There are various ways you can contact your customers but on the primary level, you need to have their contact details and to capture them you require a form where different activities can be performed.

A software that enables you to create multiple types of forms in different formats in a simple and easy way is what you require, also, a form that works intelligently includes features such as conditional logic and email notifications.

A form builder will let you create forms through drag and drop section through which you include fields in the form that will enable you to construct an awesome form.


5 Best & Top Conditional Logic Forms

Below is a collection of all such software that has multiple features including the conditional logic let you create a magnificent and efficient form.

Have A Look At Comparisons Chart

Services Pricing  Form Views Counter Data Encryption Multiple DropBox Accounts Ratings
FormGet  $50/Year 5.0/5.0
Pabbly Forms $50/Year 4.8/5.0
Formstack $228/Year 4.3/5.0
CognitoForms $120/Year 4.6/5.0
NinjaForms $99/Year 3.0/5.0

Let’s explore the listed software one by one:-

1. FormGet

FormGet is an outstanding platform to create your own forms with the help of drag and drop builder, the software also supports conditional logic which allows to enable or disable the sections, you can put this logic in different forms that you will create using the software and increase your success rate.

Payment Example:-

Similarly, when you pay a bill on those also there are conditional logic are seen, once you chose the payment mode like debit card or credit card the form asks for a particular card that you will choose like a Visa Card, a Mastercard or Maestro card, once you select the desired card type then another field will be seen asking for the payment gateway so, for example, the given options are Stripe and PayPal so after selecting those the user will be redirected to fill those form fields.

Service Example:-

On the same track, if you have a newspaper and would like your customers to fill the online membership form there are multiple fields which you can include like date field from which date you would like to receive the newspaper, which newspaper you would like to have, and similar other fields which will be popped up one after the other as soon as the customer fill the field, that can be enabled and disabled as required.

Booking Example :-

Also, if you an agency that organizes events then an event booking form can be framed in which the conditional logic as to which type of event public or private can be asked by the customer, then a field will be seen asking the type of event that you would like the agency to organize, event location and the type of venue like a hotel or resort can be selected.

Enrollment Example :-

If you are in an educational field and would like to create an examination form for a student then you can include fields like name, year, semester, subjects and similar other fields are filled by the student, so, for example if the students select the branch the next question will be year following by semester, these fields will fall up in a consecutive manner depending upon the previous field selection.

Also to have an in-depth understanding of the conditional logic you can go through the following video :-

Conditional logic gives your forms a catchy look and customers will find your form more logical and relevant while filling up the respective form, hence the probability of the customers sticking to your business becomes high.

FormGet Top Conditional Logic Forms


  • FormGet form builder application lets you create forms in different languages and helps you accept payment in multiple currencies. So, if you want to promote products, service offered by your business in any part of the globe, the software help you do.
  • Recurring or one-time whatever type of payments these forms will help you collect them as support for Stripe and PayPal payment gateways is available.
  • There are multiple integrations that have been supported by the software which can be included in the software as per the need, also, you will receive notification as the user will submit a form.


Plan 1:- This is entirely free of cost which allows you to design responsive forms that can be embedded into a website, shared on the web, added in the widgets area as well. It is a lead collection tool which costs you $0.

Plan 2:- For extended services like payment accounts, gateways like PayPal & Stripe, Google analytics you can try the starter plan which charges $5 per month.

Plan 3:- $35 is the price payable for the monthly access to the Rookie plan. It offers 5 payment accounts creation, 25 forms creation, 5 user access, and other facilities.

Plan 4:- If you need 10 users, unlimited forms creation, free-form templates, custom branding, payment collection facility and more. Then Pro plan will be best for you as it costs $79 for a month.

Plan 5:- Advanced plan holds all top class services and various unlimited facilities like forms creation, users, form submissions, payment accounts. Plus, you can accept media files, lifetime storage, along with other features.

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2. Pabbly Forms

Pabbly Forms perfectly supports conditional logic functionality which can easily be applied to different types of forms.

Forms created for payment collection, donation, order forms, lead generation forms, contact and more. This features basically helps you display fields available in forms on the basis of user selection.

That is not all, you can access media files, add Dropbox accounts, send custom emails, do form scheduling, form analytics etc through these forms.

Pabbly Forms Top 5+ Conditional Logic Forms

Features :-

  • Pabbly Forms allows you to create forms that are logical. With this feature, you can easily apply conditional logic on form fields which will help you show and hide fields on the basis of user input.
  • You can also collect different types of payments like recurring, one-time or product payments through the forms. Plus, payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe are supported.
  • It provides more than 260 pre-built templates which are fully responsive and can easily be customized as per your needs.
  • With this form builder, you get a simplified dashboard through which you can manage multiple forms which are embedded on multiple websites. All the details and related information is available on a single dashboard.

