Let me raise one question. How much can a pop-up benefit your website?

Popups are surely the best way to seek the attention of the viewers or to drive their attention to a particular segment. Like, if you run a subscription-based website then you can attach the subscription form in the popup. Like if you have an ecommerce store, then you can highlight the products and offers in the popup.

But now let me raise another question. How would you add these popups to your website?

And you already know the answer. You’ll do this with the help of onclick popup WordPress plugins.

These WordPress plugins will help you to display offers, subscriptions, contact form, newsletters and more in a popup.

Moreover, with the help of these WordPress plugins, you can set the images, videos, audios on the popup modals for your users.

Here we have hand-picked some of the best 6+ Onclick popup WordPress plugins that are quick to install. Also, you will be benefited with both paid as well as free plugins.

1. Popup Anything on Click – WordPress plugin

Click on any link, image or button and easily manage the 10+ modal popups effects on your website or blog through this popup anything WordPress plugin.

You can configure the unlimited number of popups on a website by theme custom option.

Through this WordPress plugin, you can easily show the full-screen popups. Also, this plugin allows you to insert popup shortcodes on any kind of page or posts of a website.

Popup Anthing on Click - Onclick Popup WordPress Plugin


This WordPress plugin comes with different pricing.  Its regular license cost you $12 and developer license costs $60.


  • You can easily decide the position for popup button with the 8+ modal popup position option.
  • Set the custom animation effects for popup modal like fall, blur, rotate, sign, corner etc.
  • This plugin enables you to select the color and speed for the popup modals through admin settings.
  • Select the overlay color and opacity of the popup button.

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2. WP OnClick Modal Popup – WordPress plugin

Popup anything with OnClick Modal Popup and easily create or manage popups for your website or blog. It is powerful and yet, easy to use WordPress plugin that will help you to show only single popup modal on one template.

It supports WordPress editor through which you can create your own design popups in the default text editor option.

Moreover, this plugin allows to you popup anything on the page or template like text, HTML, image, videos, ads, iframe, scripts and much more.

WP Onclick Modal Popup - Onclick Popup WordPress Plugin


This WordPress plugin comes with a price tag of $13 & $85 with lifetimes update and 6 months of support.


  • Shortcodes enable option will help you display the popups on homepage, individual page or widgets.
  • Your user can just get the popups content details within a single click.
  • You may choose the suitable one from the 12 default popups templates that are integrated with this plugin.
  • Through custom popup builder option, you can easily build your own popup for a website.

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3. Ninja Popups – Popup Plugin for WordPress

If you are looking forward to growing your popup list, then Ninja Popups is the no fluff WordPress plugin for you. With its built-in advanced features like creating unlimited popups for your users so that they will easily get engage to your website.

This plugin will let you integrate with all the popular mailing services like MailChimp, Getresponse, etc.

Ninja Popups - Onclick Popup Plugins


This plugin provides you two license

  • Regular license – This license will cost you only $27 in which you will get all the future updates and 6 months of support.
  • Extended license – It costs you $155 with future updates and 6-month support. In this license, the end-user can be charged.


  • It is highly customizable and translation ready plugin.
  • This plugin you can lock page with social network locker popup.
  • Specific page-level targeting will help you to create unlimited popups and target them to particular page or category for the popup to appear.
  • Schedule your popup display like when you have to show it after visitors land on your page.

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4. Simp Modal Window – WordPress Plugin

Simp Modal Window is the perfect solution to increase traffic to your website through popup modals. You would be surprised by knowing its amazing features like full control over color, content, and layouts.

The animation effects on popup will surely grab the attention of your visitors. You can attach effects from top-to-bottom, scale up-down, and from right-left.
Here with this plugin, each individual popup can be get configured with its specific settings from the dashboard.

SIMP Modal Window - Onclick Popup WordPress Plugin


SIMP WordPress plugin will cost you $18 with lifetime updates and 6month support clients.


  • Auto-close timer setting through which you can set the time duration of popup modal to get a display.
  • You can display the popups modal on a search page, archive page, or before existing pages.
  • Easily select modal height, width, padding, the background color for popups.
  • This plugin is translation ready that supports all kinds of languages with the help of WPML plugin.

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5. ConvertPlus – Popup Plugin For WordPress

ConvertPlus is one of the best plugins to display and create attractive pop-ups in very little time. This plugin helps you to target specific pages and users easily.

Also, these are easy to install on your website from the dashboard setting option and you can analyze the performance through graphs and reports.

ConvertPlus - Popup WordPress Plugins


It has a single plan that costs you $24 with all future updates and 6 months of support.


  • ConvertPlus provides more than 10 popup display positions with more than 100 beautiful designed popup templates.
  • This plugin provides you with the ability to set the popup for different pages.
  • With the customizable design, you can decide the time of popup triggered.

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6. Popup Maker – WordPress Plugin

Popup Maker plugin is easy to install and a quick WordPress plugin. Through this plugin, you can create shortcodes in popups modals. New features automatically get installed on your website when it gets updated.

Popup Maker - WordPress Popup Plugin


Popup Maker has only a single plan of $24 that includes 6 months of support and all the future updates.


  • You can install this plugin without any coding knowledge through few clicks.
  • It provides good support with friendly professionals.
  • This plugin has a great quality code that helps in enhancing user experience.
  • It is fully compatible with WordPress and can be worked with any WordPress theme.

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7. Uji Popups – WordPress Plugin

Uji Popups is one of the renowned WordPress plugins with its 8000+active installations. This plugin will let you allow to convert visitors to your site to potential leads through showing the offers, coupons or advertisements.

You can embed the image, text, videos on the popups modals.

Also, it will help you to show the popup exactly when the visitors arrive at your website and dynamically when he is leaving the site page.

Uji Popup - Onclick Popup WordPress Plugin


Uji Popups WordPress plugin is free for you.


  • Coun timer for popups can be enabled or disabled from the setting option.
  • Page controls allow you to set the popups on homepages or on custom pages.
  • Uji Popup plugin supports customize colors for popup sections.

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Above we have shared the best onclick popup WordPress plugins. We hope you will find the best one for your business website and keep engaging your visitors to it.

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