Comparison Of Few Top Services

Services Cost of 10k Emails /mo. Free Trial Subscription Form Drip Email Ratings of Services
MailGet Bolt $34 5/5
Active Campaign $139 4.6/5
MailGet $30 4.5/5
AWeber $69 4.2/5
iContact $117 4.1/5
MailChimp $75 4.3/5
Constant Contact $195 3.8/5
Benchmark Email $82.25 4.5/5

Today Email Marketing has become an important need for businesses as using it you can promote different type of products & services online. The outcome of which is increase in sales and hike in revenue.

So, do you also want to grow your business worldwide and increase your profits by 10-30% annually?

If your reply is YES, then you should opt for an awesome email marketing system that lands your emails in customer’s inbox.

So, let’s get started with the list of 40+ Best Email Marketing Services & Software 2018 that are best for your business and know which emails marketing service is worth investing and do they possess advanced features, user-friendliness, higher delivery rates and are they cost-effective.

Best Email Marketing Services & Software 2018

1. MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is a self-hosted email marketing service that allows sending emails instantly. Here, no SMTP integration is required, just buy and start sending emails without any fuss.

It offers a wide range of tools like advanced email builder that makes email creation task extremely simple.

Features of MailGet Bolt –

  • Send series of emails to your customers through drip emailing.
  • Get rid of bounces and spam contacts with list cleaning facility.
  • Reach out the customer at specific times when they are most available by email scheduling.

No Hosting, No Complex Setup. Send Emails Instantly!

Best Email Marketing Services & Software

Pricing Structure Of Mailget Bolt –

pricing comparison table of email marketing services
Free Plan:- Mailget Bolt offers 30-days trial where you can send 9000 emails to 300 subscribers completely FREE.

Paid Plans:- The first plan cost around $42 where you are allowed to send unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers.

After that, there are multiple premium packages starting from $59 a month and going till $369 a month, in which you can send unlimited emails to a given number of subscribers.

Note: if an annual subscription is bought for any of the above plans, you’ll get a special discount for  2 months.

On sending transactional emails, MailGet Bolt got – 99% Open Rate

On sending promotional bulk emails, MailGet Bolt got – 43.64% Open Rate

So, go with MailGet Bolt & always get more than 15% open rate for your email marketing campaigns.

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2. MailGetHigh Inboxing With Cost Effective Pricing

MailGet is hugely popular email marketing software through which you can successfully drop emails in your client’s inbox and get a minimum bounce & spam rate.

The specialty of this emailing service is that it offers 500+ free HTML email templates on multiple niches like Christmas, Diwali, lawyers, holiday, real estate business, etc.

Small-scale industries, e-commerce businesses, startups and all type of large companies can use MailGet to flourish their business worldwide.

Special Features Of MailGet – 

  • Know the open rates, clicks, unsubscribers and more in the form of reports and track user actions on all your campaigns.
  • Features like autoresponder, simple list management, subscription forms are strongest attributes of this software.

Best Email Marketing Services & Software

Pricing Plans –

With MailGet you can send unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers in just $29 a month.

Similarly, there are other plans as well which are priced from $49 to $672 a month giving you access to send emails from 50k to 1 million subscribers.

Now, this is interesting, if a yearly subscription is taken for the above plan you get a straight discount of 2 months.

Deliverability + Opens = No more fear of getting blocked!

MailGet does bulk emailing with multiple servers at the same time which assures 99% deliverability rate and less chances of blocking.
So, integrate MailGet with any of the SMTP’s like SendGrid, MailJet, Postmark, etc & send 10,000 emails at just $30. Cheapest among all..isn’t it?

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MooSend an unrivaled email marketing tool for creating, sending and tracking e-mail campaigns. It allows sending marketing as well as transactional email. It has many features to increase your delivery of – free spam test, free inbox inspector, send time optimization, automatic A/B testing, personalization, and dynamic content etc.

Features Of MooSend –

  • Easily import contacts from different formats like CSV .xls, or upload contacts from Google, Basecamp, or other online resources as well. If any duplicacy is found it automatically removes it.
  • You get real-time data on bulk email marketing campaigns which lets you know the opened rate, number of clicks and other important factors.
  • MooSend spam tester ensures that your email lands in the inbox of users and with this you can testing before actually sending it.


