“Are you on the hunt for something which empowers you to ask your audience what will be the best option they will elect for things related to your website?”

WordPress Election Plugins can be called ‘A saviour’ in this case!

With the help of these plugins, you can swiftly create polls and ask your viewers to vote for their favorite options.

If you are a sports website owner, you can create a poll asking people about their opinion on which football team they believe should win the tournament. As soon as they complete reading your article they’ll see an attractive poll on their fav topic. Your viewers would for sure like to share their views on it. Isn’t it an appealing way to keep your audience engaged and also know their views through these elections.

WordPress election plugins empowers you to create eye-catchy polls and garner the feedbacks from the audience in a way that would not only keep them engaged but also, allow you to interact with them.

Moreover, these plugins provide you with some awesome election options like creating some really cool polls in any style you want like boxes or bars. Also, you can add a glint of colors to these polls & add hover animations on the poll making it irresistible for people to vote. 

In today’s blog, we are going to bring some of the WordPress election plugins in limelight and scrutinize about their highlighting features. While some of them are free and others are paid.

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Without frittering away any more time, let ’s proceed with  ‘5+ WordPress Election Plugins’.

1. Easy Polling Plugin – No 1. in WordPress Election Plugins

Do you want to know what more your viewers want from your website? Or which option they may elect if given choice? Well, here’s an amazing plugin which provides you an ostentatious way of knowing their opinions.

Easy Polling Plugin is an awesome WordPress election plugin, which enables you to generate polls on almost any affair. It provides you with easy customizations when it comes to polls like you can easily decide whether you want these polls in the form of bars or boxes. Also, you can decide which color you want to add to these polls.

Furthermore, these election polls can be embedded to your site through some easy shortcodes. Inserting these shortcodes is way too easy which can be done by any non-techie geek.

Easy Polling WordPress Election Plugin


You can purchase this plugin at the price of $ 15.


  • This plugin enables you to effortlessly add as many polls as you want on any type of event like, who will win?, How was the article? , etc. Also, you can add a personal touch by adding colors of your choice to these polling bars/boxes.
  • You can add the ‘Login with FaceBook’ option which will allow Facebook users to vote on your site. This will ensure that voting done on your WordPress site is genuine. Besides, you can also enable the option of ‘one vote per IP address’ if you want to.
  • Also, one can decide whether to display these polls in the form of numbers or %. Thereby, analyzing these poll statistics got easier. You can easily see how many users voted & what choices did most of them opt for.

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2. Post Voting Plugin – WordPress Election Plugin

Post Voting Plugin is one of the top-rated election WordPress plugins which highly compatible with all the themes available. It is fully customizable and provides you with 6 voting icons which will help you to gauge readers.

You can view the comprehensive stats on voting displaying the total number of votes up & down right under your dashboard. Also, you can add a widget which shows your most popular posts in the widgetized area.

With about 34,004 downloads this plugin simply stands out and is inclusive of a five-star rating system. Not only this, it is also congruous to multi-sites and has the potential to exhibit the top-voted posts across your network along with tracking the stats.

Post Voting Plugin


You can opt for the free trial version of this plugin for 30 days.

Once satisfied with the plugin, you can get the plugin by paying $49 on monthly basis.


  • It enables you to effortlessly choose the desired position to display voting box before or after the post. Also, you are provided with a default voting icon which can be customized as and how you want.
  • This plugin provides you with heaps shortcodes for further customizing the details like to display the voting results, or for showing the 5 highest rated posts on a current blog and many other options.
  • You can restrict voting from certain sections of your website like posts, pages, media, etc. Once you choose any of the options the voting won’t be applicable to it.

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3. Post Voting WordPress – WordPress Election Plugin

Post Voting for WordPress is hassle-free when it comes to setting up the plugin. It comes with step by step detailed documentation about installation & setup. Once you start using this plugin you will feel that it is actually very easy to use & make changes according to your need.

The developers of this plugin have provided the users a clean code which makes it trouble-free to customize it anytime and thereby making it flexible to use and mould for non-technical peeps.

Not only this, it is always up to date on WordPress, which means this plugin is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Also, it provides you with almost 5 embellish poling templates to choose from.

Post Voting WordPress Election Plugin


This plugin is available at two different rates.

  • For availing the standard license, you have to pay $18.
  • To get the extended license, you have to pay $90.

Along with the product, you also get the benefits of getting all the future updates and support which can be extended for another year by paying the amount of $5.25 & $26.25 respectively.


