Businesses are nowadays switching from their traditional business model to a subscription-based business model.

With subscription and recurring billing based business model, one can monetize their business in a number of ways.

But managing and handling all this subscription billing information without any perfect subscription management software is not that easy.

Go Through The Comparison Between Customer Billing Management Solutions

Services Unlimited Revenue Multilingual Checkout Page Dunning Emails Rating
Pabbly Subscription Billing 4.9/5.0
Wallee  4.5/5.0
Avangate  4.1/5.0
 SaaSoptics 4.5/5.0
Magnaquest 3.1/5.0

Don’t worry..!

I’ve sorted down an outstanding list of 10 best customer billing management solutions that not only manage your customer’s payments, invoices & billings but also handle all the subscription services of your business. All these tasks make your workflow faster and easier.

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Just go through the list and opt a service that serves you in a better way and helps to achieve the benefits and growth of your business.

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing – Billing Management Tool

Pabbly Subscription Billing is a software which does it all regarding your subscription billing management. It provides payment flexibility and seamlessly integrates via API.

Also, you can collect one-time & recurring payments via Stripe & PayPal, set-up unlimited -plan for customers and add more such functionalities to your website.

Pabbly Subscription Billing

Pricing Plan:

Pabbly Subscriptions offers you four different plans to choose from-

  • Starter-
    Pabbly Subscriptions offers you this plan only at $19 per month on a yearly plan basis &  $39 per month in a monthly plan basis in which you can get unlimited access to all the features of the software.
  • Rookie-
    For this plan, you have to pay $29 every month if you opt for a yearly plan & $59 if you go for a monthly plan. Plus, you get access to various features like collect one-time or recurring payments, unlimited revenue & a lot more.
  • Pro- 
    With this plan, you can avail various pro features like invoice billing, multiple-payment gateways, client portal, etc. All this at just $49/month (yearly plan) & $99/month (monthly plan).


This software offers a wide range of attributes and here are a few handpicked:

  • Pabbly Subscriptions automates all your payments and makes sure the payments details are secure with PCI Compliance.
  • Facilitates multiple currency transactions and supports multiple payment gateways to make your business global.
  • Provides you with dunning management via which you can send dunning email to the customer when he fails to make the payment on time.
  • Customize your payment page to give it a personalized touch. Add your custom logo, banner, and tagline.

Moreover, this software lets you add products, promo codes, and coupons in a click. Its dashboard makes it as easy as pie for everyone. Also, you can analyze your data and track the growth of your business.

Pabbly Subscriptions is all set to take your business to heights with its groundbreaking deal of $19/month.

Why choose Pabbly Subscriptions?

Let’s say for 100 subscribers you pay your billing service $300/Month.

Now suppose you get $50 from each one of your subscribers, your earn $5000/Month.

But what if your service provider asks for a share in this revenue too!

Let’s say it takes the least 1% of your revenue. Then you end up paying around $350/month i.e. 7% of your monthly business!

So ask yourself is it a fair deal?

Certainly not, because Pabbly Subscriptions is offering you all the same top class services at just $19/month.

Features and pricing of Pabbly Subscriptions make it a must-have for every business.

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2. Avangate – Customer Billing & Management Software

Avangate subscription management software can help you expand your payments flexibility. This software gives its worth full service to many businesses around 4000 companies such as – Bitdefender, Absolute, HP, Lavasoft, etc.

It has a rich set of feature that let you transact at every touchpoint and helps to reach out to the targeted audience globally with rapid set-up and cloud scalability solution.

Avangate Checkout Customer Billing Management Solutions

Pricing Plan:

It provides you with three plans-

  • The first plan is Growth Edition & you can simply start using it.
  • While the for the second plan is Standard Edition & you need to signup for pricing details.
  • And the third one is the Enterprise edition, which you can easily customize according to your need. Simply, contact sales.


  • Avangate gives you a marketing, conversion and retention tool at a single platform to maximize your customer lifetime value. It will also help you to have a right experience and engagement with the right movement.
  • This automatic billing solution helps you to retain customers, payments details more efficiently.
  • Generate a direct link with the invoicing system & establish subscriptions without a credit card. It also provides different billing options such as payment by check or partial online payments.

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3. PaySimple – Tool For Customer Billing Management

PaySimple is the most flexible & mind-blowing payment acceptance platform that lets you sell services or product online. Over 17,000 business are using PaySimple at present because of its perplexing features.

It also gives 14-days free trial pack to its customers so that, the users can explore the service completely by paying a single amount.

Pay Simple Customer Billing Management Solutions

Pricing Plan:

It provides you with a free trial.

For more details, you need to contact the sales team.


  • Keep all the hassle out of your collection process with Paysimple billing handling software and manage all the outgoing payments of your business.
  • This subscription billing tool helps you increase your on-time collections with its preset and custom payment scheduling feature.
  • PaySimple billing software automatically notifies the customers about payments and enables the clients to easily pause or activate their scheduled transaction at any time.

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Pabbly Subscription Billing

4.FreshBooks – Start Managing & Controlling The Bills

FreshBooks is a cloud-based software that automates the billing system of your business. This will be the best way to keep payment processing easy, fast and secure.

Get the information about your transaction, payments, invoices and many other in just a single click.

FreshBooks Customer Billing Management Solutions

Pricing Plan:

You need to contact the service providers for pricing details.


  • It is easy to create and customize professional-looking invoices, add a logo and personalize your thank you emails which will make your customer feel wowed.
  • FreshBooks billing solution gives an amazing feature with which you can put your business in an auto-pilot mode so that it will automatically send a reminder and late charge details to the clients.
  • With this subscription billing software, you are able to widen your business in every region as it offers multi-language. So, now you can send invoices to the customers in their preferred language.

