Have you heard about Subscription Billing Platforms?

Yes, Subscription Billing..!!

It is the best platform for rapidly growing business with which you can:-

  • Manage all aspects of your subscriptions.
  • Track and monitor all the transaction and billing details.
  • Offer seasonal discounts to your customers by creating coupons & promo in seconds.

“A Quick Comparison Between – Subscription Billing Platforms “

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Pabbly Subscriptions Billing
Tridens Monetization

Are you ready to give your business a rapid growth with subscription billing platform?

So, here I have found the 10 top-class platforms for Subscription Billing by which you can make all the subscription management task a piece of cake!

Check the following service and decide which will be more terrific and suitable for handling your billing management process.

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing – No.1 Subscription Billing Platform

Pabbly Subscriptions is that one umbrella which provides all the essentials for subscription billing and more importantly it is the cheapest subscription billing solution available. This software makes sure it lessens the burden on your end so that your business grows exponentially.

Apart from all that, it comes with complete subscription management fused with the ability to collect automated recurring and one-time payments. Also, you can collect payments in multiple currencies and via multiple payment gateways.  Therefore, seamlessly use the service across other platforms via API-Key integration.



Pabbly Subscriptions offers you 3 plans to select from.

  • The first is Starters plan which costs $19/month if you opt for the yearly plan and $39/month if you select a monthly plan. Along with this, you can create unlimited plans & products for up to 500 users.
  • Next is the Rookie plan & the price for this plan is $29/month (yearly plan) and $59/month (monthly plan). Plus, you can easily collect one time or recurring payments for up to 2000 users.
  • For availing the Pro plan, you gotta pay $49/month in a yearly plan and $99/month in a monthly plan. Also, you can create a client portal, invoice billing, dunning emails, etc.


Below are the listed features that make it top the list.

  • Simple Dashboard: Pabbly Subscriptions manages your subscriptions with just a click. You can add products, promo codes, coupons numerously within seconds, and you can manage all this under one neat dashboard comprehensible to everyone.
  • Automated Payment Scheduling: Pabbly Subscriptions automatically processes recurring payments without bothering you or your customer.
  • PCI Compliance: PCI compliance integration helps you legally keep the customer’s payment details to receive payment automatically on the next billing date.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Support of multiple currencies and multiple gateways further removes any obstacle that you can face while making a payment.
  • API integration: Integrate Pabbly Subscriptions system with your own platform or your SaaS application via a full-fledged API-Key.

2. Tridens Monetization– Subscription Billing Platforms

Tridens Monetization is a subscription and real-time usage-based billing management platform, where you can automate subscription billing process in a Quote-Order-Cash digital economy from quoting, offer design, rating, taxation, billing & invoicing, payments, collection to reports & analytics.

Along with subscription and metered billing, Tridens Monetization also gives you analytics facility by which you are able to see your monthly and annually recurring revenue, usages, churn, sign-ups & activations, refunds, and many more that helps you to measure your business performance.

Tridens Monetization Subscription Billing Platforms


You have to contact Tridens Monetization sales team for the pricing details.


  • Intuitive Offer Design
  • Rating (online, offline, sharing)
  • Real-time Customer Management
  • Taxation (Avalara, Suretax, Vertex)
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • Revenue Management (AR, Payments, and Collections)
  • Reports and Real-time Analytics
  • Diverse business models such as B2B2C, B2B, B2C, etc

3. Fusebill – Subscription Billing Platforms

Simplify all aspects of subscription billing and management with Fusebill and give a flexible growth to your business. Along with subscription billing, this software also gives the analytics facility which is another important factor that can boost your organization.

FuseBill Subscription Billing Platforms


  • First is the Start-up plan, it costs you $99 / Month+1.5% of revenue
  • Second is the Rapid-Growth plan. This plan ranges from $995 / Month for 1m-3m annual revenue to $2,000 / Month for 9M to 10M annual revenue.
  • While, if you want to customize your plan, you can easily do it. With this Enterprise plan, you can easily get a quote for the custom plan.


