Form Maker Software enables you to set up online forms for collecting leads and information along with other diverse uses. With this, you can make a variety of forms like contact forms, enquiry forms, payment forms, job applications forms, questionnaires forms, sign-up forms and a lot more.

So, here I have listed some of the Best Form Maker Software that will help you in building your form by providing multiple fields which in turn will help you to amplify your business health and reach. These fields include text, payment, checkbox, dropdown, comment/long text & upload files option.

Product Comparision Table

Services Pricing Social Sharing View Counter Multiple User Access Ratings
FormGet $5/M 5.0/5.0
Pabbly Forms $5/M 4.8/5.0
EmailMeForm $99/M 4.5/5.0
FormAssembly $19/M 4.3/5.0
Formidable Form $10/M 4.4/5.0

Let’s check these services one by one –

1. FormGet – Best Form Maker Software

FormGet – low-cost form builder software, offers drag & drop editor through which you can easily customize the form according to your need. Also, you can make use of 260+ free pre-built templates that FormGet provides.

The best part of this software is that you can collect one-time, recurring, and instant online payments with PayPal & Stripe. Apart from this, you can also manage multiple forms from a single dashboard, give access to forms to the selected member of your team and much more.

Features Of FormGet –

  • Add logo or background image of your choice in the form by using Custom Branding option.
  • Apply Conditional Logic in the complex form to make forms short and understandable.
  • This software also provides Canned Replies, Email Notification, File Upload Option.
  • Further, it supports multiple languages, powerful helpdesk tool and much more.
  • You can embed this form in your site by using the simple shortcode or directly share this form on the social networking platforms.

FormGet is leading the form builder circuit in every aspect like cost, features or overall performance. So, try this form builder software and I assure that you will never ever miff on the decision you’ve made. 

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FormGet Best Form Maker Software

Pricing Plans –

FormGet provides the following pricing plans. Let’s have a look –

Free Plan:

A dedicated plan for the testing purpose with all the advanced functionalities available for FREE. The user can build a single form using all the premium functionalities and can share the same on any platform.

Starter Plan:

For this plan, you have to pay $5/month and you will get all the extension access for 1 form only.

You get to develop – “single forms for a single user with custom email notifications. Plus, accept payments via PayPal & Stripe gateway, 20 MB File Uploads, autoresponder etc”


This plan will cost $35/month where you will get all extensions applicable for 25 forms.

Apart from that, you’ll get to create – “5 users, 25K submissions/month, unlimited GoogleAnalytics, 2 GB file uploads, conditional logic forms etc”.

Pro Plan: 

This plan charges $79/month and you will get all the extensions access for unlimited forms.

You can also craft – “unlimited forms, generate unlimited leads, 10 users, send email notifications, accept payments, 7 GB File Uploads storage, Priority Support etc”.

Advance Plan:

Cost for this plan is $99/month with all the advanced functionalities for the unlimited users and unlimited forms.

The advance feature includes – “unlimited submissions, unlimited payment account, unlimited form views, 10GB file uploads, lifetime upload storage etc”.

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2. Pabbly Forms – Form Maker Software

Pabbly Forms will let you add a sliding/popup forms on your website easily. These are numerous pre-designed templates ready to use directly. Moreover, various customization options are also available for the forms and themes present within this software. Also, you can export the data collected within the software database anytime time.

In addition, the advanced features of this tool will enable you to build multilingual forms as well as use multiple currencies. Also, this software support right to left language pattern.

There are many kinds of data security mechanism in-build in this software/tool like- SSL encryption, reCAPTCHA and spam prevention for emails.

Features of Pabbly Forms-

  • Easily set the required fields, add image/video to forms with full colour-customization.
  • You can set form submission notifications as well as can also send custom email responses on form submissions.
  • This software provides unique features like special customization footer and social sharing of the forms on global platforms.
  • A wide variety of form making is supported through this tool. Such as lead generation, payment and subscription, information gathering forms and more.

