple!

And this plugin being master in it, ensures that a perfect resolution of the scalable icons is provided. It controls the animation of the icons only when they appear on the screen.

Animated SVG Browser Icons Icons WordPress Plugin


Buy the regular license of this plugin at the minimal price of $7, with support for 12 months at $1.13.


  • The WordPress text editor, visual composer, and shortcodes help to add icons very easily.
  • The resolution of the icons remains perfect with the SVG format, which means even on resizing the icons, they will not blur.
  • Assigning properties to the icon is very easy.
  • This is done in 4 easy steps- icon, size, link, margin.

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5. Icons2go – Icon Font WordPress Menu

Icons2go plugin provides a gigantic range of 1000+ distinctive icons. These icons can be used for any instance like entertainment, nature, sports, technology, travel and what not. The plugin integrates visual composer brilliantly, to give a fast and effective mechanism for generating icon sets.

Icons2go Icon Font Icons WordPress Plugin


With 6 months support and updates, you can purchase the regular license at $17.


  • This plugin provides highly customizable icons with 8 shapes, 21 colors, many color combinations, 3 alignments, 20 sizes.
  • Once a user installs the plugin, the button in the text editor gives you quick and easy access to all the icon sets.
  • In case visual composer is not available, this plugin has a super intuitive icons editor that performs with the WordPress editor.
  • The visual shortcode builder further simplifies the process, where you can easily apply the shortcode to as many locations as required.

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6. Menu Icons by ThemeIsle

With the active installation of 100,00+ this plugin lets you work exclusively with the menu items.

Just by few customizations, you can start placing the preferred icons in the menu. Further, matching up its look with the dashboard menu.

Menu Icon Icons WordPress Plugin


You can have the maximum usage of this plugin without paying any amount.


  • Menu Icons plugin lets you use the following famous types of icons – dashicons, elusive icons, fontawesome, foundation icons, SVG, image, fontello, TI icons, genericons.
  • This plugin gets along well with many popular themes like Twenty Seventeen, Hestia etc.
  • In addition to the image icons, this plugin also supports SVG icons.

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After going through all of the above-mentioned Icons WordPress Plugins, I believe you would get have an idea about how and why to choose among these plugins. As impressing your target audience would be beneficial for you as well as your website visitors.

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