  • With Fusebill, the subscription catalogs that you can control is billing, promos/coupons, upgrades, usage/expiry of product that gives the customer a resilience they want.
  • This payment processing software gives a facility to track sales reps, license keys, serial numbers or anything else that you wish to monitor with your subscription.
  • Automate every aspect such as provisioning, recurring billing, revenue recognition and catalog management.

Pabbly Subscription Billing

4. Invoicera – A Platform For Subscription Billing

Invoicera subscription billing tool gives a good online billing software that eliminates barriers and complexities of payment and helps to get paid faster.

The benefits of this software do not end here as this software brings the cash flow to life with real-time financial payment analytics.

Invoicera Subscription Billing Platforms


  • As for starters, you can avail this software for free of cost. All you gotta do is simply sign up and you are all set.
  • Whereas, for a paid version, 36.30 USD per year. Also, you can use a free trial before actually purchasing it.


  • Invoicera helps you to send bills to the customers on a periodic basis, improve the productivity of the invoicing process and retain long-term clients.
  • Auto-billing profiles help in receiving customer’s payment online automatically. Also, you can customize the subscription billing with your current CRM software.
  • The best feature Invoicera has is the automatics currency converter. By this conversion, you can easily track your currency gain and loss.

5. Cleverbridge – Subscription Billing Software

The Cleverbridge solution is capable of handling a growing business that faces billing related issues. With Cleverbridge you can scale the online sale of your business at high volume platform. This software is trusted by many companies such as Dell, Malwarebytes, Uniblue and much more.

Cleverbridge Subscription Billing Platforms


Simply, contact the sales team for pricing details!


  • Cleverbridge billing solution is designed in such a way that it can support various business need like multiple currency options, 24X7 billing facility and more in a very simple way.
  • By this tool, you can effortlessly manage pricing & plans, promotions, manual or automated renewal processes, free trial and premium offers of your subscription program.
  • This software not only simplifies your billing processes but also facilitates to connect your payment data for more accurate reporting and analytics.

Pabbly Subscription Billing

6. Rebilly – Subscription Billing Tool

Rebilly subscription billing platform is a set of powerful tool that ensures you to get every penny that you deserve from the customers you built. With this software, you can easily automate your billing processes and monitor all the payment reports and analytics smoothly.

Rebilly Subscription Billing Platforms


  • PIONEER-This plan is free of cost.
  • ENTREPRENEUR- For this plan, you have to pay $149/MO+ $0.10 per transaction fee.
  • EXECUTIVE- While the price of this plan is $1,497/MO+ $0.10 per transaction fee.
  • ENTERPRISE- Lastly, this plan will cost you $3,000/MO.


  • Choose the different billing methods/periods liken weekly, monthly, yearly, etc…it’s completely up to you..!
  • Now you can make the payment by using alternative payment methods like cash, check, Bitcoin or barter rather than payment card.
  • Drive deep into your customer, transaction and payment gateway with Rebilly. Also with this data, you can help your marketing team to target more profitable segment.

7. Vindicia – Software For Subscription Billing 

Boost your customer lifetime value and retention with Vindicia subscription billing and revenue management solution. This makes your payment transaction secure and also helps to maximize your subscription with pricing, billing, etc.

Vindicia Subscription Billing Platforms


For pricing details, you need to contact the sales team.


  • Vindicia helps you to reduce passive churn rate and increase customer lifetime value that will give your business a marvelous position in the market.
  • The visionary brands like Allrecipes, Vimeo, LifeLock, Angie’s List, and Next Issue Media’s Texture service that have faith on Vindicia. This subscription billing software monetizes their goods, contents and many other services in an accurate manner.
  • Instantly you can introduce any new plans, pricing, promotion of new offers, coupons, adding free trial pack and much more.

8. Onebill – Tool For Subscription Billing 

Onebill is an end-to-end, quote-to-cash fully automated subscription billing and revenue management platform. It has multiple functions like real-time tracking, suggestive integration of new partners and many more. Consequently, that will give your business a different look.

