Wondering what else you can achieve with form builders? This article explores the Formstack alternatives which come with a variety of advanced features to build forms and use them elsewhere.

A list of features is put up which Formstack lacks:

  • No SSL security
  • Leads Management
  • Limited Integrations
  • Custom Fields


Good news is that you can go for the various alternatives to Formstack that are available in the market today. Here is the comparison between the five of them.

“Comparison Between Formstack Alternatives”
Services Starter Pack SSL Encryption   Zapier Integrations    Custom Branding
FormGet Form Builder $7 per month
Pabbly Forms $5 per month
 Formsite $0 per month
Typeform $0 per month
Leadformly $37 per month

Here are a few alternatives to Formstack:

1. FormGet – Form Builder

This is the latest trending form builder software incorporated with various advanced features for building & embedding forms. You can create forms with existing templates or add multiple fields, text & images for various organizations like the library, educational institutes, etc.

Furthermore, you can create multilingual forms to reach out to the audience around the world.


Extensive Features:

  • Drag & Drop Form Building: Easily create forms & edit form fields using the drag & drop functionality.
  • Email Alert For Form Submission: This form builder comes with the feature of sending email notifications to the admin, whenever a customer submits a form. This form builder manages it all for you.
    Moreover, you can also link the email generated leads to your email marketing application for sending them promotional emails.
  • Smart Form: FormGet comes with advanced conditional logic and branching for all the form entries. Thus, the form entries change with respect to the previous field response of the users.
  • Secure Payments: This is integrated with payment gateways like PayPal & Stripe for collecting single or recurring payments with ease.


  • The Starter pack comes for $7/month and has only one form & allows 12,000 submissions per month. It also has Google Analytics integration and third-party integrations as well.
  • A Standard pack is available which offers 3 forms at $19/ month. You can embed forms to 15 domains & have full data security.
  • The Rookie plan has 25 forms for $35 per month. You can link 5 payment accounts to this along with Google Analytics,260+ ready templates, custom email notifications along with the RTL support for the forms.
  • FormGet offers a Pro plan at $79 per month. It gets you a special feature of agents/client dashboard with priority support.
  • The Advance plan comes at $99 per month along with unlimited form submissions and users.

Some More Features: Embed form links even without having a website, manage all form submissions at one place, multilingual form support, create team member & multi-user accounts.

2. Pabbly Forms

Pabbly Forms is a form building app that lets you easily create forms by simply dragging and dropping the form elements. It allows you to manage all the form activities with the Pabbly dashboard and also has multilanguage support for the forms.

You can create forms to be used in various niches like reservations, applications, surveys, and payment forms with a secure payment module.


Extensive Features:

  • Secure Payment Module: Pabbly forms are integrated with secure payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. You can easily handle single or recurring payments with ease.
  • Form Access: It lets you assign restricted access to your team members for the Pabbly dashboard.
  • Forms For Your Website: You can easily create forms and embed them on your website in different ways like tabbed forms, plain form in the sidebar or website content or put up a complete form with header and footer.


  • The Starter pack comes with one form limited to a single user at $5 per month. Although, you get functionalities like canned replies, data security, and form customization options.
  • A Standard pack is available that comes with 3 forms & 10K submissions/month at $19 per month. It also has PayPal/Stripe integration, multilingual support, and much more.
  • The Rookie plan comes at $35 per month with 25 forms and 25K submissions per month. You can have 5 user accounts and embed forms up to 35 domains. Additionally, it has 260+ ready templates with custom email notification and branding.
  • The Pro plan has unlimited forms with 60K submissions per month at $79 per month. It has all the features of the above 3 plans and additionally has agents/clients dashboard along with priority support.
  • Advance plan of the Pabbly forms comes at $99 per month and offers unlimited forms with unlimited submissions. It has all the features like PayPal/Stripe integration,260+ ready templates, social sharing, RTL, form scheduling, etc.

Some More Features: Facilitated you with autoresponders, add images and videos to forms, email attachments, pop-up forms, file uploads, etc.

3. HubSpot Form Builder

One of the most popular Formstack alternatives is HubSpot’s free form builder.

To start, it’s free. You can design and install as many forms as you’d like on your site. This alone makes it an enticing offer, especially for the beginners and budget-strapped marketers among us.

Next, it’s easy to use. With a drag and drop visual editor and a bunch of pre-made templates, you don’t need to be a professional designer or developer to get your web forms up and running. It’s very accessible.

Finally, you get great data integration. Standard set up with the free forms tool includes routing all of your contact to the free HubSpot CRM, where you can enrich your contact data, set up reminder tasks, call your contacts, or send personalized emails. Having everything in one place really helps both on the budget side and on the complexity and management side of things.

Extensive Features:

  • The free tier includes everything you need to get started with forms and lead collection: static web forms and pop-up lead capture forms are available for free
  • Use the drag and drop form builder to create your own unique forms or pick a ready-made template to quickly get started
  • The tool is natively integrated with the free HubSpot CRM so you can safely store and manage your captured leads (free forever for unlimited contacts)
  • Nurture your captured leads by scheduling automatic free kickback emails


HubSpot Pricing

Free tier: HubSpot offers a limited plan with limited features.

Paid Plans: The HubSpot’s Starter plan comes at $40/month, and it’s other paid plans namely Professional & Enterprise starts at $800/month and $3,200/month respectively. These plans include web forms with several other features like landing pages, marketing automation, and live chat.

