Comparisons are always beneficial, especially when they are done before taking up a product or a service. They help us know the advantages and shortcomings of the product or service we want to use. They guide us to take correct decisions and here we have iContact Alternative MailGet Bolt.

Same is the case with email marketing services; services that allow you send bulk emails for marketing and transactional purposes. Before taking up a service, you should compare all the features you require for your email marketing campaigns well.

And on the same notion, in this post, I’m going to compare between a top-notch email marketing service iContact and a fresh and fabulous email marketing service – MailGet Bolt.

iContact is rated high among existing email marketing services, but still at many places, it lacks. It is costlier to MailGet Bolt and has deliverability and support issues. For you to understand better, I will compare features of MailGet Bolt and iContact one by one in detail.

Some other alternatves which can help you switch from old & ineffecient email marketing service:-

Pricing :

MailGet Bolt is cheaper than iContact if you have a subscriber list of more than 2500 contacts. iContact charges you on the basis of number of subscribers. Also above 15000 subscribers, it provides customized plans under the heading of Premier Accounts. Table below explains the pricing plans of iContact.


Although iContact offers a discount of 15% on annual payments, still their plans appear to be costlier than MailGet Bolt.

The MailGet Bolt pricing plan has described in the table below.

Mailet Bolt Pricing

Premier Accounts :

Over a subscriber list of 15,000, icontact offers ”Premier Accounts” to its users. All the important features like use of the iContact design team, priority access to technical support, and Google Analytics integration are reserved for the premium users.

And for this, it charges lot more dollars than the basic plans. So, we can assume that Vocus wants to sell iContact Premier more and so it keeps its Basic plans feature-starved.

MailGet Bolt doesn’t have any such classification. All of of its features and services are available for every user and at no additional prices. Therefore you can enjoy all of MailGet Bolt with a single and affordable monthly payment.

Email Editor :

Many users have issues with the email editor of iContact that it is a bit buggy and adds an extra HTML code when one copy/pastes from word document. Also navigating through dashboards is a bit difficult too.

MailGet Bolt has a very simple and effective WYSIWYG email editor with easy drag-n-drop functioning. Creating emails with MailGet Bolt is a fun experience and the designed emails look fabulous in the inbox.

Image Hosting :

iContact provides an image hosting upto only 5 mb, which is quite low as per the standards and most of the users may quickly outgrow this limit.

And to expand it to 10 to 25 mb, you have to pay extra as per your contacts list size. This means that for the same 25 mb space, someone with a bigger subscriber list pays more than someone with a smaller list.

Now, when it comes to MailGet Bolt, it provides unlimited image hosting for its users. Here you are free to upload as many images you want at no additional charges.

Deliverability :

According to user reviews, deliverability of iContact is not satisfactory and particularly for Gmail and Hotmail, the emails land in spam folder.

On the other hand, MailGet Bolt connects with Amazon SES for sending emails, therefore high deliverability is guaranteed. Amazon SES uses content filtering technologies to scan whether the content in the mail meets ISP standards or not and then only queues it for sending.

Amazon SES also detects email containing viruses and malware and blocks them right there. So you can be assured about MailGet Bolt’s deliverability as it is bound to deliver high quality content with no compromises.

To Conclude…

No doubt iContact is a big fish and MailGet Bolt in its evolution stage, still the overall experience with Mailget Bolt is appreciable. Its low cost and cutting edge technology matches up with the present day email marketing needs and allows you simple email sending with considerable ROI.

For new and establishing businesses, MailGet Bolt can be a scene changer and allow businesses growth graphs go steeper. Moreover all small and medium size business can consider MailGet Bolt as an alternative to their existing email marketing solutions. And no wonder if MailGet Bolt in near future becomes the new definition of email marketing .