Pabbly Forms Form Maker Software

Pricing Plan –

  • Free Plan: A dedicated free plan to test all the premium features of the software for on a single form.
  • Starter Plan: Starter plan costs $5/month for a single user, a single form & 1200 submissions/month.
  • Rookie Plan: The rookie plan will cost $35/month for 5 users, 25 forms 25K submissions/month.
  • Pro Plan: Pro plan charges $79/month for 10 users, unlimited forms and 60K submissions/month.
  • Advance Plan: With additional feature and including every feature of the previous plans. This plan will cost $99/month.

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3. HubSpot’s Form Builder

One of my favorite form-making tools comes from HubSpot, a company popular for its marketing, customer service, and sales CRM software.

To start, HubSpot’s form builder is free. You can get started with one of their templates or easily build your own custom form from scratch with the drag-and-drop visual editor.

Everyone who fills out your form will be automatically routed into the free HubSpot CRM. You can further manage the relationship with that person by setting reminder tasks, calling them, or sending them a personalized email.

Easily add your form onto your website in seconds, or use a standalone form page to quickly share your form with others.


  • Both static web forms and pop-up lead capture forms available for free
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Dozens of ready-made templates to get you started
  • Store and enrich all contact data in free HubSpot CRM
  • Send free kickback emails to captured leads

Pricing plans –

HubSpot Pricing

Free tier:
HubSpot Forms starts out free and has few limitations if you just want to collect leads.

Paid Plans:
Starter pricing begins at $40/month, Professional starts at $800/month and Enterprise at $3,200/month. These tiers include web forms but also several other features like landing pages, marketing automation, and live chat.

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4. EmailMeForm – Form Maker Software

EmailMeForm is a FREE HTML online form builder software which easily creates a variety of online forms, surveys, and a lot more options for your contact, event registration, lead generation, and other kinds of forms.

Along with this, you can also translate form fields, labels or validation message into your own language.

Features of EmailMeForm –

  • EmailMeForm allows you to integrate payment system like PayPal,, Chargify, Stripe and more.
  • Add your own logo and design in the form by selecting custom branding option. Other than that, you can add upload file field in your forms to collect documents, files, resumes, etc.
  • Here, you can store files in the cloud and can send the copy of it at your dropbox so that you can easily share them with your team members.

Emailmeform Best Form Maker Software

Pricing Plans –

Basic Plan:

The Basic plan is completely FREE for all, with this pack you design unlimited forms by using 50 fields, 3 reports, 3 themes, 100MB storage facility, access to single user and 100 submissions in a month.

Plus Plan:

For the Plus plan, you have to pay $9.95 every month which gives you unlimited forms, unlimited fields, unlimited reports, 10 themes, 5GB storage facility, access for 2 users, SSL security and 2000 submissions for a month.

Pro Plan:

Pro plan charges $19.95 every month for unlimited forms, unlimited fields, unlimited reports, unlimited themes, 20GB storage facility, access for 10 users, SSL security + field encryption, accept payments and 10,000 submissions for a month.

Premium Plan:

The premium plan will cost $39.95 every month with all the features included in the pro plan. Plus two advanced features of access to custom works
& priority support.

Note:- If you go with the yearly plan of this service then you can save 17% overall.

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Pabbly Form Builder

5. Form Assembly – Form Maker Software

Form Assembly – the best form maker tool with which you can design creative form templates for your business and share or embed them on your website, and any social media platform.

This software is trusted by over 40 enterprises and organization worldwide like Amazon, Lenovo, Volvo, ACE Hardware, Harvard and a lot more.

Features Of Form Assembly –

  • This software gives streamline visual editing and publishing which makes creating and managing of complex form easier.
  • With this, you can dynamically resize across all the browsers and mobile devices as it designs fully responsive forms. Other than that, it also ensures the best user experience no matter how your user is encountering the form.
  • Integrate various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net to collect payment instantly. It is the perfect way to accumulate leads for your business as well.

FormAssembly Best Form Maker Software

Pricing Plans –

From Assembly gives 3 type of pricing plan which comes with 14-days free trial pack.

Professional Plan:

The Professional plan charges $89 per month when paid annually which can only be accessed by a single user at a time, also, you can connect salesforce, email notification, and autoresponder facility.