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5. FastSpring – A Tool To Control & Manage The Bills 

FastSpring is an intuitive & astonishing recurring billing management solution that fit with every type of small business and enterprise-grade companies. This also enables you to test the entire lifecycle of the order before it goes online.

So that, there will be less chance of getting any dispute from the customers and will not affect the reputation of your firm or brand.

Fast Spring Customer Billing Management Solutions

Pricing Plan:

For details about the pricing plans, you can contact the sales team.


  • In this, you will find a diverse selection of features which will help you to improve your subscription billing for big and small businesses. Also, you can make your payment process simple with options like multiple currencies, refund management, international tax collection and many more.
  • This billing management platform virtually supports every kind of subscription models like free and paid trial, on-demand subscription, one-time setup fees, installment payment plans and a lot more.
  • The subscription setup of this billing software is easy and quick. For further problem contact FastSpring support team[24×7].

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Pabbly Subscription Billing

6. SaaSoptics – Solution To Control & Manage Billing

SaaSOptics is the best subscription management solution as it is the finalist for the SIIA CODIE Award. This is the only platform that can scale and provide in-depth financial metrics and analytics like MRR/ARR, churn rate, cohorts and customer lifetime value.

With all these information one can make a hefty strategy to take their business on the top-most level.

SaasOptics Customer Billing Management Solutions

Pricing Plan:

Simply, signup on their website & the expert will get in touch with you.


  • Here you are able to keep eye on every important part of your business, customers. You can also manage your entire subscription journey from order to renewal of it along with the insights and gain value.
  • Eliminate manual efforts by making your subscription billing management automated which not only saves your time but also gives a peace to your mind that data is accurate from the start to the end of the process.
  • At-a-glance you’ll know that which customer is up for renewal process so that you can take instant action to proceed them manually or set as auto-renew.

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7. Magnaquest – Subscription Billing Software

The Magnaquest solution provides an end to end subscription & billing management system with flexible and complex on-demand billing, pricing, automated recurring billing along with the 360-degree customer management facility.

This is the best way to transform from traditional utilities to smart utilities and help you generate huge revenue for the business.

Magnaquest Subscription Billing Software

Pricing Plan:

You can contact the sales team for the information regarding the pricing plans.


  • Enables you to increase new customer and reward the existing customers by offering flat/percentage based offers and discounts which make the owner-customer relationship healthy.
  • Here you can generate a wide range of real-time report in both standard and customizable format which can be easily viewed over a dashboard.
  • This subscription management software also gives an automated notification to subscribers and users via E-mails or SMS.

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8. Zenbership – Billing Handling Service

Zenbership is a free open source subscription billing & CRM software that is designed to monetize all your billing process, customer retention so that by gathering all these information you will be able to design a powerful strategy for your business and can achieve the height that you wish.

Zenbership Customer Billing Management Solutions

Pricing Plans:

If you want to know about the pricing details, you can contact the service provider.


  • Zenbership gives a fully automated billing system like subscription creation or charging at regular intervals, expiring credit cards & a lot more.
  • This billing tool allows you to quickly establish a new subscription and update the existing ones from the administration control panel. Also, you can add and alter the credit cards that are associated with the subscription, pricing, renewals and many more.
  • With its online merchant portal, you can link the subscription portal together and can easily upgrade the pro-rates whenever you want.

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9. GrowSubscription Billing Management

Grow provides a leading-edge subscription billing management solution for your firm. This online billing and revenue management software allows you to automate recurring billing, every payment records, customers info and many more.

Grow Customer Billing Management Solutions


Get in touch with the service providers. They will brief you with the details.


  • You can have a glance at the insights of your company in a few clicks. Also, you can select the information you want to see and go through, t will provide you with the details in a dashboard.
  • It allows you to integrate with more than 150 software you use such as Amazon S3, Basecamp 2, Bank of America, etc.
  •  Grow gives unlimited pricing packages so that, you can choose plans according to the requirements.

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10. GoTransverse – Customer Billing Management Tool

GoTransverse is a powerful customer billing & subscription management software. It is strong enough to handle the most sophisticated model such as monetize billing in an intelligent way, maximum revenue, customer info, real-time transaction reports and many more.

GoTransverse Customer Billing Management Solutions


You can use the trial version which is free of cost.

As for the paid ones, you need to contact the sales team.


  • This customer billing management solution gives a 360-degree view of the subscriber through an intelligent dashboard, reporting, and analytics.
  • Here you can easily calculate invoices usage, recurring and one-time fees per customer. Along with that, it collects invoices in both local and foreign currencies.
  • Handle free-trial periods, promotions, refunds, email receipts and other payment-related tasks much easier with this billing management solution.

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11. Wallee – Recurring Payment & Subscription Management Software 

Wallee easily handles all the services such as – subscriber authority, payments, calculation of outstanding fees and a lot more. All these things will help you to take your business to the next level of management.

Wallee Customer Billing Management Solutions


  • Starter- This plan will cost you $4.95 per month
  • Advanced-Similarly, for availing this plan, you need to pay $14.95per month
  • Business- While the price of this pack is $69.90per month
  • Enterprise- If you want to opt for this plan, you can contact the service provider


  • Wallee have an amazing feature named as charge flow. All you need is to trigger the charge flow directly at the place where all the information are stored about customers, payments and more and the charger flow will be configured to collect the payment info automatically.
  • This billing tool offers a free trial period to check the product before committing toward the paid subscription plan.
  • This recurring management software offers you to give a variety of different payment models and pricing tires to your customers.

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Finally, after a deep research, I have found these amazing 10 customer billing management solution.

With these applications, you can make billing management much easier and less time-consuming.

Now choose the best customer billing management software that utterly fulfills your need and requirement.

Thereby, make your business grow & prosper.

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