Web-Form-Builder-SoftwareWe are living in the 21st century where each and every individual has access to the internet and this is the reason why Web Forms have become very popular to capture leads these days.

There are a number of online form building applications available in the market using which you can create forms for event registration, online donation, customer service, feedbacks , conduct survey, membership forms, lead generation and most importantly to collect online payments {recurring as well as one-time}.

Online form building applications are being used by most of the organizations because no coding is required to create forms, customization becomes very simple, they are extremely affordable, data and information management is a single click job and they are highly secured.  

In this blog, I am going to discuss some of the top class Web Form Builder Software that can be used for Online Payment Collection in a secured and safest way.

1. FormGet Online Form Builder Software

If you are looking for a high-end form builder then FormGet – Form Building software is the right option for you. It allows you create quick & custom design forms through drag & drop feature, which is also easily manageable from a single dashboard.

Forms created using FormGet can be embedded in multiple websites and you can also share them online via social media and other mediums as well. In addition to this, you also get multiple gateway options to collect payments along with various other applications. This software gives you the facility to buy a complete extension bundle or you can buy single extensions of your choice.

Form Building Features

Conditional Logics:- This feature lets you configure certain rules which are used to show or hide fields, sections, pages or even the submit button on the user selection. This feature helps you control the information flow and leads users to take the right direction.

Email Notification:- This is an advanced feature which instantly generates an email alert each & every time a form is submitted. You can now receive emails holding form entries and can easily identify your new leads.

Auto Responder:- With this premium extension you can instantly send a confirmation email regarding successful form submition or payment transaction.  

Other Important Features:- FormGet also allows multiple payment gateways as well as software integrations, you can also create multilingual forms. It comes pre-loaded with enormous pre-designed templates, Captcha, data security, Google Analytics as well as user tracking, real-time support and more.

Web Form Builder Software For Online Payment Collection

Create Forms To Collect Payments 

FormGet can also accept payments online whether they are one time payments of products, recurring payment of services, products, deals or any other type of online payment as forms created using FormGet can handle them all.

Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe can be used to collect online payments. Forms holding payment fields collect information in a secured and safe format. 

We have experienced the beauty and efficiency of FormGet form builder as we have tested and implemented various payment and other types of forms using FormGet.

So, I would personally suggest that try it once and you will definitely be satisfied with the features and services.

Pricing & Plan Details

FormGet form building application offers one free and three paid plans through which user information, as well as payments, can be collected.

Free Plan:- FormGet has got an awesome free of charge plan which comes loaded with lots of features. The free sign-up has no expiry and you can create unlimited forms, manage unlimited users, generate unlimited leads, plus you get 100MB storage space for free.   

First Plan:- First plan is specially designed for people who are looking for a form building application at an affordable cost. This plan costs only $97 for a year which is extremely low when compared to other software plans.

With this plan, you get all extensions activated for 1 form. In addition to this, you can also create unlimited forms, collect online payments and handle unlimited users. It also has an autoresponder, email notification, unlimited storage facility.

Second Plan:- With this plan you get all extensions access for 5 forms, which means you can use all the extensions on 5 different forms for the cost of $197 for a year. Plus you can collect online payments via PayPal and Stripe.

Other than that various features like the autoresponder, email notification, storage, data export, unlimited users, google analytics and tracking are also included.

Third Plan:- The cost of this plan is $297 for a year. If you opt for this plan you get the facility to apply for all the extensions on unlimited forms. All the features are included in this plan.


  • All Extensions Applicable on forms means you get full access to powerful extensions like Mad Mimi, Email reports, Constant contact, File upload, iContact, Note, PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, Social sharing, Canned reply, Export, Sliding forms, Mobile forms, Campaign Monitor, Dropbox, Logical forms, Daily reports, Aweber, User locations, Analytics, Custom branding, Email notifications, Team member, Form scheduler.
  • All the paid plans offered by FormGet come with a yearly subscription which makes them extremely affordable and low priced.]

