Wufoo is an online form builder that provides capabilty for creating online forms. It eases data collection & comes with back-end to track and manage incoming data.

Where Wufoo Lags ?

While Wufoo is quite popular among the audience who are looking to create online forms. However, Wufoo lags in certain key aspects of data collection.

I am listing down few things where we think Wufoo is limited in some aspects:

1. Forms & Entries Limitations:

Wufoo restricts you on the number of forms that you can create and further restricts you on the number of entries/messages that you can collect with forms.

For more forms or entries, you have to simply upgrade to higher plan every other time.

2. Non Optimized Way of Data Capturing

Wufoo is not at all focused on optimizing your lead capture conversions.

Wufoo just gives you two old and traditional ways of sharing forms to capture leads.

  • Once the form is built, it gives you a form link that you can share with your audience directly.
  • They give you a form embed code to embed the web form on any specific page of your website.

Wufoo doesn’t comes with any powerful tools that can help you to capture more leads from every single page of the website.

3. No way to send emails or contact all the leads at once.

Wufoo doesn’t allows you to send emails at once to all your audience who submitted the form.

You would have to integrate your email marketing service separately to do that. So you need to pay extra money to email marketing services apart from the money that you have to spend on Wufoo for leads and messages capturing.

At the same time, learning two different solutions needs extra effort and separate resources to handle them.

FormGet – A Much Better & Clever Wufoo Alternative

1. No Limitations:

With FormGet you can have the freedom to create as many forms as you like without any restrictions and further you can collect as many messages from your form.

Every FormGet plan comes with unlimited forms and messages, so there is practically no limits on what you want to do with your FormGet account.

2. Optimized Lead Capturing Conversions:

FormGet was built was a focus on optimizing leads capturing conversions.

To optimize conversions, FormGet comes with “Sliding Form widget” that enables capturing leads from every single page of the website. No other form solution out there give you such kind of sliding form widget.

The sliding form widget statistically enhances the lead capturing conversions by over 10X.

Further FormGet helps you in improving your internal business process by “managing multiple forms from one single dashboard, handling and delegating form messages within team to get queries resolved quickly without any hassles.

Lead Generation Optimization - Wufoo Alternative

3. Email Marketing:

Once you capture the leads and messages, you can use FormGet to do email marketing to the leads that you captured. The email marketing service within FormGet includes powerful email template buider, autoresponders and automated email drips.

We tried to integrate automation within FormGet to make it easier for you to grow your business with the power of leads generation and email marketing.

4. Unified Platform for Lead Generation, Email Marketing and Online Payments:

FormGet was built with a sole aim of having the power of Lead Generation, Email Marketing and Online Payments in one single place.

The optimized lead generation mechanism along with power of email marketing and way to collect online payments makes FormGet a one stop place for all your marketing needs to grow your business.

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For a extended set of differences between both Wufoo and FormGet. Check the glosarry below to find out how FormGet and Wufoo compares both in terms of pricing and functionality.



There are numerous form building application on web. It totally depends upon your choice which form building application would you like to use for your website. We assure that FormGet would be one of the best application out there to capture leads, collect messages and do much more. You will simply love it. Overall FormGet is a much better Wufoo Alternative with great functionality.

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Happy Form Building!