A theme comes pre-loaded with various options and facilities using which you can add custom fields, apply stylings and design changes. But what if your theme or template doesn’t provide such option or facility that you on your website?

In such cases, you can take benefits through WordPress options plugins. These are plugins which allow you to create, add and customize options pages for e-commerce products, setting pages and more.

With the help of these plugins, you can simply add fields like checkboxes, buttons, price additions on the basis of percentage or fixed can be done, product fields and more can be added.

So, in this blog, we have defined some of the top class options plugins for WordPress sites.

1. WooCommerce Extra Product Options – WordPress Plugin

This is a WordPress options plugin with which you can simply add new product and other fields on product pages. It permits you to create new sections, define positions and add custom fields on the product pages.

Another key facility of this plugin is that you can apply conditional logic to showcase additional fields on the page which can be based on values, product, category, etc.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options WordPress Options Plugin


  • Single site plan of this WordPress plugin will cost you $39.
  • For 5 sites plan access to this plugin, you have to pay $69.
  • $129 will be charged for 25 sites plan of this plugin.

[Note:- PayPal secure payment gateway is used and you get 30 Day money back guarantee]


  • With this plugin, you are allowed to add, remove, enable, disable extra products and categories on product pages.
  • Using the additional fields you can also attach extra cost to the product price which can be normal cost, percentage or dynamic cost based on calculations.
  • In this plugin, you get 12 different types of fields which include 10 input, 1 title, and 1 label or text fields.
  • You also get multilingual support for the translation of labels, placeholders, and other fields.

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2. WooCommerce Product Addons – WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce product addons is a WordPress plugin which helps you add extra product details and facilities using fields like text area, text field, upload file, dropdown, checkboxes, etc.

It is an advanced plugin through which custom product fields can be added for user benefits and ease. You can also have global addon products which automatically get added to every product page and various price changes are also available.

WooCommerce Product Addons WordPress Options Plugin


  • The regular plan of this plugin comes with a price tag of $29 which includes 6 months support and features.
  • $149 is the price payable for the extended plan of this plugin with which you get advanced features & facilities.


  • Global options facility of this plugin helps you create products that you want to display with all types of products on your website.
  • Global products automatically get added to all products but using exclude global option you can detach that product from a specific product.
  • With this plugin, you can select fixed as well as percentage pricing for custom fields.
  • Allows you to add customized images to radio buttons and checkboxes.

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3. Custom Options Plus – WordPress Options Plugin

With this plugin, you get access to multiple advanced themes and website styling features. Using which you can easily design a unique and attention-grabbing website for your business.

Custom options plus is a plugin which helps you add custom variables to a settings page for any theme.

Custom Options Plus WordPress Options Plugin


  • This is a totally free plugin which holds more than 8,000 active installations on the web. This plugin can simply be downloaded from wordpress.org site.


  • Using this plugin you can define labels, names, and values for theme styling on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Easy to install, 100% responsive plus it supports all latest versions of WordPress and offers frequent updates.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can enter your custom options data for your theme with ease.
  • It also allows you to add social media logins like twitter, facebook, Youtube, etc.

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4. WooCommerce Product Options Plugin

This WordPress plugin for options page helps you attach both free and paid custom product options to your website with ease. Product addon and additional facilities can easily be defined on product pages through this plugin.

It allows you to add custom fields, product additions, styling facilities on an e-commerce site.

WooCommerce Product Options Plugin WordPress Options Plugin


  • WooCommerce product options plugin is a free plugin with over 2,000 installations and high ratings on the web. Even being free it offers multiple custom fields, stylings and addon options.


  • You can add 4 different types of product options fields like input field, text area, drop down and select box.
  • This plugin automatically adds additional service cost opted by the customer into the product price.
  • You are also allowed to display various fields on the cart pages. This will help you inform the customer about services and facilities they have opted for in the order.
  • It permits product arrangement according to a logical sequence.

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5. WooCommerce Product Custom Options Lite – Plugin

WooCommerce product custom options plugin is a free yet advanced tool with which you can customize product pages for better user-experience. This plugin gives you options to add custom fields and facilities of products.

WooCommerce Product Custom Options WordPress Options Plugin


  • WooCommerce Product Custom Options Lite is another totally free plugin with multiple features, advanced facilities, updates and high rating on the web.


  • Based on the needs of the web pages you can attach custom fields like text area or text field to collect user information.
  • You can add various options like label, pricing and text limit and more to categories.
  • Special option which helps you define which field is required and which is optional on the theme.
  • Additional options provided can easily be added to the cart page, checkout page and summary pages.

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Finally, we have arrived at the closure of this blog on WordPress options plugins. I am sure about the fact that you must have found the plugin which is needed on your website for adding customization page.

In case of doubts and queries please contact us below in the comment section. feel free to contact us.