Pricing Plan –

Offers a free trial of unlimited emails up to 5,000 subscribers for every plan.

Further, it consists of multiple pricing plans which starts from $10 for up to 5,000 subscribers to $2880 for 1,000,000 subscribers & in pay as you go, you can go as per your need.

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4. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is an all-in-one, simple and powerful platform that enables any beginner to manage promotional campaigns, transactional emails, and promotional emails with ease. This email marketing service will best suit Entrepreneur, Growing business & High volume senders.

Features Of SendinBlue –

  • You can import contacts from multiple sources, search & segment contacts from the list and also customize unsubscribe forms.
  • For support you can go through tutorials available online or can get instant support via phone or email.
  • Create emails that are responsive in design, hold images, social sharing, and other media content as well.

sendinblue service

Pricing Plans –

It has 3-different plans namely, Email plans, SMS plan, and IP plan.

Get a free trial of SendinBlue with 9,000 emails/month & unlimited contacts. Further, you get Micro, Bronze & silver plan on the basis of a number of emails. Micro is a cheaper plan that costs $7.37/month for sending up to 40,000 emails.

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5. GetResponse

GetResponse helps to build email marketing strategies that are effective and works in a few simple steps. Choose from 500+ pre-designed templates which are fully customizable and 1,000 free images to design attractive emails.

Special Functionalities Of GetResponse –

  • Optimize email delivery to ensure that the email lands in the inbox of the receiver at times when they are most available to get engaged.
  • Dynamic content feature of GetResponse you can send emails that are highly-personalized to the audience.
  • With this amenity, you can simply create groups of similar contacts and send emails that are more targeted.

Getresponse marketing service

Pricing Package – 

Four plans are available here – Email, Pro, Max & Enterprise starting from $12 to $679/month with an e-mail list size of 1,000 to  1,00,000+.

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6. MailJet

MailJet an all-in-one platform to send, track and deliver both marketing as well as transnational emails. Its perceptive performance tools let you focus on creating tempting, successful emails campaigns that increase customer engagement.

See What Features MailJet Offers –

  • MailJet comes preloaded with free e-mail templates and newsletters that are responsive. You can also build your own emails with intuitive drag and drop editor which is extremely user-friendly.
  • Advanced reporting feature allows to track the delivery of your emails and know the user actions as well.
  • A/B testing permits you to test 10 different variation and build emails which are flawless and bring success to your business.

MailJet-Email Marketing Service

Pricing Packages – 

Free trial of 30 days, (no credit card, no contract) 6 000 emails/month (200 emails/day)sending limit too.

Further you will get Bronze, Crystal, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans for per month

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7. ConstantContact

ConstantContact is a powerful online mailing tool that is easy to use it has advanced features, comes loaded with multiple templates and is perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

See What You Can Do With ConstantContact –

  • Manage all your contacts here just upload the contact list from Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and this amenity will automatically remove unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails from your contact list.
  • Campaigns conducted using ConstantContact are more effective as higher inbox delivery is received.
  • This e-mail marketing service also provides professionally designed templates which are easy to customize.

constant contact service

Pricing – 

It offers a number of plans depending on subscriber base size. 

The cheapest plan of ConstantContact is for 0 to 500 subscribers, where it costs $20/month for unlimited emails sent. Moreover, for 10,000 subscribers, it costs $115/month.

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8. AWeber

AWeber is another email marketing platform that allows creating professional-looking emails within a few clicks.

It offers autoresponder functionality to automate follow-ups, fully customizable email templates that can be used by several businesses, signup forms, RSS-to-email (create emails automatically from your latest blog posts), a full-featured API and much more.

Other Functionalities That AWeber Offers Are –

  • AWeber’s drag-n-drop mail editor helps you create perfect emails for advertising and promotion.
  • Keep a check on how the email marketing campaigns are performing with AWeber’s mobile app.
  • Integrate multiple third-party apps which you already have to enhance your workflow.

AWeber service

Pricing Package –

You can try AWeber free trial for 30 days in which you can explore all the features that it offers.

The paid plans start with a price of $19 for a month in which you can send unlimited emails to 500 users.

Other than the above plan there are 5 more plans with the price tag starting at $29 and end at $149 a month. These plans may vary in the number of user count. But they offer similar properties.

