We  understand, as an alert consumers, you always seek for a better products and services online. And, for this, you do hours and hours of research sitting online to find the best.

And with reference to the above, the research is perfectly applicable for the online form builders too.

Anyone, who owns a website would need a form builder. Amongst it, Formstack is one the form builder. But, there is something, which you need more in a form builder. For e.g. fast execution of work flow, centralize management of lead data and many things more.

So, explore out various features of the two and find out where the changes are carried out. It is very helpful to make a firm decision for you to use the respective form builder of yours choice.

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Have a look on the Infographic  that clearly compares the two form builder.



Seeing the above infographic, you can make out both form builders have multiple features but still if you have just started your online business, then it will be better for you to go for the one that is available in cheap rates, and especially when you are getting all the advance features in that rate too. In fact, more features than those in the prior one.  This is the characteristic of a powerful form builder.

I want to share one of the thought for a online form builder, that says “True power of form building tool can be scaled through capabilities on how much they can be used on multiple scenarios and situations.”

With reference to above statement, Here can be the possible  example:

  • An easy editor while customizing the form & appearance
  • Powerful marketing tool while connecting the form to various networks
  • Directory while storing valuable lead and client data
  • Lead management tool while operating the various kind of leads from one dashboard
  • Customer Relationship Management tool while tracking the sales with respect to each and every client.

If you really want to make the practical use of it, you can try your hand once on FormGet. Here is it’s dashboard.