Premier Plan:

For Premier plan you have to pay $224 per month (when paid annually) and it can only be accessed by a single user at a time, other than that, you can also connect 15 software including Salesforce and SFMC, email notification, live chat support and autoresponder facility.

Enterprise Cloud Plan:

Enterprise Cloud plan charges $599 for a month (when paid annually) which can be accessed by 3 users at a time, also, you get single-tenant hosting, live chat support, CAS authentication, email notification and autoresponder facility.

Compliance Cloud:

For knowing the cost of this special plan you must contact the sales team. There are much advanced features like HIPAA compliant, PCI DSS level 1 certification, enhanced privacy/security control & 99.9% SLA.

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6. Formidable Form – Form Maker Software

Formidable – a flexible form creator solution which gives 30 fields, custom layout, calculations, automatic updates, front-end editing, and much more to build an interesting form for your business.

The software also donates some portion of every Formidable Form purchase to the operation Smile System. This operation helps in surgery of children with cleft lip and saves many lives & smiles.

Features Of Formidable Form –

  • Quickly collect payments by integrating popular payment system such a PayPal, Stripe,, Mollie Payments. Other than this, you can also integrate some online services like MailChimp, AWeber, Zapier, Twilio, etc. to maximize the growth of your business.
  • From here, you can easily upload multiple files with your messages. Uploaded files can be later used as featured image, documents, audio, video or PDF files.
  • Besides that, you can check submitted email address or passcode twice with a confirmation field that compares against each other and will allow form submission only when both match each other.

formidableforms Best Form Maker Software

Pricing Plans – 

Formidable promises that if in any case, you’re not satisfied with it then they will refund 100% of your money within 14-days.

Personal Plan:

The Personal plan is best for the startup business as it only charges $49 per month where you will get 1-year plugin updates, 1-year ticket support team. Apart from this, you can also buy add-ons separately.

Professional Plan:

For the Professional plan, you have to pay $99/month which includes 3 sites visibility, all pro features. And 1-year plugin updates, 1-year ticket support team and 5 premium add-ons.

Small Business Plan:

Small Business plan charges $199 for a month and provides 15 sites visibility, all pro features. Plus 1-year plugin updates, 1-year ticket support team, a priority support and 15 premium + advanced add-ons.

Enterprise Plan:

The Enterprise plan charges $399 for a month and gives accessibility for unlimited sites, all pro features. Also gives lifetime plugin updates, 1-year ticket support team, elite support and 20 premium + advanced + enterprise add-ons.

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7. FormCrafts – Form Maker Software

FormCrafts – an amazing form builder software which makes gorgeous, responsive forms without writing a single code line. Use drag and drop editor to customize form according to your requirement.

In addition to this, you can also design various forms such as – contact forms, registration forms, survey and feedback forms, order & booking forms, sign-up forms, and much more with a single software.

Features Of FormCrafts –

  • FormCrafts gives an outstanding feature viz. live updating math logic, which will keep you updated with accurate payment result.
  • Apply conditional logic into your form and make it different from other boring forms.
  • A new attribute of this tool is – special survey field, like now you can apply smile rating in your forms so that you can know about the thought of the customer who accesses Formcrafts.

Formcraft Best Form Maker Software

Pricing Plans –

Startup Plan:

The Starter Plan cost $15 per month for 10 forms, 500 entries/month, 500MB file storage facility, 5 trial payments, & some premium add-ons.

Growth Plan:

Growth Plan charges $30/month for unlimited forms, 3000 entries/month, 1GB file storage facility, 3000 payments, and some premium add-ons.

Business Plan:

For Business Plan you have to pay $75 per month for unlimited forms, 1500 entries/month, 3GB file storage facility, 1500 payments, & premium add-ons.

Enterprise Plan:

The Enterprise Plan costs $195 per month for unlimited forms, 100,000 entries/month, 10GB file storage facility, 100,000 payments, & premium add-ons.

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I have covered the best software developed for creating forms. These tools also include a suite of features that make form creation easy for those who need them for their business.

Grab an outstanding form maker software today that will help you create a streamlined workflow, mobile phone workability without coding skills or programming.