Are you creating a website for the virtual currency industry then you must know about the cryptocurrency WordPress plugins.

These plugins support various cryptocurrencies are such as- Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Rippel, Monero etc. Tasks like conversions & comparisons amongst the cryptocurrencies are easily possible with the use of these plugins. The real-time updations on the site is another extraordinary feature of these plugins.

The biggest advantage of using these plugins on your website is that it works in an automated manner. That means you don’t need any coding skills to make it work or go through complex settings.

Cryptocurrency WordPress plugins

Let us give you a better explanation. When you create virtual currency based websites, then these plugins help you in creating various comparison tables which keep on updating the real-time value of cryptocurrencies. Now, cryptocurrencies plugins will update all the fluctuating currency values on your website on even a minute second.

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Listed below, you will find cryptocurrency WordPress plugins for widgets, charts, tables, Visual Composer widgets & more.

1. Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets – WordPress Plugin

It is the best selling premium cryptocurrency widgets WordPress plugin. This plugin will let you easily add multiple varieties of widgets on your WordPress site. The premium advantage of this plugin this plugin is that it efficiently showcases the real-time coin data.

In addition to the tremendous functionalities, it also includes different type of coin widgets which you can implement on your website. Now, these widgets are as follows:

  • Inline widgets
  • Button widgets
  • Card widgets
  • Spark charts widgets
  • Leaderboard widgets
  • Table widgets
  • Real-time trades widgets
  • Portfolio widgets
  • Comparison widgets
  • Scrolling ticker widgets

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin

Pricing plan:

The Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets plugin comes with two pricing plans.

  • Regular – $21
  • Extended – $205


  • This premium plugin has a support to about 2000+ cryptocurrencies like- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO and many more.
  • It supports real-time updates to the coin data. The coin data is pulled from 90+ cryptocurrency exchanges and is updated instantly.
  • There is a wide variety of templates & colour styles available to use directly.
  • The back-end of the plugin contains a widgets shortcode builder. It customizes & previews the cryptocurrency widgets before publishing it.

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2. FAT Coincap – Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

FAT Coincap plugin will allow you to create & display cryptocurrency shortcode anywhere on your website. You can display it in the header, sidebar, widget section or footer easily.

This plugin supports around 1300 cryptocurrencies over the virtual currency world. It provides a trade column for adding custom links such as buy/sell links. A weekly chart column is also available along with the plugin.

Moreover, it is also compatible with Visual Composer, Elementor & SiteOrigin.

FAT Coincap Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin

Pricing plan:

It has a regular licence of $30 & an extended license plan of $125.


  • FIAT currency – you can convert the currencies in between the available 32 currencies i.e, USD, EUR, JPY, AUD etc.
  • It also allows comparison between different currencies. And you can also view history anytime.
  • The plugin support filtering the results on the basis of multiple filter parameters.
  • You can embed unlimited charts on posts & pages.

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3. CryptoWP – Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

CryptoWP WordPress plugin enables you to implant cryptocurrency prices, charts & other information on your WordPress site. You can simply insert the coin information or display all coins in one table on your pages/posts.

This plugin supports converting coins to any specific currency. Additionally, the plugin has a design editor to customize the styling with custom CSS options. You can even change the colour of the charts.

Crypto WP Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin

Pricing plan:

The CryptoWP cryptocurrency WordPress plugin has two cost estimation plans. They are-

  • Regular license – $29
  • Extended license plan – $130


  • 3 pre-designed ready-made theme options are available also it can easily adjust to any theme of your desire.
  • Two major API services are available to choose namely – Coinmarketcap & Cryptocompare.
  • You can display historical charts & the current coin values.
  • No database requirement for the cryptocurrency data.

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4. Premium Cryptocurrency Charts – WordPress Plugin

It allows you to embed interactive cryptocurrency charts on your site with multiple customization options. It allows more than 2000 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin, Waves & many others. Plus, you can easily convert and display the historical cryptocurrency quotes in almost any FIAT currency such as – GBP, AUD, CAD, JPY, SEK, RUB etc.

Furthermore, the chart display can be customized to a much higher degree. And background logo image is also provided concerning each cryptocurrency.

Premium Cryptocurrency Charts Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin

Pricing plan:

Premium Cryptocurrency Charts WordPress plugin has a regular license plan of $30 and an extended license plan of $204.


  • The charts can display single day’s data 15 minute time interval.
  • You can compare the historical performance of different coins.
  • Can display buying/selling information is additionally displayed for every coin.
  • Translation ready – You can change the language of the overall plugin in accordance with your site.

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5. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget – Free WordPress Plugin

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget plugin is used to display the current prices of various crypto coins. It displays current prices of crypto coins such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash etc. This plugin has an API support to

This plugin makes efficient use of shortcodes to display daily price change ticker & a crypto pricing table anywhere on your site. In addition, the plugin will allow you to change the look & feel of the plugin in accordance with your site theme.

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin

Pricing plan:

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget is a completely free-to-use plugin. You can download it directly from


  • This plugin has an advance ticker which can be added to a website’s header or footer. Also, you can manage the speed of the ticker in accordance with your requirement.
  • It displays the cryptocurrency price table with changes occurring on an hourly basis.
  • Settings options are available to customize the plugin settings.
  • Custom CSS can be added to design the widgets of the plugin.

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This was our take on 4+ best cryptocurrency WordPress plugin of [Current Year] (Free & Paid). Consequently, most of all the listed plugins are most noteworthy and satisfy the demand for both free and paid plugin needs. Choose the one which best satisfies your site requirements.

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