If you need a WordPress tool that will hide or show your website’s content according to your choice, then these below WordPress show hide content plugins is the best solution for you.

WordPress Show Hide Content Plugins

WordPress show hide content plugins allow admin to show or hide content from visitors of their website based on certain conditions. These conditions can be blocking of content on the basis of countries, IP’s, usernames and more. In fact, with these plugins, you can let a visitor view your full content, if he likes, comments or share your blog post.

In this article, you will find 5+ WordPress Show Hide Content plugins both free and paid with all the important features. Such as it consists of useful shortcodes, complete customization, and a lot more.

You can collapse and expand your site content using various jQuery effects such as blind, highlight, slide and more.

The below-compiled WordPress show hide content plugins permit you to style every link or button individually. Also, you can use icons for your buttons or in front of your links.

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Let us discuss each WordPress show hide content plugins in detail.

1. Aether Content Hider Plugin for WordPress

Aether Content Hider plugin for WordPress is a widely used content hider plugin. The plugin will use shortcodes to hide or showcase the content you define, according to your choice.

There are many different ways by which you can hide or show your content such as by particular time duration, by username and many more other ways too.

The noteworthy feature in this plugin is you can show or hide your content if a user comments on the current post. Also, you can define minimum/maximum comment length and activate comment spam filter using this plugin.

Aether Content Hider Plugin for WordPress

Pricing :

You can buy this Aether content hider plugin at $14 with 6 months support and regular updates. The extended license is available at $70.

Features :

  • You can show or hide content by user country like show content only to the user from the predefined country only.
  • It permits admin to set a date when the content will start to be visible or set expiration dates for content.
  • One can easily test the plugin’s functionality using the ‘‘Plugin Test Site’’ feature.
  • Aether content hider plugin allows you to show or hide content by user device type.

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2. Show-Hide/Collapse – Expand+FAQ WP Plugin

This plugin is one of the finest plugins in the list of WordPress show hide content plugins. It is used to arrange your posts and pages and makes them visible according to your wish.

You can create FAQs and quizzes using this plugin. The questions answered by these can be kept hidden from the visitors as per the conditions. It consists of many useful shortcodes by which you can expand or collapse your site content. Further, you can arrange the amount of content shown to your visitors using this plugin.

Show-Hide/Collapse Expand WordPress Plugin

Pricing :

This plugin is available at just $9 with 6 months support. You can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $1.88 only. The extended license is available at $80.

Features :

  • You can compose FAQs, and provide hidden answers to quizzes questions with answers opens on a button click.
  • The plugin allows you to save space on pages by grouping the content under expandable headings.
  • One can easily customize the settings and insert the shortcode with a TinyMCE button using this plugin.
  • It helps you to use hyperlinks or stylish pure CSS buttons and style every link or button individually.

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3. Subway WordPress Plugin

Subway is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to show or hide the contents of your website. You can hide your website’s contents for your non-logged visitors and display them only to your website’s logged in users.

The plugin consists a login page which redirects the users with a login page form that allows them to create their account. It validates the user’s login credential’s and displays a set of the configurable message to the user if found any errors in the username, password and etc.

Subway WordPress Show Hide Content Plugin


You can get this plugin @ free of cost only from the official website of WordPress i.e. wordpress.org.


  • The plugin provides a setting inside the administration panel which allows the user to redirect the page where they want to be.
  • Subway is created for WordPress website owners to redirect the non-logged users to a custom login form effortlessly.
  • The plugin can be used for private intranet websites where authentication is always required.
  • Any complex set of configuration is allowed in this plugin.

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4. Show/Hide Content at Set Time:

The plugin is easy to use and simple to maintain that allows you to submit the reporting issues of any contents, also allow you to submit features request and so on. It provides you various shortcodes that allows you to display or hide the contents at any given dates and times.

Show Hide Content at Set Time WordPress Plugin


This plugin will cost you nothing. You can buy this @ free only from wordpress.org any time.


  • Show/Hide plugin allows you to combine two contents of your website at a given time as per the requirement.
  • It also provides a separate shortcode to display the previous contents of your website.
  • The plugin also allows you to combine the starting and ending dates for of each content.

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5. Show-Hide / Collapse-Expand:

Show-Hide plugin allows you to easily manage the amount of content shown to the user when they enter on your website. The plugin keeps your contents clutter free and gives your website a stylish and minimalistic look.

The plugin is simple and handy in use for grouping contents of your website, composing FAQs, collapsing long lists etc.

Show Hide Collapse Expand WordPress Plugin


Purchase this plugin at free only and get its multitude of advanced features and functionalities.


  • You can easily insert a shortcode in your website with the help of a handy TinyMCE button.
  • The plugin provides a hyperlink or stylish CSS buttons for your website.
  • Insert various sidebars on your website by inserting the shortcodes with needed parameters.
  • With this plugin, you can add hidden answers to quizzes any time.

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6. Azurecurve Toggle Show/Hide:

Azurecurve Toggle Show/Hide is the powerful, yet effective WordPress plugin which allows you to manage all your website’s contents effortlessly. You can easily hide or display your website’s contents anytime.

Azurecurve Toggle Show Hide WordPress Plugin


Get this product from wordpress.org at free of cost and use its tons of features & functionalities.


  • It provides various shortcodes to add unlimited sidebars and widgets on your website.
  • You can use toggle image to provide effectiveness on your website or their images.
  • The plugin is completely WPML compatible which makes the website multilingual.
  • Then, there’s an image folder with which you can add extra images to your website.

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Now, this was all about WordPress Show Hide Content Plugins which we have specifically selected for you.

All the products in this article are selected as per the user’s ratings, their feedback and opinion. All we want from you is that just pick the one, try them and finalize the one which meets all your needs & requirements.