  • It enables you to add polling icons to your site which is easy to customize. Also, you can modify the colors of like and dislike buttons from the color picker and is translation ready. 
  • From the settings page, you can easily change the text & icons of the buttons to thumb, angle, caret or none. Also, you can align these icons to center, left or right.
  • You can offhandedly select who can vote on your content and who can’t. From the settings, you can enable login function with the help of which, only logged in members can vote.

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4. Vote 5 – WordPress Election Plugin

Are you in need of plugin which not only enables you to add polls for election & also allows you to keep a check on the votes and its stats? Then you are at the right place!

Vote 5 is one the finest WordPress plugin used for voting which empowers you to create the polls & customize them in compliance with your situation. It is compatible with all cross- browsers like iE10, Firefox, Safari, chrome, etc. Votes need an IP or cookie without which, the vote will not be recorded.

Vote 5 WordPress Election Plugin


For availing the regular license of this plugin, you have to pay $18.

To get the extended license, you have to pay $90.

Apart from this, you also get all future updates and support services for 6 months. You can extend these services for another year by paying $5.25 & $26.25.


  • With all the posts, a custom key is attached which holds the value of current votes. This helps in keeping votes of data related to certain posts in an arranged manner.
  • There is a separate section where posts are maintained in chronological order along with IP addresses & the number of votes in the form of a table.
  • You can add as many shortcodes as you want and modify the polling as per your choice.

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5. Vote Up Down –  WordPress Election Plugin

Vote Up Down is a WordPress election plugin which is studded with flexible and easy to use features like creating polls for your pages & posts. Besides, it has the ability to change the theme of the page by providing you 15 themes for same.

As soon as you start voting whether up or down, the po/mo files start translating the files for you. Also, the buttons have cool hover animations.

This plugin is fully customizable along with a very responsive design enabling it to work on all the mediums like mobiles, tabs & desktops.

Vote Up & Down WordPress Election Plugin


You can avail the license plugin at two distinct prices. Besides, you also get all future updates and 6-month support. To extend the support for another 12-months, you can simply pay $4.88 & $24.38 amount & grab the services.

  • For purchasing the regular license for $17.
  • For purchasing the extended license for $85.


  • It enables you to allow your users to change their votes even after they have voted for some other options. Also, your users can vote multiple times on a single post or page.
  • With the help of shortcode generator, you can flexibly modify the details of voting & polls simply by inserting these codes wherever you want to.
  • You can add a time constraint to your polls with the help of which, voters can revote on the same poll after a certain defined. For instance, a voter can come back & vote after 30 seconds on the same poll.
  • Apart from all this, you can set restrictions on the people who can vote on your polls. Also, you can set where you want to display the comment votes like before or after comments.

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6. WP Poll  – WordPress Election Plugin

This is probably one of the best election plugin available in the market. With the help of this plugin, you can flexibly add the polls/vote to your WordPress site in few clicks. You can decide whether you want these polls to be in the form of list view or grid view.

WP Poll Survey and Voting System provide you a whole new user interface experience which is highly responsive to media like mobiles.

Not only this, it also helps in adding a WordPress poll system, survey and voting system to your site page or post.

WP Poll WordPress Election Plugin


You can straightforwardly download the WP Poll Survey and Voting System from ‘wordpress.org’ and install it at free of cost, without spending a single penny.


  • You can create polls/voting systems and locate them at any place on the page or post.
  • It empowers you to add images in the form of questions as a poll option.
  • This plugin provides you with shortcodes which enables you to make modifications in your poll/voting system.

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While exploring WordPress election plugins, we came across various vibrant features of these plugins like adding polls to the posts, pages etc.

These election polls enable website owners to get in touch with their audience and get to know what actually dazzles them.

With the help of polling plugins, we can generate customized polls on almost any topic. For example:

  • Which govt party you think is best?
  • Which actor is best/worst?
  • Which cricket team deserves to win? And so on…..

It is not necessarily suitable for sports or entertainment website but also for websites like fashion & lifestyle. You can also ask customers for feedback in the form of like and dislike buttons or average, good & excellent buttons. In short, these election WordPress plugins cover every aspect of the sites possible and gauge the audiences.

We hope that with the help of the above-mentioned plugins, you might have found the ideal WordPress election plugin for your site. For any more queries and bits of advice, you can contact us anytime.  🙂