Fed-up with outdated, complex and highly priced email marketing services that have a clunky user interface; and need a fresh email marketing service that is highly affordable and designed according to the needs of present-day marketing scenario..???

You have landed on the right page…MailGet – Email Marketing Platform awaits you..!!!

Hey there !!

I’m Fugo, Fugo from FormGet, and I bring to you, MailGet – a fresh and affordable email marketing service that is carved especially for young-blood businesses. It’s a service that will definitely allow an ease to your pocket and may revive your idea of email marketing even.

Moreover, I’m here to help you out in every possible problem you might face while marketing your products & services through email campaigns.

Proceeding to the same, I’d describe now, why I’m calling MailGet fresh, reasonable and best fit for today’s email marketing needs. Taking up its specifications one by one, I’ll explain how you can get benefited with the amazing features of MailGet.

Freshness :

Launched in 2022, MailGet is designed keeping in mind all the problems that a person or a business might face while using an email marketing solution. Its fresh and simple approach gets reflected in all its segments, may it be its Email builder or be its Contacts Management.

Its pricing too is kept low keeping in mind the high volume of subscribers, businesses have today. The design aesthetics of MailGet also reflect its vision of being simple but relevant and effective at the same time.

Pricing :

MailGet has the lowest of all pricing, among all existing email marketing services. Its pricing plan is based on number of subscribers as well as the volume of emails sent, in one packet.

MailGet connects with Amazon SES for sending emails and Amazon SES charges $0.10 per thousand emails sent. As far as pricing of MailGet is concerned, it charges monthly on the basis of number of subscribers in three slots mentioned below.

MailGet pricing

You have to pay for both MailGet and Amazon SES separately. For understanding the pricing better read the illustration below :

Say you have a subscriber base of around 20,000 people whom you send 5 emails each, per month. So you can say, you send 1,00,000 emails monthly.

Now MailGet will charge $49 for sending unlimited emails to 20,000 subscribers and Amazon will charge $10 for sending 1,00,000 emails. So what you are going to have in your monthly bill is just $59.

This means sending 1,00,000 emails to 20,000 ( 5 each ) subscribers costs you only $59 using MailGet. Isn’t that great..!!

Pre-requisites :

It is a web-based service, so one needs to have an internet connection for sure. Other than that, the only requirement to use MailGet would be an Amazon SES account. After you setup Amazon SES account, you will have to generate your IAM credentials, which would be entered in MailGet’s settings panel. This will setup a payment mode for SES.

For MailGet you can pay through a PayPal account or through a Credit/Debit card. After doing so, you have all the ammunitions to trigger email campaigns to your subscribers.

Ease of Use :

Ease of use is the prime requirement of present times and so is the prime focus of MailGet. Its dashboard is simple, appealing and relevant to use. On it, you have your recent email campaigns along with their statistics.

Its email editor is also easy to use and gives the same results as complex editors of other services give.

The look and the feel of the interface is so fresh-n-attractive that you will never feel bored working on it. It doesn’t have a plethora of information dumped up on a single page, instead it has tabs that are actually needed while creating, sending and tracking emails.

In short, the entire process of emailing in MailGet is worth enjoying.

Features :

All the co-existing email advertising services claim to serve numerous features to their clients but quite a few of those features are actually useful for them. But as mentioned earlier, MailGet’s approach is different.

It avails its users, only those features which are relevant and necessary for a successful email marketing campaign. A few of them are mentioned below.

Email Editor – It has a stunning WYSIWYG email editor that frees you from the hectic HTML coding. Here, you can design eyeball-grabbing emails newsletters that capture quick attention of the audience, in just a few clicks. But considering every type of users, it also has a Basic Text Editor and a Custom Code Editor.

Sign up Forms – MailGet has an embed web form feature, through which you can embed signup forms in your website to generate leads.

Autoresponders – MailGet also provides Autoresponder service for every subscription; through this service, one can send messages to his users automatically, based on their actions. These messages may include welcome messages, coupons, payment confirmations, etc.

Email Drips – This feature allows you to send automated emails in a pre-defined order and at pre-defined timelines. And as soon as someone gets added to your list, he or she starts receiving these drips.

Include/Exclude – This feature of MailGet allows you to exclude a list of recipients whom you don’t want send emails. When one excludes an email list while sending an email campaign, all the email addresses of that list are automatically expelled from all the lists for that particular campaign.

HTML to Plain Text Alternative – It is an awesome feature where if a person has blocked HTML templates, a plain text version of the template you created will be sent automatically to him.

Deliverability :

MailGet uses Amazon SES as an email server, therefore high deliverability is guaranteed. The content filtering technologies of Amazon SES first scan whether the email content meets ISP standards or not and only then queue it for sending.

It also detects and blocks emails containing viruses and malware. So you can rely fully on MailGet’s deliverability.

Tracking and Reporting :

You can have a complete record of opens, clicks and unsubscribes of recent campaigns, right on the dashboard. Further, if you want to see the spam and bounces graphically, you can find that on Amzaon SES’s dashboard.

In this way, you can have a two-tier assessment of your campaigns, the necessary one in MailGet and the secondary in Amazon SES.

Support :

It provides fast and effective email support, so you can get your solutions in a very short time. Additionally, It has video as well as blog tutorials to help you out when you are stuck somewhere.

MailGet’s supports its customers at every step of the whole process, right from creating an account to tracking your emails.

Business Size :

For now, MailGet is focusing on small and medium business sizes i.e. up to a subscriber base of 1,00,000, but that doesn’t stop you from using MailGet if you are big business.

If you have more than 1,00,000 contacts and are interested in using this service, you can contact MailGet, they will sculpt the best possible solution for you.

Verdict :

MailGet can be the best choice for a small and medium sized business focusing to market its product with minimum input and maximum ROI. With highly affordable prices and easy operations, MailGet surely can emerge as a market leader in existing email advertising services.

Fugo says, though there are improvements required in MailGet, which are obvious and necessary for any organization at any stage, they are constantly working to make it better for their clients, each passing day.

But anyhow, its simplicity, effectiveness and freshness are compelling and you will enjoy using it.

So, for what you are waiting, Check out MailGet – email service provider now and start experiencing awesome email marketing. But don’t forget to tell me how did you liked it…

For any other information regarding MailGet or any other query regarding email marketing, you can contact me i.e. Fugo at [email protected] .