You have been using the images, PDF’s, videos and other related media files on your WordPress website. That’s logical these files will occupy some of the space in your site. If they are occupying less space then its fine. But if they are occupying too much space then how would you analyze it? For this kind of work, you can use WordPress Memory Usage Plugins.

Through these plugins, you can display the memory usage of any file or document in the footer section of the admin panel. These allow you to check the size occupied by files in percentage(%).

That’s why we have brought a collection of best WordPress plugins memory usage for you. Using these you will be able to check the memory usage of your website.

Also, if the memory usage of the website is filled up to 75% then its shown in a lite red color & if the memory usage is filled up to 90% then its been shown in the dark red color. Isn’t it interesting!

So, all we want here is that you should check and try all the plugins from the below list and grab the best for your WordPress website.

Here we also have some more interesting WordPress plugins blogs for you.

Let us take a quick glance at the advanced features of these free WordPress plugins.

1. Server IP & Memory Usage Display – WordPress Plugin

By using this plugin you can easily see the memory limit, current memory usage, WordPress memory limit. It also showcases the IP address of your server and PHP version of your website in the admin footer.

Even it displays the memory usage in different colors. If the memory usage is over 75% it will be shown in a light red color and if the memory usage is over 90% the percentage will be shown in red. By this way, you can always know if there is enough memory available or not.

Server IP & Memory Usage WordPress Memory Usage Plugin


This plugin is absolutely free and you can download it from the official website of WordPress.


  • You can see the memory usage and total available memory to in the admin footer.
  • This plugin can be translated in two languages English and Spanish.
  • Not only the IP address and the memory, you can also see the PHP version and the operating system of your system.

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2. My Simple Space – Best In WordPress  Memory Usage Plugins

This plugin works very well, and give the information about disk space in the VPS server, without having to make login in server’s panel every single time. It is a great lightweight plugin. This plugin has more than 2000+ active installations and a 5-star rating as well. My Simple Space is compatible with all the latest versions of PHP and WordPress.

My Simple Space WordPress Memory Usage Plugin


It is an open source software and you can download it for free from


  • You can check the WordPress – content, plugins, themes, and uploads sizes.
  • In fact, you can check the size of your database.
  • It also displays the total available memory and the used memory.

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3. Memory Usage Bar – WordPress Plugin

The Memory Usage Bar is one of the renowned WordPress plugins present in the market. This plugin will help you to display current memory left to use on the top of the admin header of the website.

This plugin like to work silently, so if you have once installed or activated it, then you don’t have to make the updates again and again. It will definitely help you to locate all the memory usage data for a single website.

Mmeory Usage Bar WordPress Memory Usage Plugin


On the official website of WordPress, this plugin is available free of cost. You can easily download it from there and install it on your WordPress.


  • You can easily view the memory usage of files import or export on the top of the header.
  • With this plugin, only the main functions of the plugins are activated not any other kind of.
  • You will be able to get the details server limit, hostname, WP limit and IP address.
  • The plugin is responsive to any kind of screen sizes like tab, tablet, desktop etc.

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4. Database and Memory Usage Limits – WordPress Plugin

Database and Memory Usage Limits WordPress plugin help you out to display the whole memory usage on the dashboard. This plugins also shows the current memory usage in the footer section of the admin panel with very low consumption.

Also, it is compatible with the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated hosting server.

Database And Memory Usage WordPress Memory Usage Plugin


This open-source WordPress plugin is free of cost to you and easily downloadable from


  • You can easily identify the plugins-themes bugs easily with the help of this plugin.
  • With this plugin, you can also find out the WordPress errors on the dashboard.
  • This WordPress plugin will also help you out to increase the speed of the website.
  • It can also find up the extra memory usage of resources which are included with the site.

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Above we have discussed the best WordPress plugins memory usage. We hope you will pick the best one for your website and will display all the important information through it.

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