Despite being in the online form builder software market for ages now, Wufoo stills lag behind in a lot of aspects.

  • Provides average interface
  • Requires better customization options
  • Doesn’t allow user roles & team member access
  • Moderate form management
  • Feeble customer support

All of this calls for an immediate need of some extraordinary form builder tools that will act as your saviors.

But trying your hand with new form maker services altogether wouldn’t be a smart move!

So why not go with the services that are already tried & tested?

Yes, you got it right! Today in this article, we have compiled 5 best Wufoo alternatives that will definitely prove to be your best choice.

Comparison Between Best Wufoo Alternatives
Services Starter Plan Custom Branding  Email Marketing Integration Free Trial
FormGet Form Builder $7/month Yes Yes Yes
Pabbly Forms $5/month Yes Yes Yes
Formplus $25/month No No Yes
Abcsubmit  $9.99/month No No Yes
SoGoSurvey $25/month Yes Yes Yes

1. FormGet Form Builder

This online form maker has been used by professionals and is tagged as one of the best Wufoo alternatives. The service comprises various elements to make your form building & sharing process much easier. For instance, it has a drag & drop builder, form submission notification, easy form embed option, submission redirect and a lot more.

FormGet Form Builder Wufoo Alternative

Key Features

Conditional Logic – This service will let you present a smart & easy-to-fill online form. By using conditional logic, form fields will propagate according to the user actions only.

Data Encryption – The tool offers SSL encryption for the form data that traverse through different servers & browsers to ensure data privacy. Also, you can provide reCaptcha in the forms for spam prevention.

Easy Form Management – This form builder provides you the feature to manage multiple forms which are embedded on different websites at one place.

Integrations – FormGet provides Dropbox integration that lets you upload files (images, docs, resumes, etc.) submitted by users. Furthermore, you can make these stored documents accessible to the team members to organize important data.

Other integrations are of email marketing services such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, GetResponse, Salesforce etc. that automatically add the subscribers to your contact list & generate more leads.

Pricing Plans

  • Starters plan at $7/month – 1200 submissions/month, third-party integrations, color customizer, form analytics, canned replies, etc.
  • Standard plan at just $19/month – 10K submissions/month, submission reports, reCaptcha/spam prevention, 260+ ready templates, RTL, form scheduling and more.
  • Rookie plan at $35/month – 25K submissions/month, custom branding, form scheduling, data security, embed to 35 domains, 100k form views/month, 2 GB file upload and a lot more.
  • Pro plan at $79/month – unlimited forms and other attributes like 60K submissions/month, autoresponder, Google Analytics integration, submission notifications etc.
  • Advanced plan at $99/month – unlimited forms, submissions & form views, priority support, third-party integrations, multilingual forms, conditional logic, embed to unlimited domains and tons of other options.

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2. Pabbly Forms

Pabbly Forms is popularly known as an all-in-one form builder software that enables you to create a variety of online forms related to payment, surveys etc. in a matter of few minutes.

Moreover, the software provides you with a dashboard to manage different aspects like form embed, payment transactions, lead collection, canned replies, submission reports, third-party integrations,  etc.

Pabbly Forms Wufoo Alternative

Key Features

Team Collaboration – Band together with the team members & define user roles to manage forms & collected data through online forms.

Secured Payment Collection – You can collect both one-time as well as recurring payment using most secured payment gateways – PayPal and Stripe.

Custom Branding – With this feature, you can add logos, images, custom message, link etc. of your brand to promote the product/services to a larger audience.

Email Marketing – You can use Pabbly forms to do email marketing to the captured leads that include email template builder, autoresponders and automated email drips.

Pricing Plan

  • Starter plan at $5/month – 1200 submissions/month, 1 payment account, 12k form views/month, embed to 10 domains etc.
  • Rookie plan at $35/month – 25K submissions/month, 5 payment accounts, 100k form views/month, embed to 35 domains and a lot more.
  • Pro plan at $79/month – 60K submissions/month, 250K form views/month, 15 payment accounts, embed to 75 domains, priority support etc.
  • Advanced plan at $99/month – unlimited forms & submissions, unlimited payment accounts, unlimited form views/month, clients dashboard and much more.

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3. Formplus

This Wufoo alternative lets you create forms that seamlessly collect data online and offline. You can easily publish the forms on different platforms & further manage the data such as student enrollment & job applications, collect leads, receive online payments and other information.

Furthermore, you can create pre-filled and dynamically filled forms for users convenience & also track the users and their pending submissions.

Formplus Wufoo Alternative

Key Features

Form Logic

You can create dynamic forms with multiple options such as conditional logic, field validation, redirection, pre-fill form from URL, make a field required, multi-page forms and tons of more options.