One of the exciting things about these plans is that if you choose a quarterly or yearly subscription you get an extra discount of 14% and 14.9%.

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9. iContact

iContact is one of the most user-friendly emailing tool available in the market. Emails delivered using this marketing platform appear great on different device as they are responsive, plus they are created with ease as well.

Integration with third-party apps is never a problem with iContact, it’s user-friendly and comes in two different languages English & Spanish.

Attention Grabbing Features Of iContact – 

  • You can do email campaign as well as send messages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With iContact, you can also get tracking reports to review the results of email campaigns.
  • Spamcheck is a top class facility which inspects every message to ensure that it reaches the inbox of customers.
  • Provides phone assistance, webinars, video tutorials and other types of supports.

iContact service

Pricing Plans –

iContact offers two plans essential and professional the price of both these plans may easily be calculated just by defining the number of users you want to send emails to the scale places on the website.

Professional plan is the extension of the essential plan as it has additional features which are not there in the essential package.

I would like to quote that if you want to avail a discount, in that case, you have to pre-pay for 12 months and the annual price will get reduces by 15%.

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10. MailChimp

We all are aware of MailChimp as it is a big name in e-mail marketing industry. With this platform, you can track email campaigns, schedule mail delivery, manage contacts with ease, perform list cleaning and most importantly deliver emails to customers inbox’s that to at an affordable cost.

Amazing Functionalities Of MailChimp –

  • With MailChimp, you can send messages not just to e-mail clients, but can also do the promotion on facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.
  • Get flawless reports on the open, clicks, spammed, unsubscription and other tracking essentials.
  • Send emails that collect better sales by focusing on welcome, greeting and follow-up emails.

Mail Chimp service

Pricing Structure –

Whatever is the size of your business MailChimp has got a plan for your online mail promotion needs.

You can begin with forever free plan which allows delivering of 12,000 every month to  2,000 subscribers.

There are two paid plans which can be bifurcated on the basis of features. The bill for these plans is generated on the basis of the number of subscribers that you are willing to include.

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11. BenchmarkEmail

Benchmark a premium e-mail marketing service which helps you create and send emails that are responsive, mobile friendly and look attractive on different devices. It also lets’ you know all about email campaigns with real-time reports.

Check Out The Functionalities Of Benchmark –

  • Easy to use mail editor, just drag & drop what is needed in your emails and create eye-catchy emails within a minutes.
  • Get detailed reports on the opened, clicked, unsubscription and other customer essentials.
  • Add multiple effects and edit your images right from the mail editor.

Benchmark service

Pricing – 

Get a free trial for 30 days with 250 contacts.

It offers 3 plans based on the number of emails, number of subscribers and high volume. In a List-Based plan, for 0 to 600 contacts, it cost $11.95/month while for 10,000 contacts, it costs $73.95/month.

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12. ActiveCampaign

If you are using ActiveCampaign email marketing tool then get the privilege to enjoy multiple advanced and futuristic feature that comes preloaded with this emailing system. Free templates, free image hosting, autoresponder and more will help your emails reach inboxes of the receivers.

Interesting Properties Of ActiveCampaign –

  • User-friendly dash to view the full history of your contacts from a single window.
  • Access real-time reports that display tracking essentials like geo-location, opened rates, unsubscription and bounce details.
  • Create conditional content for your emails and integrate with hundreds of other platforms as well.

active campaign service

Pricing Structure ->

It has 3 plans namely, Lite, Small Busines & Enterprise.

If 500 subscribers are there in your e-mail list, then it costs $9/month under the Lite plan, $49 for Small Busines Plan & $149 for Enterprise.

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13. MadMimi

With Mad Mimi, you can easily create, send, share and track newsletters, campaign follow-ups, as well as individual emails. This email marketing platform provides world-class customer support, high-end features which are easy to use and all this at an affordable price.

Specialties Of Mad Mimi –

  • Mad Mimi helps to re-organize your contact lists appropriately by removing unsubscribes and bounce contacts.
  • With this service, you can focus on features like autoresponders, integrations and other additional amenities.
  • High deliverability & security is provided in the service. It also has both chat and mail support options.

Mad mimi service

 Pricing Packages –

Mad Mimi offers 4-different plans named Basic, Pro, Silver, and Gold based on the number of subscribers & business sizes.