Pricing :-

  • Start with the free plan which permits you to create single forms using all the features and facilities. This forms can be added in a website, embedded in the widgets section or you can share it online.
  • Pay $5 for a month access of starter plan with which you create one form with single user access. It allows you to collect payments via PayPal, stripe and handle around 1200 form submissions as well.
  • If you are not a beginner then Rookie will suit you as it offers services like 5 user access, 25 forms creation, 35 domains support along with other facilities. All these services at a cost of $35 a month.
  • For the Pro plan, you will be charged $79 for a monthly subscription. With this plan, you get unlimited form creation facility, 60K submissions, 15 payment accounts as well as payment gateways integration.
  • $99 a month is the price which is charged for the Advance plan which comes equipped with multiple unlimited facilities like forms creation, users, form submissions and the basic features.

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3. Formstack

Formstack gives you a great software for your business to create forms for your business, through the software you can create contact forms and various other sorts of forms as well as payment and order forms.



  • The user does not require any coding language as the software provides a magnificent drag and drop builder.
  • You can create brand recognition through your own form URL that will make your form more authentic.
  • All the forms of the Formstack are responsive in nature which means you can let people fill forms from anywhere and on any device.


Silver: In the silver plan the user will be required to pay $39 per month including 20 forms, 1000 submissions for 5 users.

Gold: In the gold plan the user will be required to pay $99 per month including 20 forms, 10,000 submissions for 10 users.

Platinum:  In the platinum plan the user will be required to pay $249 per month including 20 forms, 100,000 submissions for 25 users.

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. NinjaForms

Ninja forms are the modern day form builder that allows you to have full control over the form, in addition, the form that will be created by you can include individual fields, submit buttons and various other actions like email notifications and all.



  • The software provides various integrations and one of them is the conditional logic that will act according to the user input and can hide or show the field and change values as well.
  • As ninja forms work on WordPress so the integration is quite easy which enables you to include a widget, shortcode or a template function.
  • The NinjaForm is a translation ready software which means you can easily convert your form to any language.


Agency:-  In this plan, the user would have to pay $499, in which you will get unlimited sites, fastest support and all the add ons included.

Professional:- In this plan, the user would have to pay $199, in which you will get 20 sites, faster support and 40 % off on the add-ons.

Personal:- In this plan, the user would have to pay $99, in which you will get 20 sites, faster support, and 20 % off on the add-ons.

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5. CognitoForms

A powerful form builder that can support conditional logic as well is CognitoForms, the software enables you to create unlimited forms giving you the flexibility to save the work done by you and resume later.



  • The calculations and the maths are also done by the forms itself that are created by you using the software.
  • Allow your customers to see only those fields that you want through conditional logic, you can add a field that will automatically pop up when a particular answer requires it.
  • The payment collection through the customers will be as safe as the system supports PayPal, Stripe, and Square.


Individual:- In the individual plan the user will have unlimited forms, upto 500 entries per month, 1 percent charge of the payment gateway used and storage till 100 MB. The respective plan is a free plan.

Pro:- In the pro plan the user is required to pay $10 per month for which he will get unlimited forms 2,000 entries per month 1 percent charge of the payment gateway used and storage till 1 GB for 2 users.

Team:- In the team plan, the charges monthly would be $24 per month and valid for 5 users, providing unlimited forms 10,000 entries per month and no transaction fee, and storage upto 10 GB.

Enterprise:- Similarly, in the team plan, the charges monthly would be $99 per month and valid for 50 users, providing unlimited forms 10,000 entries per month and no transaction fee, and storage upto 10 GB.

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6. Formidable Forms

FormidableForms is a user-friendly form builder that empowers you to create forms easily and also put conditional logic to your forms which help you to show/hide sections which you want your customers to see or vice versa.

FormidableForms - Online form builder

Features :-

  • You can easily collect payments, donations and online orders through the forms created by you, also, you will get instant notification as soon as the customer fills up the form.
  • The user can embed their forms in blogs and different pages also, through the entry management feature you can view all your leads generated at one place.
  • Make use of pre-built form templates and save your time constructing the whole form from the scratch.

Pricing :-

Basic Plan :- In this plan, the user has to pay $99/year in which he will get 1 year of support and various other features.

Business Plan :- Here, the user has to pay $199 per year in which he will get priority support, updates for 1 year and various other features.

Elite Plan :-In this plan, the user has to pay $399 per year in which he will get unlimited sites and premium support and various other features.

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The software that will work well in terms of form building has been covered above, and as we have reached the end of our blog, we hope that you would choose the right form builder for your website.

These forms will definitely simplify your task of constructing a form with conditional logic & branching, the forms can be framed in different patterns and formats through the various features that are included in the software.

Also, here you can get various forms which you can try out one after the other. You can create forms in a variety of ways for which we have form templates in full spectrum.