OneBill Subscription Billing Platforms


  • Basic- This plan will provide all the basic features for the subscription. And it will cost $99 per month.
  • Lite- For acquiring this plan, you have to pay $349 per month.
  • Flex- To acquire this plan, you need to spend $499 per month. 
  • Enterprise- Whereas, you can also customize the plan according to your requirement.


  • It allows social media integration and also let the subscribers manage or edit their payment method.
  • Make use of customized and formalized channel management program for selling and servicing your customer with specified channel.
  • This billing tool gives accurate reports about payments, credit card expiry, pending bills that will help in the growth of your business.

9. Paid – Subscription Billing Platform

Paid is a modern billing and revenue management software for small, medium and large businesses. Here you can easily connect the stripe account to get online payment faster. If you have a multi-location business then paid subscription billing system makes you prepared for any kind of billing need.

Paid Subscription Billing Platforms


  • You can try out this service for free of cost.
  • Further, you pay as you go at $1 per invoice.
  • Also, you can customize your plan if you generate more than 100 invoices per month.


  • Keep your records perfect with Paid as this gives a real-time analytics of all your payment metrics, customer growth rate, auto reconciliation and much more.
  • Paid subscription billing and revenue management tool automates your billing system and it also automates your payment collection method.
  • Natero, Unbabel, Custora, Revfluence are some businesses that trust Paid billing solution to fix their billing & revenue management problem.

10. Aria – Platform For Subscription Billing 

Aria subscription billing provides a cloud-based monetization platform. It empowers your company or organization to take a more innovative approach towards pricing and getting new products in the market with maximum customer lifetime value.

This software removes billing bottleneck. Thereby, allows a company or organization to rapidly introduce and evolves their offering, promotions, bundles and much more with automated billing facility.

Aria Subscription Billing Platforms


If you want to know about the pricing structure, get in touch with the service provider.


  • With the help of Aria subscription billing software, you can configure to send bills to nearly 50 users at a time.
  • It produces bills with clarity and transparency. This ensures that the customers are only charged for the product and services they purchase.
  • Using this tool you can reduce manual intervention and routine online payment by automatically handling them in an accurate manner.

11. Accumulus – Subscription Billing Solution

Accumulus subscription billing solution fully automates your revenues and billing process at a very affordable price. With this software, you can get into the market very fast by just configuring your merchant account with Accumulus. And hence, you can start selling the products instantly.

Accumulus billing tool gives its services to enormous companies like Phone plus, Sweepre, Sonu Media and many more.

Accumulus Subscription Billing Platforms


Accumulus provides a very flexible price. For pricing details, you can contact the sales team.


  • Keep a record of your valuable insights by tracking promotions, resells, upgrades and downgrades to optimize your business for maximum success.
  • Accumulus subscription billing software has a flexible architecture that can handle ACH/ bank account transfer, PayPal other than recurring credit cards.
  • You can easily utilize plug-in of customer self-service form with your mobile, laptop, desktop to reach their customer.

12. Open Billing System – Subscription Billing Platform

Open Billing software is an ultimate solution for recurring and subscription billing problems. With this, you can easily track the complete life-cycle of subscriber like bill/payments, upgrades, renewals, analytics, etc. It is also the first software to harness open source as a platform.

OBS Subscription Billing Platforms


Further, if you want to know about the pricing details, get in touch with the sales team.


  • Open billing system sends emails that notify your customers about every transaction that keeps the subscriber up-to-date.
  • This solution supports several payment gateways like PayPal, Dalpay, Globalpay, Neteller and many more.
  • This software enables you to see all the information related to subscription billing, payment metrics, churn rates, customer retention on a single dashboard.


After checking out the above-mentioned Top 10 Subscription Billing Platforms I hope you finally got the solution of the subscription billing problem.

These services will surely offer you dynamic and gratifying results in the subscription billing runnel.

Besides this, if you have any query or suggestion, feel free to contact us!

Thanks for reading!

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