Under its least plan named, Basic, it costs $10/month for sending unlimited emails up to 500 contacts. Similarly, the cost goes high for other plans like Pro, Silver, and Gold.

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14. Campaign Monitor

Another email marketing service which holds it’s position in the top 10 list is Campaign Monitor. This system is user-friendly, guarantees inbox delivery and moreover, it is best for fast-growing businesses.

Special Features Of Campaign Monitor –

  • Campaign Monitor has some of the most advanced tools that will assist you to track the success of the email advertising campaigns conducted.
  • Simply manage your contact list and upload contacts from multiple sources and file formats.
  • You can deliver targeted emails by giving a personal touch to the emails which can influence the readers for sales and result in long-term customers.

Campaign Monitor service

Pricing Plans – 

It comes with three plans, Basic, Premier, and Unlimited and these plans offer different functionalities.

In the Basic plan, for 0 to 500 contacts, it cost $9/month for 2500 emails sent, the unlimited plan costs $29/month for unlimited emails sent up to 500 people, & so on.

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15. Campaigner

Campaigner a robust email marketing software which helps small, medium and large businesses strengthen customer relationships and drive sales. It offers features like professional email campaign creation, advanced list management & segmentation tools, and also targeted mail autoresponders and workflows.

Functionalities Of Campaigner –

  • Track your emails and advertising campaigns with advanced email tracking facility that generates reports on user actions like opened emails, clicks and more.
  • In case of any questions and queries, it offers a 24/7 assistance via phone as well as email.
  • Plus you can integrate this emailing service with multiple SMTP relays, social media platforms and more, along with segmentation & geo-location as well.

Campaigner service


The cheapest plan of campaigner is for 0 to 1000 contacts, where it costs $19.95/month for unlimited emails sent and for 10,000 contacts, it costs $79.95/month.

It also offers others plans based on the volume of the subscribers.

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16. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse email marketing service renders a huge list of powerful features utilizing which higher-performing emails can be created. It’s an elite amenity with which you can design, create, send, track and schedule email marketing campaigns with ease.

Let’s Have A Look At Amazing Features Of VerticalResponse –

  • Design and deliver emails that look professional with customizable emails templates. Just add, delete, move and modify pre-designed templates to build attractive emails.
  • Another important feature of VerticalResponse is mail automation through which you can deliver emails at times when they are most likely to get opened.
  • You can also extract contacts from multiple sources, formats and add them to your list for effective list management.

vertical response service

Pricing – 

Get 300 contacts and send 4,000 emails per month for free with VerticalResponse.

It has 3 plans namely Basic, Pro, Pro+ where the smallest plan costs $11/month for 5000 contacts with unlimited emails.

So, choose the plan based on your requirement or budget.

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17. StreamSend

StreamSend is innovative, easy to use social and email marketing service. With this online promotional tool, you can create emails that are highly responsive and conduct bulk marketing campaigns within few minutes.

Functionality Of StreamSend –

  • With StreamSend you can enhance user engagement by adding video, surveys, RSS and more to your emails.
  • You also get the ability to track and generate reports about different marketing campaigns their progress in terms of open rate, clicks, bounce, and unsubscription.
  • Grab the attention of mobile users as well with mobile-optimized templates that appear awesome on tablets and mobile screens.

Mailup service

Pricing –

The cheapest plan of StreamSend start from $19, 1000 contacts. The largest volume plans offer a low-cost, professional email advertising software solution for enterprises with lists larger than 50,000 or high-volume sending requirements.

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18. ZOHO Campaigns

Design, customize, send, track and analyze email campaigns effectively with ZOHO Campaigns. Email campaigns directed using this e-mail marketing solution helps to increase customers engagements and reach out more clients around the globe easily.

Attractive Features Of ZOHO Campaigns –

  • Send the right emails at right time to the right client using email workflows and autoresponders facility.
  • Easily connects with 25 popular business applications through which you can add subscribers, segment them and manage quickly.
  • With A/B Testing you can test before sending campaign emails and get maximum results.

zoho service

Pricing Plans –

Get a Free Plan for up to 2,000 subscribers with an email sending limit of 12,000/month.