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If you need to know more about Web Form Builder Softwares bellow are some blogs which can help you out:-

2. Cognito Forms To Build a Perfect Online Forms

Cognito Forms is an advanced form building application which delivers unlimited form creation facility to its customers along with a wide range of features. Forms created through Cognito Forms can easily be shared, posted on social media sites and you can also embed them in any website.

With the help of these forms, you can collect recurring payments as well as one time payments with ease. Accessing the entries collected from the forms is simple as they can be viewed for anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Form Building Features

Automate Calculations: – This software has a powerful calculation feature which allows you to perform different complex calculations on cost figures, compare dates, automate discounts coupons and more.

Prevent Spamming: – This feature removes rogue entries as Cognito Forms has a smart captcha that is capable of automatically detecting bot entries based on how the form is being used & filled and prevent spam entries.

Conditional Logic Feature: – With the help of conditional logic feature viewing of the form becomes much easier. You can show or hide certain fields or apply conditions (if else conditions on fields) and facilitate the users to make correct decisions.

Upload Files & Data: – File upload feature permits the user to submit resumes, cover letters, photos, and other media files into the form. Cognito Form supports various file types and formats, plus the file size and file numbers are not at all a problem with this software.

Web Form Builder Software For Online Payment Collection

Accept Secure Online Payment

Cognito Form empowers you to collect payments through the forms itself as payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square can be easily integrated.

You can also accept payments from credit cards all in a secure way with a multiple currency support (Euros, Pesos, Dollars, Kroners, Pounds, Yen, etc.) and simply handle paid, unpaid, declined, refunded, manage refund charges and other situations with ease.

Pricing & Plan Details

Individual Plan

An entirely free of cost plan which comes preloaded with enormous features like single user access, file uploads, data exporting, email notification and other advanced options. Plus you can create unlimited forms and handle 500 entries per month for no charge.

Additional 1% will be charged if sales (payments) are done through the forms. If the forms collect payments through Stripe in that case 1% of the payments will also be charged.

For example

Base price:- Free of charge

Payment collected in a month:- $200

1% of payment:- 1% of $200 = $2

Total cost :- $2

Pro Plan

Cost of this plan is $10/month for 2 users, e-signatures, multiple email notifications and more. With this, you also get access to create unlimited forms and manage 2000 entries per month.

$2 a month is charged per extra user and $4 is charged for custom document templates. Plus another 1% is added to the plan if Stripe payments are received via forms other than the base cost.

{For example

Base price:- $10

Total payments are:- $500

1% of payment :- 1% of $500 = $5

Therefore the plan will cost :- $10 + $5

Total cost :- $15}

Team Plan

Team plan will cost you $24 for a month plus additional $2 is charged per extra user and $4 is charged for custom document templates per month. This plan allows you to accept payments from PayPal, Stripe & Square as well and no payment charge is collected here unlike the above two plans.

This plan permits you to handle 10,000 entries in a month with unlimited form creation. You also get 5 users access along with 10GB of data storage, data encryption facility and all the Pro plan features.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plan is the most advanced plan which is designed for large organizations. Now you can administer unlimited entries and create unlimited forms with 50 users access.  

The cost of this plan is $99 a month with various advanced features and you also get 10 custom document templates free with this plan. Plus there is no charge for the payments received via PayPal, Stripe or Square.


  • Cognito Forms also has a prepay discount facility which is applicable on all plans. In that, you can choose any plan and pay for it in advance and in return, you will get a 10% to 20% discount as per usages or plan.

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3. Zoho Forms Best Online Form Builder

Zoho Forms will fulfill all your needs to create, manage and accept payments using online forms. Forms created with this software are easily shareable, team management can be done along with email notification, various payment integration, e-Signature, barcodes and more.

Using Zoho Forms, customers can reach you from your website just by embedding the forms in your website. Other than payment integrations, this form building application gives you the option to merge Zoho apps as well as third-party apps like Salesforce, Zapier and more.

Form Building Features

Team Management:- You can collaborate with your team as the team member feature permits you to notify, assign and specify the correct team members about any specific task. This will keep everyone informed about the activities and will take all the members in the task loop.

