You might have seen many quack remedies over the internet which guarantees prodigious traffic on your website. But what’s the genuine way to increase, brand building, traffic, and sales? With social media, giveaways are now a great way to expand your consumer base by the hundredfold. Giveaways and contests are the easiest and great way to increase your fan following. For this, we are here with 5 + Best WordPress giveaway plugins.

The human psychology is such that we try to complete the things before the deadline and we all are curious for the victory. The listed WordPress giveaway plugins are designed in such a way that contests, giveaways via them will give a hit directly into the inner minds of the customer. As a result, will make your website more engaging and provide you the benefit of repeat sales.

All the WordPress giveaway plugins are equipped with amazing features that will help you to launch a remarkable campaign, contest or competition. Being responsive these plugins will function best on mobile, laptop, desktop. These plugins come with ‘n’ number of customization options to shape your contest or giveaways campaign the way you want. You can use social media features like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to share and gain the social presence.

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Let’s get things rolling with a look at 5+ best WordPress giveaway plugins.

1. Inventive Lotteries and Giveaways – Host Giveaway Plugin

Inventive lotteries giveaways is the best in WordPress giveaway plugins which will boost your business sales to the next level. This plugin will allow you to create an automated lottery contest, giveaways, and sweepstakes in an attractive manner. If there is any new user then he/she can register to your website and get access to your giveaway.

Even user can place an order with a minimum subtotal for accessing the sweepstakes. One more way is by answering some questions for your market survey and get access to your giveaway. Moreover, the user can also generate user code and use it to participate in website giveaways.

Inventive Lotteries WordPress Giveaway Plugin


You can host your giveaways by this plugin at $23 for 6 months and at $30.13 with extended support for 12 months.


  • The plugin is very dynamic and can work as standalone as well as with WooCommerce.
  • Availability of effective widgets and shortcodes to display your sweepstakes easily.
  • It is translation ready that means that you can use it in any language. This makes it a user-friendly plugin.
  • Provides you condition option to set conditions, age and country restriction which makes it an adaptable plugin.
  • Comes with a mailing list integration option which allows you to send email to the lottery winner.
  • The admin panel is so powerful that you can customize anything and everything related to your business.

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2. WooCommerce – Cheapest & Most Expensive Product Promotions

WooCommerce Cheapest & most expensive product promotions is the best plugin for promotion purpose. This plugin is designed to generate promotions for the cheapest as well as most expensive products on your online store with ease.

You can also apply the discount and can also customize it with time. The promotion will automatically apply by amount subtotal and by selection of a specific product or a specific quantity of any product.

WooCommerce WordPress Giveaway Plugin


This plugin is available at a reasonable pricing plan of $19 with 6 months support. You can also go with $24.63 plan with extended support for 12 months.


  • The plugin is WPML compatible which will make your website translation ready.
  • You can apply promotion for selected products with product restriction feature.
  • An automatic discount feature which will apply the discount on the cheapest and expensive products.
  • Cart minimum and maximum feature which will make the cart total as a parameter for applying for the promotion.

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3. Image / Video Contest Generator WordPress Plugin

Image / Video Contest Generator WordPress giveaway plugin will help you to build a large audience and promote your business with ease. This plugin is a high resolution and allows you to create the unlimited amount of games in few clicks.

It is equipped with all the features that make it the best plugin. Moreover, this gives you a completely responsive design which will work with the same efficiency in every device. This makes it a user-friendly plugin.

Image / Video Contest Generator WordPress Giveaway Plugin


This useful feature-rich theme is available at $9 with free future updates and support for 6 months. You will also get a additional support of 12 months with $ 10.88.


  • Liberty of creating unlimited contests with unlimited questions with full ease.
  • You can also share games over social media with social sharing icons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • The complete template is fully editable which will allow you to change the background color, font colors etc.
  • Video contests can also be generated which will work with YouTube and will auto play the contest question over the video.
  • You can also generate Image contest is popular among the contests. The image questions will come in blur form and custom unblur time.

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4. SweepWidget – Giveaways, Sweepstakes, Leaderboards, & Instant Rewards

SweepWidget is the best plugin to run highly engaging viral giveaways. They have 90+ entry methods to choose from on 30+ different social media platforms.

The best part about SweepWidget is all the different types of giveaways you can run. You can do a basic giveaway, leaderboard style giveaway, instant rewards & coupons giveaway, viral sharing sweepstakes, have tiered milestones, locked prizes, and so much more. SweepWidget offers more features than any other widget.



You can use the free plan for life, or do the pro plan at $29 per month. Or, you can do 12 months and get 2 months free of the pro plan.


  • 90+ entry methods from 30+ social media platforms.
  •  Create a fully custom design and style for your widget.
  • Several email API integrations to choose from.
  • Multi-language support – translate your giveaway into 103 different languages.
  • Viral sharing capabilities.
  • Create custom form fields, surveys, polls, and quizzes,
  • Leaderboards and instant prizes/coupons.

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5. Simple Giveaways – Free Sweepstakes Plugin

Simple Giveaways is a simple yet professional giveaway plugin. This plugin will help you to host giveaways and promote your business with an additional generation of sales.

The widgets and shortcodes will help you can even host giveaways on a separate page which will generate more traffic. Every giveaway will be displayed in a separate template which will increase the loading speed.

Simple WordPress Giveaways Plugin


You can get this plugin completely FREE of cost directly from the official website of


  • The theme is equipped with only necessary scripts or styles which will increase the loading speed.
  • You can share the promotional images on social media with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • An important feature of Google Captcha which will help you to get rid of spammers.
  • Provides you email option which can be used to send emails to a large group of users.
  • Various customization option which will help you to choose start/end date & time.

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6. Contests & Giveaways – Best In Free WordPress Giveaway Plugins

Contests & Giveaways is one of the best in free giveaway WordPress plugins. It is very simple to use which makes the creation of engaging giveaways and contests a cakewalk. All the contests and sweepstakes will look very beautiful as they come in perfect and appealing layouts.

Your site visitors can take advantage of the contest/quiz with a simple email requirement. This plugin will also allow you to randomly select the winner.

Contests WordPress Giveaway Plugin


Download this theme free of cost from the official website of WordPress.


  • It comes with a tracking feature that tracks your contestant’s IP address to keep a check on fraud.
  • The plugin has many customization options even you can contest or giveaway terms and conditions.
  • You can also share the competitions and contests on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • It provides you an image section where you can add an image and can showcase it directly on the contest landing page.

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7. Gratisfaction – Giveaway Free WordPress plugin

Gratisfaction will help you run unlimited competitions which will help you to boost user engagement. The most significant advantage of this theme is that you can do this with the minimum investment of time and money.

In brief, you will be able to achieve the goal of social media presence, traffic as well as sales boost.

Gratisfaction WordPress Plugin


You can get this plugin FREE of cost. You can download it easily from the official site of WordPress.


  • Comes with multiple widgets that can be activated and deactivated according to your convenience.
  • Provides you the freedom to showcase our contests on social media platforms as well as blogs.
  • You will get customization options to change colors and widgets enhance the overall campaign.
  • Allows you to quickly set up and run your own points & rewards based contests and sweepstakes.

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Here we are done with the best, responsive, and professional 5+ Best WordPress Giveaway Plugins. I hope you have selected the right plugin to achieve your business objective.

Stay tuned with us for more interesting blogs on trending themes.