Today, we are introducing content locker WordPress plugins, so that you can hide your content from the people who visit your site, get their work done, and do not even like or subscribe your page, post or website.

These plugins will allow you to lock all the important content on your website and display it for subscribed users only. You just need to wrap the content you want to protect, using shortcodes, and rest will be done by these plugins.

In fact, you can ask users to take an appropriate action, designated by you such as liking the Facebook page, Google page or the Twitter page to unlock the content. These content locker WordPress plugins also offer content locking with an email subscription, by sharing and liking the blog post.

Also, content locker plugins will increase engagement of users on your site and will help you to get huge traffic from social media sites as well as search engines.

Here are some of the best-compiled content locker WordPress plugins for you to choose from.

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1. Opt-In Content Locker – Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Opt-In Content Locker is used for hiding the content by using an inline popup and display it to subscribers only. This plugin provides a lot of functionalities like – flexible and intuitive form constructor to design own opt-in forms, track the number of subscription, export popup settings from one website and import to another website.

Opt-In Content Locker Content Locker WordPress Plugin

Price –

  • You can purchase Opt-In plugin at $7 with 6-month support and regular license.
  • If you want an extended support for 12-months, the price of the plugin will be changed to $8.13 only.

Features –

  • No need to display your important content until the user-submitted his/her name or e-mail.
  • Hide your content with the help of these shortcodes [ulplocker id=”POPUP_ID”]…[/ulplocker].
  • Allow your users to subscribe with their Facebook and Google account.
  • It allows you to use more than 600 Google Fonts and supports up to 50 Email marketing providers support.

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2. WordPress Content Locker – WordPress Plugin

WordPress content locker is a feature-packed plugin. It provides shortcodes to hide your content and uses 5 different styles form for unlocking the content.

It automatically loads your locked content once the user has liked, shared, submitted mobile code or email code. In fact, it allows you to keep a record of the phone and mobile numbers so that you can send unlimited promotional messages.

WordPress Content Locker Content Locker WordPress Plugin

Price –

  • The cost price of this plugin is $19 with a regular license and 6-month support.
  • In case, you want to increase the support for 12-months then the cost price of this plugin will be $24.63.

Features –

  • Your users can unlock the content via an SMS, Email, or Social media platforms.
  • This plugin can save unlimited email addresses in the database which can be used later for email marketing promotions. It supports 5 email marketing provider support.
  • From the admin panel, you can choose the way in which hidden content has to be displayed: absolutely invisible or partially transparent or blurred.
  • Content locker comes with built-in, advance analytics tool in order to track the users with locked options.

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3. Locker Cat – Best Free In Content Locker WordPress Plugins

It is one of the best free content locker WordPress plugins, and an effective way to maximize social shares and viral traffic for your site.

This plugin will help you in hiding text, videos, images, download links from your visitors. To unlock any of your content your users first have to share it on social media like Facebook share or a Tweet.

Locker Cat Content Locker WordPress Plugin

Price –

Locker Cat is an open source software, which means you can download it for free from

Features –

  • You can add [lockercat] My locked content [/lockercat] shortcode anywhere on your WordPress site, including your Posts and Pages.
  • Provides an easy way to unlock your content, as users either have to share it on FB or they can tweet it on your twitter account.
  • This plugin is fully translatable into different languages with the help of its support team.
  • In fact, you can hide or lock the content partially or fully from your readers.

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4. OnePress Social Locker – Content Locker WordPress Plugin

With more than 10,000+ activation and 4.5-star ratings, this plugin is quite famous. It provides many style forms and effects which you can use on your website for displaying locks with animation effects.

This plugin will help you in increasing the number of likes, shares, followers and attract more traffic from social networks. With Social Locker, you can lock anything in your content and automatically unlock it after a visitor has shared your page.

OnePress Social Locker Content Locker WordPress Plugin

Price –

Anyone can download this plugin for free from the official website of WordPress.

Features –

  • You can easily set any URLs which can be used for sharing via your social lockers.
  • Comes with advanced analytics tools to track which lockers on which pages are mostly unlocked then others.
  • It has 3 powerful lock modes via skip & lock, more tag, and CSS selector.
  • This plugin is fully compatible with the Visual Composer, which is best for non-coders and helps them to customize the website easily.

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5. Content Locker – Content Locker WordPress Plugin

It holds many features which makes it a great and easy to use plugin. Some features are track performance of each locker, exporting emails via CSV, displaying your terms and policies, and more.

This plugin is integrated with MailChimp and Mailerlite to collect the email of visitors easily. It supports Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook. Till now, it has 10K active installations and still counting.

Content Locker Content Locker WordPress Plugin

Price –

You can download this plugin from, free of cost.

Features –

  • Your visitors just have to share or log in in exchange for unlimited access to your content.
  • It helps you in collecting emails and other details of users, which you can use further for marketing and promotion purposes.
  • This plugin will work with every theme available.
  • Content Locker will help you in increasing your website’s speed as it is a lightweight plugin.

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Conclusion –

These are some of the best content locker WordPress plugins. We admire your choice and hope that you have chosen the best plugin out of all the content locker WordPress plugins.

Hide your content and get benefit from it.

And yeah! don’t forget to share your warm words in our comment section.