Increase Customer Engagement:- Send personalized email notifications to the users. In addition to this, the data collected from the user form can later be used to create responses, tickets, contracts and more.

Create Forms On Mobiles:- This is an ideal feature through which you can create forms using a mobile phone. Zoho Form building application has both androids as well as iOS apps that allows you to create, manage, collect and collaborate details.

Design Personalize Forms:- This software has multiple themes and templates to design attractive forms. Plus you can also set custom logos and colors of your brand.

Web Form Builder Software For Online Payment Collection

Integrate Multiple Gateways For Payment Collection

Receiving payments via Zoho Forms is very simple as configuring payment settings and performing calculations on payment amount is just a few minutes task. It supports multiple gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout.

You can step-up all three if you want to give multiple options to customers for payments. You also get multi-currency support with this form building software.

Pricing & Plan Details

Basic Plan

$10 is the monthly cost of this plan in which you get single user access, unlimited forms creation, 10,000 submissions every month, plus multiple payment integrations and more.

Standard Plan

This plan will cost you around $25 every month for service like 10 user access, unlimited forms with 25,000 submissions a month. In addition, you also get 2GB storage along with custom themes and payment integration as well.

Professional Plan

Cost of this package is $50 a month with which you can handle 25 users, create unlimited forms, manage unlimited reports, multiple payment integrations can be done and more with no hidden charges & no credit required.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is one of the most expensive plans that Zoho Form offers which comes preloaded with features like multiple payment integrations, 10GB storage, Built-in and custom themes, unlimited forms and reports access with 1,50,000 submissions a month for a cost of $100.


  • You get a straight 20% discount on all plans if you opt for a yearly subscription of Zoho form builder application.
  • You can start using this form building software for free and get 3 forms access with 500 submissions, unlimited reports, and 200MB storage.
  • Pay $10 a month and get 10,000 additional submissions. For $5 a month get 5GB extra storage if needed.

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4. Formsite Easy Form Creator

Formsite form builder is an affordable and user-friendly form creating tool. Using the drag & drop form building feature you can easily create forms and with over 100 customizable template, customer data, leads generation, user registration and payments can be collected.

You also get a helping hand with features like multiple file upload facility, Captcha to prevent spam entries, mass emailing, payment gateway integrations, API for more interaction, import results and more.

Form Building Features

Save & Return Form: Save & return is one of the chief features which give you a helping hand by allowing you to resume an unfinished form. With this, you can later return back to a form and complete it anytime.

Share Responsive Forms:- Forms created via Formsite application are very responsive and support different screen sizes like desktops, tablets, phones and more.

Integrate 3rd Party Apps:- Multiple apps can be integrated with this software like Dropbox, Google drive, Google sheets, Salesforce, MailChimp, and Zapier can be used to improve and enhance your workflow.

Email Notifications:- This software responds to each and every person filling up the form through emails notification.

Web Form Builder Software For Online Payment Collection

Online Form Builder With Payment Fields

Formsite is a web form builder software using which online payment collection can also be done. You can use various payment gateways like Authorize.net, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, PayPal payments pro, plus you can accept credit cards and checks for payment as well.

Payments collected from these forms are automatically totaled and order review page at the end of the form is also provided. All the payments done are very safe and secured as well.

Pricing & Plan Details

Free Plan

Formsite has a forever free package which allows you to create 5 forms, accept 10 submissions per form and 50 MB storage space.

But you can’t integrate other applications or payment gateways through this package.

Deluxe Plan

Deluxe plan is the cheapest plan which will cost you $14.95 per month for 5 forms with 500 submissions per form, along with 500 MB file space, customizable buttons and more.

You will get a discount of $29 if you opt for a yearly subscription for this plan.

Pro 1 Plan

For the price of $24.95 a month you will have 10 forms access, 1,000 results per form, 1GB space for storage and other advanced features. It also permits you to integrate multiple payment gateways {PayPal, Stripe, Braintree etc} and other applications (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more) as well.

This plan also comes with a 14-day free trial which permits you to test and verify the features of this plan specifically. You can save $49 on this plan if yearly subscription of this software is selected.

