Now astrology and internet have become a heaven made match.

People rely on astrology on the daily basis by surfing on their browsers for the daily horoscopes.

So, if you are looking forward to run an astrology website yourself or if you are already holding up one then you need to bother about adding some important functionalities using WordPress astrology plugins.

Based on the research, we have listed down some of the best WordPress astrology plugins for you. These can be activated by you on your news, magazine or astrology websites.

These plugins cover a high range of advanced features like you can quickly display the widget to show daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes any post, pages of your site.

Now, let us have a quick glance at the features and pricing section of the free and paid WordPress astrology plugins.

We also have some more interesting WordPress plugins blogs for you.

1. WordPress Zodiac Horoscope – Auto WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin will automatically upload the daily, monthly, weekly and yearly horoscopes to your posts, pages, and widgets area of the website.

Its admin panel is so customizable that you can easily edit or modify any section of the website. With the help of shortcodes, you can easily post the horoscope on any pages or posts.

Moreover, this plugin supports the file types like JavaScript JS, PHP, CSS, HTML, Layered PNG through which you will be able to easily customize the front end.

WordPress Zodiac Horoscope WordPress Astrology Plugin


The price tag of WordPress Zodiac Horoscope plugin is $6 with regular license and future updates.


  • This plugin offers you with the shortcodes and widgets through which you can show the horoscope details on any page or post.
  • It holds the functionality of adding the reports on daily, monthly, yearly basis.
  • Easily clears the cache data or memory of the website by saving local .json files
  • You can easily install the plugin on your website just within a few clicks.

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2. WordPress Daily Horoscope – WordPress Plugin

This plugin can be activated by any like blog astrology, online newspaper, and magazine.

The WordPress Daily Horoscope plugin automatically adds up the script from other websites through iframe codes, so you don’t need to do it by your self.

Also, with this plugin, you are provided with the screenshots and live preview that how to activate this plugin on your website.

Wordpress Daily Horoscope WordPress Astrology Plugin


This plugin is will cost you $20 with 6 months client support and regular licenses.


  • From the widgets horoscope setting panel you can change the icon, background, text color, and languages.
  • This plugin includes the theme color like blue, red, purple, black and white for your website.
  • It includes horoscope cache function that depends upon the date and language for better performance.
  • The plugin supports 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese (Brazil).

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3. MagiCards – A Part of WordPress Astrology Plugins

This plugin will help you to show the random tarot card on the website through making a table.

Just like choosing a random card from the deck, in the same way. A user can select the number of cards to draw with its back face and the number of columns to show them on the gallery section.

Further, you may offer your visitors with the playing cards, memory games, or the random responses on the website.

Magicards WordPress Astrology Plugin


MagiCards WordPress plugin costs you $14 with the lifetime updates and 6 months client support facility.


  • You can upload unlimited deck of cards on the site as this plugin is customizable in nature.
  • You can easily customize the card size and column section where you have to display the cards.
  • From the attach media option on the WordPress, you will be able to upload many numbers of different kinds of cards.
  • With this plugin, you can randomly set the cards option to upside down on the site.

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4. ZodiacPress – WordPress Plugin

ZodiacPress WordPress plugin will help you to generate astrology birth reports with custom interpretations directory. You may easily select which kind of planets and aspects to be added to the birth report and add a chart wheel drawing to the report.

Also, this includes the Swiss Ephemeris that will calculate points of celestial objects at regular intervals.

ZodiacPress WordPress Astrology Plugin


It is an opensource software which means it is freely available to all. You can download it from WordPress .org


  • You can show the birth reports on the basis of three different parts: planets and points in the sign, house and on the basis of aspects.
  • From the Geonames geographical database, you can get the details of birthplace latitude/longitude coordinates.
  • You can set a house system which can be used for the report and from the 12 default prebuilt Placidus.
  • ZodiacPress plugin doesn’t have the ability to store data that if entered once on the form.

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5. AstroPress by Ask Oracle – WordPress Plugin

If you wish to embed horoscopes and wish to show the charts and graphs on the blog or website, then we have brought this AstroPress plugin for you.

With this plugin, you will be able to learn the perfect way and to understand the relationships, day to day life events and much more.

It offers you the more realistic, positive advice on the websites which will help your customers to understand more.

AstroPress WordPress Astrology Plugin


This WordPress plugin is free of cost for you and can easily be downloadable from WordPress .org


  • You can show the daily horoscopes reports on the bases of days, weeks, months and years on the site.
  • It will also help you to display the overview, love and money horoscopes on the website.
  • The plugin is reliable and up to date and is also being tested by the principals of astrology.
  • You may also at the sidebars on the pages and post of the site through widgets.

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All the above-mentioned WordPress astrology plugins have useful features. Now pick the best one form the above mentioned and make your website look outstanding.

Also, these plugins are capable of fixing any kind of charts, reports on the WordPress site.

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