4. Formsite

Formsite is a service that lets you build responsive & professional layout forms for surveys, applications, payments, etc. without having to imply any code or HTML.

It lets you easily share forms by embedding it on any page or sending a secure form link to any individual.


Extensive Features:

  • Build Forms & Surveys: Formsite lets you create forms incorporated with different styles and designs. You can also make forms with multiple pages. Furthermore, put up your own custom logo and embed forms in pages.
  • Results: An important & useful feature of Formsite is that you can easily get your results via email notifications. These results can also be depicted using graphs and tables and you can easily share reports in no time.
  • Response Collection: This form builder lets you collect sensitive data and file uploads from the forms & also deliver predefined canned replies in return.
  • Collects Payments: Formsite enables you to easily collect payments via order forms for the products & services. It supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Stripe.


Formsite comes with monthly and yearly plans for your form building processings.

  • A Free plan is available that is equipped with 5 forms and 10 results per form.
  • The Deluxe plan offers 5 forms and 500 results on each at $19.95 per month. It comes with 500MB file space.
  • A Pro 1 plan comes at $29.95 per month offering 10 forms with 1,000 results per form. It is ad-free incorporated with secure forms.
  • The Pro 2 plan offers you with 25 forms and 2,500 results for each from at $59.95 per month. The forms will be ad-free & secure. Moreover, you can add up to 5 sub-user accounts with restricted permissions to each.
  • Formsite also has a Pro 3 plan that has 100 forms with 10,000 results per form at $99.95 per month. With this plan, you can have 20 sub-user accounts & these forms are security compliant.

Some More Features: It also offers Captcha, QR code, workflow logic, image upload, 3rd party integrations, etc.

5. Typeform

Typeform is the new age platform that makes collecting & sharing information, a lot more interactive and interesting. You can create surveys, quizzes, shopping cart forms without having to write a single line of code.

This versatile form builder lets you make customizable forms and view the changes in real time. It is integrated with MailChimp, Stripe and Google Sheets.


Extensive Features:

  • Attractive Forms: With Typeforms, you can create attractive forms & make your questions pop up with images, GIFs, and video. It lets you present questions one by one, thus making it look like a normal engaging conversation. It also enables you to add a customizable home screen for displaying greetings.
  • Smart Forms: Typeform allows you to add Logic Jump to the forms and hence make them savvy and more personal.
  • Important Integrations: This platform is integrated with a MailChimp, Google Sheets, and Stripe payment gateway. Also, you can gather the responses and utilize them in email marketing applications or generating results.
  • Zapier Integration: Zapier lets you set up and connect a large number of web applications into your forms.
  • Analytics: Typeforms come with simple analytics functionality that provides insights, taking into account the responses that have been submitted via the forms.


  • It has a Basic plan that comes free of cost, equipped with 10 questions per forms and 100 responses per month. It has features like Google Sheets, embed, metrics and reports, etc.
  • The Pro plan is offered at $30 per month with unlimited form fields & responses. It has advanced features like logic jump, MailChimp, custom thank you screen, payment option, and larger file uploads.
  • A more advanced plan, Pro + comes at $59 per month with unlimited questions and responses. Additionally, it has advanced question types, customer outcomes manager, priority support, remove Typeform branding, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tab Manager.

Some more features: Embed your forms into your website, users can upload any type of files, piping, HubSpot integration, etc.

6. Leadformly

Leadformly is a flexible form builder that lets you create forms and get a higher conversion rate for your leads. This lets you build survey forms, contact forms, etc. Most importantly, it segments your leads for you to deal with each of them separately and convert them into customers.

Furthermore, you can collect data from the forms and send them to the email marketing or automation marketing software for further processing.


Extensive Features:

  • Smart Spam Block: Leadformly has its own “Honeyspot spam trap” that blocks spammers who try to access your forms. It does not offer any Captchas to the form users.
  • Lead Segmentation: This service has an automated lead segmentation feature that separates and groups the leads based on certain criteria. Thus, making it easier for you to market to your leads.
  • Webhooks: It has a Webhooks method that utilizes the information from the first application and sends it to the next for further processing.
  • GDPR Compliant & SSL Encryption: It is GDPR compliant and comes with SSL encryption for security reasons. Hence, keeping the data private and integral.


  • Leadformly has an Essential plan that starts at $37 per month. It offers unlimited forms and up to 250 leads per month. Also, you can assign 2 other members to create forms with the same account.
  • The Growth plan comes at $74 per month with up to 1,000 leads submission per month. You can have up to 5 team members linked with your account. It has Zapier integrations, webhooks, SSL encryption and email notifications for form submissions.
  • A Team plan is available at $149 per month for 25,000 leads per month. It has advanced functionalities like analytics, hidden fields, optimized templates and priority call support with tips and advice from the customer success manager at Leadformly.

Some more features: Embed forms anywhere, conditional logic, lead value, analytics, validation, Zapier integrations, hidden fields, etc.


The above information clearly states the comparison and benefits of the alternative form builders over Formstack. A lot of new features are available for you to increase your lead generation via forms and also send the data further, to the email marketing applications and other integrated apps.

You can choose based on your requirements and engage a lot more customers via flexible and intelligent forms, via automated processes.

Start today by getting an insight into the above form builders using their free available trials.

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