Pro 2 Plan

Pro 2 plan will charge $49.95 every month to you. With this, you can create 25 forms, accept 2500 submissions a month, store 2GB data, integrate multiple payment gateways and software as well.

Plus you can save $99 just by opting yearly subscription of this form building software.

Pro 3 Plan

$99.95 a month is the cost of this plan. It offers facilities like 100 forms with 10,000 submissions a month, 4GB storage space, 20 Sub-users (additional users with certain access permissions) multiple payment and software integration is allowed and much more.

You also get an additional discount of $199 if the yearly plan is taken.

Enterprise plan

This plan has got a price tag of $249.95 on it. With this package, you get an enormous amount of facilities like 1,000 forms creation, 50,000 submissions, 10 GB storage, 50 additional users (extra users with certain access permissions) and more.

 $299 discount is also applied if a yearly subscription is selected.


  • Formsite has no restrictions like contracts, commitment. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any point of time.
  • Each & every plan comes along with a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

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5. Wufoo Premium Software To Create Online Forms

If you want to quickly create forms and produce reports with useful data then Wufoo form builder software is the right option for you. With the help of this software, you can conduct online surveys, collect payments from multiple modes, do registrations, collect leads and more.

Forms created using Wufoo are responsive in design, can be shared via emails or on a website, 400+ templates are available and more.

Form Building Features

Accept All File Uploads:- These forms can accept multiple files, images, application and other types of uploads. The files uploaded can easily be collected, organized and store with this software.

Create Custom Forms:- Wufoo form building software has drag & drop facility to create forms which require no coding. You can also customize pre-designed themes by adding logo, color and give a personalized touch to the form.

Real-Time Analysis:- The entries accepted through the forms can be checked and analyzed from anywhere and from any device. Plus you can send instant notifications.

Integrate Multiple & Popular Software:- Over 60 tools are there which can be easily integrated with this software that can facilitate your working process.

Web Form Builder Software For Online Payment Collection

Forms That Accept Recurring & One-Time Payments

You can collect online payments of goods, sales and recurring services using forms created by Wufoo software. Payment integration feature in Wufoo allows you to use multiple payment gateways like Stripe, authorize.net, PayPal, Braintree, FreshBooks, USAePay, Chargify to accept payments.

Each and every amount collected via Wufoo forms are protected and secured with various encryptions. In addition to this, a smart CAPTCHA is also applied to prevent spamming.

Pricing & Plan Details 

Free Plan

This is a no charge plan forever that comes loaded with 5 form creation, 100 entries, 10 fields and single-user access along with unlimited reports that too free of cost.

Starter Plan

Starter plan cost around $19 for a month and you get access to create 10 forms per month with 1,000 entries, integrates with multiple gateways, unlimited fields and reports, 1GB uploads and single user control.

Professional Plan

$39 is the monthly cost of this plan. You can create unlimited forms, handle 5,000 entries on monthly basis, 5 users access, 5GB storage, supports 60+ integrations and more.

Advanced Plan

The advanced plan will charge you around $99 every month. With this plan, you get unlimited form creation, 25,000 entries, 20 users access, 10GB uploads and more.

Accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, USAePay, authorize.net, Braintree, Chargify, FreshBooks and multiple software integrate.

Unlimited Plan

This plan is designed for bigger organizations and it comes with 60 user access, unlimited forms, unlimited reports, 200,000 entries at the cost price of $249.


  • If you opt for the annual subscription of the plans mentioned above, you will receive a discount of 25% on the plan cost.
  • The storage facility is only permitted on paid plans. This feature is used to store files uploaded through the File Upload field in the form.
  • If the number of entries exceeds then $0.05 per entry will be added to your plan cost.
  • Free account will become inactive as soon as you exceed the number of entries assigned for that particular month.

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In this blog, we have discussed some of the most popular Form Building applications that allow you to accept payments through the forms created using them. Some of this software also offer free trials.

We hope that this blog will definitely help you find a good and profit generating form building tool for your business, using which you can create forms and gather online payments with ease.