You get thousands of plugins for every niche but for a timesheet WordPress plugins options are a few.

Why is that a timesheet WordPress plugin doesn’t have limelight over it?

Maybe because timesheet plugins have their affinity with the corporate bosses and not the employees! (Kidding!)

So, basically, these timesheet WordPress plugins serve as a tool to track and record the time-schedules of the employees, record their attendance, record their overtime and more. However, their domain is not confined to organizations only. It can also be used in educational centers and platforms where people want to have a track of their time spent.

These specifically can help in keeping a track of work and also for management plans. As it is a virtual monitor to ensure the maximum utilization of time.

Here we have our Fantastic Four timesheet WordPress plugins for you!

These are “the best” in the plugins market and would take time management burden off your shoulder completely.

Now dig in and start a new of breeze of management with it.

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1. Timesheet – WordPress Timesheet Plugin

Timesheet plugin is one of a kind. As an employer or manager, you can track the entire time plan for your employees, in fact, you can use it for management planning.

Being specific, these plugins will keep an eye on the time to task completion. So, if someone has taken an hour to complete a particular task, this can reach to you through this tool.

As a site admin, you can create the schedules for others to work on, then you can also set the week offs and day offs. This will kind of centralizes your part of managing the workers.

Then it does another task of handling attendance and reporting. Do you know that these reports are sent via email notification to your email account. The analytics part can surely be used by the finance and accounts team to decide remuneration, payrolls or invoicing.


Pricing of the Timesheet – WordPress Timesheet Plugin

It has two different pricing plans on the basis of its upgrades and supports. The price plan of $30.29 is an annual plan with complete support and updates whereas $302.09 is for a lifetime.

Features of the Timesheet – WordPress Timesheet Plugin

  • Automatic reminders for the employees when there is overdue of the timesheets.
  • It drops the reminder timesheets in the invoicing queue automatically.
  • The plugin has got exemplary support system which has a quick response time to all the queries.

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2. Timesheet Attendance – WordPress Timesheet Plugin

Monitoring the complete work cycle of employees is indeed a tiring task. And Timesheet Attendance takes this burden off your shoulders. The plugin is equipped to monitor daily attendance of the employees, their work time-sheet, and their task time-tracking as well.

Now for the reports, it has got CSV format. Then it also supports search and filters so, admin can search reports and also can apply filters on the basis of dates, times, name etc.

Timesheet Attendance - Timesheet WordPress plugins

Pricing of the Timesheet Attendance – WordPress Timesheet Plugin

It has a simple price plan of $18 which includes 6 months support. In case, you want to extend that support to 12 months then the price inflates from $18 to $23.5.

Features of Timesheet Attendance – WordPress Timesheet Plugin

  • It’s an attendance management WordPress plugin and keeps a track of attendance of the employees.
  • Through punch-in and punch-out you get the report of work-time schedule of the employees of your organization.
  • It automatically sends all the reports and analytics to the admin for further actions.

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3. Dynamic Time – Timesheet Attendance Plugin

This timesheet plugin is one with calendar module in it. So, it a simple solution where you can record multiple time schedules such as hourly, weekly, bi-weekly and more. It’s equipped with features such as overtime calculator and more which makes it a perfect assistant for payroll and invoicing.

Dynamic Time

Pricing of Timesheet Attendance – Timesheet Attendance Plugin

It’s a plugin full of features with a limelight of “free tag”. It can be freely downloaded from

Features of Timesheet Attendance – Timesheet Attendance Plugin

  • It’s mobile friendly and this responsive layout integrates automatically with the WordPress users.
  • Automatically calculates the overtime of the employees.
  • It allows you to set any day as the beginning of the work week.

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4. Time Sheets – Best in Free Timesheet WordPress Plugins

This has got a simple working structure. It records the attendance, keeps an eye on the working time of the employees and then does the analytics. This WordPress plugin is sure to be a must-have for every organization.

With its wide array of features, it provides you multiple ways to keep your office’s time management up to the mark. Like you can create here work schedule for your employees, set day offs for them and do a lot more.

Time Sheets- Timesheet WordPress Plugins

Pricing of Time Sheets – Timesheet WordPress Plugin

This plugin can be freely downloaded from wordpress. org

Features of Time Sheets – Timesheet WordPress Plugin

  • Enables report notifications through emails.
  • It lets you create and modify the schedule for the employees with accuracy.
  • Enables a translation ready environment.


This was our take on the best 4 timesheet WordPress plugins. We are sure that these are going to give you an edge with the management of your organization. Now pick the best one for your website.