As a developer or a site owner, you must have developed several plugins, themes, or content which always has a risk of getting copied by others. You might give your full potential to create everything from scratch but when one will be copying your work, it’s a matter of few seconds. And that’s the reason why licensing is necessary.

So, we are here with 6+ WordPress Plugins Licensing which are the panacea for this problem.

The listed plugins will help you in creating and managing your own license. You will get full freedom to add the license in the individual post with the help of “publish box“ settings. We have also listed plugins which will generate serial codes and keys to benefit your e-commerce site.

Other benefits

  • Hosting your own premium plugins and themes.
  • Serving updates for plugins and themes
  • Hosting confidential plugins that you don’t want to share in the open.

Moreover, these plugins can be used easily by people with even moderate knowledge of WordPress. It can be extended to be used for all kinds of digital goods and downloadable products. You can provide the license key for the products which you are dealing with.

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Let’s get into the refined list of 6+ WordPress Plugins Licensing.

1. WordPress Plugin Update & License Server – Licensing Plugin

WordPress Plugin Update & License Server is the best in WordPress plugins licensing. This plugin will help you by providing updates for the plugins you develop. So, this will basically help you to supply the updates of your developed plugins to only those who have licensed key or code.

It comes with Envato API that will help you in creating and managing your own license.

WordPress Plugin Update & License Server WordPress Plugins Licensing

Pricing plans:

This plugin comes with 6 months of support at $39 and you can also get extended support for 12 months at $52.13.


  • Comes with the feature that helps in verifying licenses that you’ve issued by your own.
  • Provides you a powerful backend that is feature-rich and easy to use.
  • This plugin can upload, image and do the video manipulation as it comes with easy PHP integration.
  • Clean, extendable PSR-4 PHP code which describes a specification for autoloading classes from the file. It also describes where to place files that will be autoloaded according to the specification.
  • The user interface is such that you would love it whenever you use it.

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2. WooCommerce License Manager – WordPress Plugin for Licensing

WooCommerce License Manager is the perfect solution for alternative online sales. Nowadays most of the products are coming with licensed version and codes which this plugin will provide you with ease.

My account page feature of this plugin can be used to send emails to customers with license codes. This plugin is suitable for online stores dealing with game license serial codes, keys, and related things.

Woocommerce License Manager WordPress Plugins Licensing

Pricing plan:

Get this plugin at $18 and $23.25 with 6 months and 12 months of support respectively.


  • The admin will provide the freedom of adding unlimited licenses to the products.
  • Comes with advanced grid view for proper maintenance and managing of the licenses.
  • Easy customization and configuration are possible with license manager settings.
  • Provides you an organized data management for the customer as they can export licenses to CSV file. They can export sold out licenses to CSV file.
  • With the help of settings, you can also display out of stock status for your old out items.

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3. Licenses Manager – Licensing WordPress Plugin

Licenses Manager will manage your apps and provide latest updates for the user with a license code. It is an add-on plugin of ComlileGrid plugin. The plugins include PHP file and is compatible with almost all the major browsers that make it a user-friendly plugin.

Licenses manager WordPress Plugins Licensing

Pricing plan:

License manager will cost you $12 and gives support for 6 months.


  • Provides you the facility to add your products.
  • The important feature of allowing the license will approve a license for the products.
  • You will also get updates in no time.
  • The plugin comes with the quality check by Envato which takes care of minimum standards for the best quality of plugins. This develops more trust for this plugin.

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4. Auto PHP Licenser – WordPress Plugin for Licensing

Auto PHP licenser is the dynamic, stunning and high powered plugin. It will help you in the implementation of customs restrictions for each license. Then it comes with automatic license generator that gives instant activations.

Even automatic license verification is possible from time to time. The plugin is user-friendly and providing notifications in any of the languages gives its proof.

Auto PHP Licenser WordPress Plugins Licensing

Pricing plan:

The plugin comes with a regular license at a reasonable pricing plan of $43. In this pricing plan, you will get support for 6 months. Another pricing plan is of $57.63 you will get extended support for 12 months.


  • Equipped with certain features that can even delete files and databases from user’s machine without going to the exact place.
  • Performs various functions like verifying files authenticity, validation. It also updates and notifying the users about expiring licenses.
  • Comes with MySQL database or file with an extension which will store your data easily.
  • Can easily integrate with any of the PHP based application.
  • The best feature is that you don’t need to add any key while installation.

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5. License – Free in WordPress Plugins Licensing

License is the best in free WordPress Plugins Licensing displays license with the content with full ease. The creative comma license provided by this plugin will help you in sharing your content without having the tension of getting it copied.

This license is displayed in the footer section without any command or tweaks automatically.

License WordPress Plugins Licensing

Pricing plan:

Download this plugin without any hassle and take maximum advantage of this plugin.


  • The license widget can be dragged to any widget area and not only restricted to footer section.
  • Provides you the handy license setting under personal options that will help you in setting your own default license.
  • The admin will get full freedom to display the attribution the way you like.
  • You can also put the license in the individual post in a new post, thanks to the Publish box settings.

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6. License Distribution – Free in WordPress Plugins Licensing

License Distribution is the open source plugin that comes with super easy API which creates a license in few minutes. The plugin is super easy to use and works with full efficiency and effectiveness.

You can get the license whenever you require. You will get full feature-freedom to manage, distribute and validate licenses for your software and programs.

License Distribution WordPress Plugins Licensing

Pricing plan:

You can get this plugin completely FREE of cost from the official website of WordPress.


  • Provides you the facility to create the license both by WordPress admin and API.
  • You can easily validate your license in your products with least steps and saves a lot of time.
  • The plugin comes with the capability to suspend the license which will completely make it unavailable and with ease.
  • Comes with the feature to edit complete details of your license like license name, email, product name, expiration date and many more.

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7. WP License Manager – Free In WordPress Plugins Licensing

WP License Manager is the free plugin in the list of WordPress Plugins Licensing. This plugin will convert your WordPress site into a well-built license manager.

The interesting part of this plugin is that you can use it in most of the downloadable products like WordPress themes and plugins. Moreover, it depends upon you how you take most of the advantage of this feature-rich plugin.

WP License Manager WordPress Plugins Licensing

Pricing plan:

You will be amazed to know that with so many features and functionalities this plugin is available completely FREE of cost. Download it without any hassle from


  • Easy to add a new license by providing email, product and expiry date with few clicks.
  • Provides you the feature to viewing all your licenses with the allocated domain.
  • You can even edit any existing license and activate or deactivate any license with this plugin.
  • All the files downloaded by use gets stored in Amazon simple storage service which keeps it safe from people without a license.
  • The custom post type named “product” will help you help you in advanced management of all the plugins and themes controlled by your license.

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In the above article, we have discussed the best 6+ WordPress Plugins Licensing out of the available hundreds of worthless plugins. These plugins will definitely be an asset to your organization and we hope that you have found one for you.

In case you have any doubt or comment regarding the plugins, you can comment below. We appreciate your valuable feedback.