Location Based Forms

You can determine the location of the person who is filling out your form (with his consent) using the help of Google Maps to pinpoint the nearest physical address.


Users can upload unlimited files & submit multimedia files without any restriction to the size of files through your online forms. Furthermore, you can store the received data in Formplus server or in your preferred cloud storage.


You can send email notifications to team members & the responders on various user actions such as receiving a new response, getting payments through the forms.

Pricing Plan

  • Starter at $25/month – Unlimited forms & file uploads, 300 email invitations/month, notification to self & others, pre-populate forms etc.
  • Professional at $45/month – 1000 email invitations/month, white labeled forms, custom subdomain, include PDF/Docx in notifications, customized form links, and much more.
  • Enterprise – Contact sales team to know the cost details of this advanced plans for availing features like unlimited email invitations/month, custom integration & solutions, dedicated account manager and a lot more.

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4. Abcsubmit

Abcsubmit is predominantly used by the professionals, as this is one of the few form builder tools that lets you create websites as well. It allows you to create amazing online forms for surveys, contact forms, event registration etc. as well as online shops with least manual efforts.

The service provides you with many features like numerous templates, data sync with Google Spreadsheets, data encryption, along with pay as you go option for purchasing the plan.

Abcsubmit Wufoo Alternative

Key Features

Conditional Logic

This form builder lets you use conditional logic while designing a form so that you can easily hide/show the form fields, set up advanced payments formulas & populate the field values according to the user inputs.

SEO & Google Analytics

Built-in SEO and Google Analytics help you to discover how your website or form performs online.

Data Security

This service lets you have the best security solutions for your forms and data submissions against VPN, Proxy & bad reputation networks.

White Label Domain

You can host your websites/forms either using your own domain or via

Pricing Plan

The following plans are mentioned on the basis of monthly pricing. However, you can go with the yearly plans and avail various discounts as well.

  • Free – Get options like 3 websites, online stores, forms or documents, custom domain, 100 submissions per month etc.
  • Core at $9.99/month – 10 websites, online stores & forms, option to use your own domain, 1000 monthly submissions etc.
  • Professional at $24.99/month – 7500 monthly submissions, form submission encryption, 40 websites, online stores & documents, PayPal & Stripe payments and a lot more.
  • Ultimate at $49.99/month – 100 websites, online stores, & forms with various field options, Integrations with third-party applications, 80000 document views per month etc.
  • Enterprise starting at $99.99/month – Encryption of form submission, 50000 files cloud storage, form submission encryption and a lot more.

Note:- Start using this online form maker now without spending a dime as it provides a 14-days free trial for all of its paid plans.

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5. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey online form builder is considered as one of the powerful yet simple form maker tools. This service facilitates you with hundreds of professionally designed templates if you don’t want to start from scratch.

Few More Important Features – Numerous question types, limit open-end answers, show real-time survey responses to participants, send email alert for partial response submission etc.

SoGoSurvey Wufoo Alternative

Key Features

Smart Online Forms

Create forms that skip users past irrelevant questions based on their previous answers. This logical designing of forms will help you to collect only relevant information and save users time as well.


You can easily outreach to a wider slot of the audience with the help of multilingual forms. Once you are done creating the online forms your primary language, it automatically translates in 30+ languages.

Multiple Form Distribution Choices

This online form builder allows you to post the form on Facebook, Twitter, or your choice of websites. Likewise, you can easily publish a survey on Delicious, Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and more.

Data Integrity and Fraud Protection

This online form maker allows you to limit each form participant to one response. Furthermore, you may encrypt all form data using HTTPS to protect the information.

Pricing Plan

  • Basic at $0 – This package includes 15 mobile-ready surveys, basic real-time reports, built-in online poll application etc.
  • Plus at $25/month – Unlimited surveys, add your own survey logo, prevent duplicate responses, export data in multiple formats, multilingual surveys and more.
  • Pro at $40/month – Run anonymous surveys, import survey data, create a quiz with automatic scoring, fully customized and personalized email invitations, mail merge, & a lot more.
  • Premium at $99/month – Comparison report, expire survey invitation link, data cleansing module, easy data export, phone-based support, branding removal, and many other features.
  • Enterprise+ – Contact sales team to know the pricing details of this plan that offers the most advanced features like Salesforce integration, HIPAA compliance, API, segmentation report, allows the use of your own custom SMTP servers for survey invitations etc.

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I hope this article will end your search for finding the best Wufoo alternative. The reason being, professionals has already given a thumbs up for the rendered services.

Above all, each one of them gives you an option of free trial to be sure before purchasing the software. Hence, you can go with any of the online form builders as per your business requirement & maximize the profit.

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