Have you wondered why would you need WordPress E-Signature Plugins?

Think it this way. Someone sign-up for the subscription of your website and for added security you want a signature field in the subscription form. Then E-Signature plugins will come to your rescue here.

WordPress E-Signature Plugins

Using E-Signature plugins, you can integrate a signature tab to your digital forms, documents on the WordPress website. So, this is more like an added field your forms, documents or anything for that matter of fact.

You can get signature of any user in an electronic form. A user can simply use the digital signature pad with pen interface and can do the sign. Further, as admin, you can save those signatures in image format and can share as an email attachment.

Here we have compiled a list of 5+ WordPress E-Signature plugins both free as well as paid with all the important features in it such as saving the signature image, email attachments and many more.

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Let us discuss each WordPress E-Signature plugins in detail.

1. ApproveMe E- Signature WordPress Plugin

ApproveMe is a powerful E-Signature WordPress Plugin which helps you to get contracts signed using your WP website. The plugin helps you to start sending contracts, tracking activity and capturing signatures in minutes. It will automatically trigger reminder emails to your users when they’ve not signed their contract.

ApproveMeWordPress E-Signature Plugins


  • Professional Pack – At $199 with 1 site license and email support for 1 year.
  • Business pack – At $299 with unlimited site license and plugin support.
  • Ultimate pack – At $499 with lifetime email support and unlimited site license.

Features :

  • It helps users to upload files before signing your contracts on your website.
  • You can build legally binding contracts from your WordPress website with the help of contract builder feature.
  • The plugin support custom input field by which users can fill in text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, dates etc.
  • ApproveMe plugin allows you and your customers to download or receive an email attachment of signed documents in PDF format.

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2. Easy Digital Downloads – Order Signature Plugin

EDD is one of the finest plugins in the list of WordPress E-Signature plugins. The plugin has checkout page functionality for signature field addition. Further, it is easy to customize which helps you to make easy changes. It has easy setup and will work on all desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Easy Digital Downloads WordPress E-Signature Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this Adverts WP plugin at $12 with 6 months support and regular updates.

Features :

  • The customers can easily put the signature on the checkout page.
  • EDD plugin helps users to add the signature image on various emails.
  • Clients can see the signature image display in the purchase receipt email.
  • It allows admin to see the signature image in backend payment detail page.

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3. Signature Addon – ARForms WP Plugin

Signature Add-on is a widely used plugin which is useful for collecting users signature from your online business website. This ARForms are used for capture signature online within minutes. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with all the major desktop and mobile browsers.

Signature Add on WordPress E-Signature Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin is available at just $12 with 6 months support. You can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $3 only.

Features :

  • The Add-on allows you to integrate signature into your forms without installing any special browser plugins.
  • It has simple drag and drop option in form element by which users can put the signature in the forms with ease.
  • Signature Add-on plugin captures signature information given by the user and sends data to web server.
  • Users given information will be converted into a PNG image using this ARForms E-signature plugin.

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4. Super Forms – Signature Add-on

Super Forms is one of the best plugin for creating a signature field to any of your forms present o0n your website. This plugin having touch screen support so that mobile users can also sign up easily to your website.

Super Forms WordPress E-Signature Plugins


This plugin is available at $12 with regular future updates.

Features :

  • You will get two signature blogs where you can easily put your E-Signature same as you do sign with pen and paper.
  • The plugin helps you to save signatures as an image in your WordPress media gallery.
  • Simply you can attach images to your email with the help of this Super Forms Add-on.

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5. Electronic Signature by SwiftCloud

The plugin helps to do E-signature and will further store signature docs into SwiftCloud, not in WordPress. The SwiftCloud is more secure and reliable add-on for data storing purpose. It is perfect for sales contracts, liability waivers, permission slips, and more.

Further, it can be included in a multi-step flow such as input form, then payment, then signature, or signature then payment, etc.

Electronic Signature WordPress E-Signature Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin is available free of cost. You can download it from wordpress.org.


  • The plugin helps you to take complete track of who signed to your website signature form.
  • It will help to redirect your user at thank-you pages of your website after signature.
  • You are able to do email attachments of signatures in pdf format using this electronic signature plugin.

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6. Contact Form 7 – Signature Addon

This signature add-on plugin adds a new field type to the Contact Form 7 plugin. It allows users to add a handwritten signature to the message via a signature pad. The given signature pad is work easily with both mobile as well as desktop.

Contact Form 7 Signature Addon WordPress E-Signature Plugins

Pricing :

You can download this plugin free of cost from official WordPress website.

Features :

  • You are allowed to make easy changes in setup using this plugin.
  • Easy drag and drop options available in this signature add-on plugin.
  • Contact Form 7 Signature addon is translation ready. You can convert it into your language easily.

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Well, that’s all from our side on WordPress E-Signature plugins. The above list has both free as well as paid plugins with lots of functionalities to give your online business website a new height.

We hope, that you have found this article useful. Still, if you have any queries, you can comment it in below comment section.

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