It’s monthly prices vary from $5 to $350 for a range of 0 to 10000 subscribers. Also, you can pay on the basis of a number of emails you use.

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19. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one the best email advertising solution for professional bloggers and creators. It’s wrapped with amazing features that are easy to use, helpful in lead generating and user-friendly for absolute beginners.

Speciality Of ConvertKit –

  • Send personalized, timely and targeted emails that increase your conversion rate with automated emails.
  • Easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms helps you turn the readers into regular customers.
  • Other than the listed features you can also use third-party apps as well, which are easily integrated in this service.


Pricing Plan – 

ConvertKit offers 4 pricing plans. Plan starts from $29/month upto 1000 subscribers and the biggest plan for upto 8000 subscribers it charged $99/month.

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With you get access to real-time data on customer behavior data which is a great help in creating automated campaigns that benefit your business. It also offers A/B testing, friendly editor, tracking facility and more.

Attention Grabbing Features Of –

  • has email marketing strategy which says ‘no lists to manage’, instead, it creates profiles of subscribers and automatically sends emails on behavior-basis.
  • Analyze the success rate of your email campaign by knowing the opens, clicks, and most importantly: conversions received on the mails.
  • You can send different type of emails like newsletters, transactional and segment emails that land in the inbox of users. service

Pricing – 

It has a free plan for up to 200 people and 400 emails. Further, it has four plans, Growth, Small Business, Startup, and Enterprise.

The growth plan costs $100 and includes 30,000 emails for 15,000 profiles. For additional email credits or profiles, it charges you separately.

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21. SendGrid

SendGrid has a good e-mail infrastructure as a service provider. this platform aims to improve marketing as well as transactional email’s delivery and perfectly suitable for small, medium and large organization. It can easily integrate with any cloud-based email infrastructure to send high content emails for email promotion, marketing, and other advertising purposes.

Features Of SendGrid –

  • Create emails that are eye-catchy and look attractive in various screen sizes.
  • Optimize your emails to deliver them in the inbox of the receiver and enhance user engagement.
  • It provides phone, chat and email assistance as well as 24/7 critical incident help.

SendGrid service

Pricing – 

It offers 3 sections namely Essential, Pro, Premier in which you get multiple plans.

Under the essential plan, you get two plans of $9.95 that offer 40,000/month and $19 for 1,00,000 emails per month. Further, you get other two plans starting from $79.95 to $399.95 and so on.

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22. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers many features like – campaign management, conversion tracking, reporting, social media publishing and more. It also guarantees 100% inbox delivery and the emails designed are also fully responsive.

Have A Glimpse On Highlighted Features Of Salesforce –

  • Design best-in-class emails which are responsive and grab the attention of the readers by using customizable templates.
  • Schedule email campaigns, distribute reports, extract data automatically with this email marketing service.
  • Test and send emails to receive more open rate, with A/B testing feature you can test the working of the emails at the user end.

salesforce marketing cloud

Pricing Structure – 

It offers plans under 4 categories namely, basic, pro, corporate, enterprise. The pricing starts from $400/month and so on. You have to send requests to find the other details of the plan that suits best for your business.

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23. Emma

Emma is a perfect email marketing platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses & industries. It comes with features like segmenting & triggering emails and claims inbox delivery rate of 99.2%.

Attractive Features That Emma Possesses –

  • Deliver emails that influences the readers by sending unique content to every subscriber using the dynamic content feature.
  • Drag & Drop editor is one of the best features which is a helping hand to create eye-catchy emails with only a few clicks.
  • Use HTML code templates to build emails and preview design, test, customize and more.

emma service

Pricing Of Emma –

Three plans are available Pro, Plus &  Premium starting from $89/month for 1000 contacts and increases based on your contact list.

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24. dotMailer

dotMailer is an automated email promotional platform that is empowering global marketers with the tools and services which are easy to use and generate great results. It has got multiple advanced features, numerous templates and also supports various integrations.

Check Out The Functionalities Of dotMailer –

  • Create personalized & attractive emails that grab the attention of readers with few clicks by using the drag & drop facility.
  • Multi-application integration helps you access data and other important resources for different applications with ease.
  • Design and send emails that are fully responsive and looks great on different size screens.

dotmailer service

Pricing Plan –

Comes with three packages namely – Essential, Professional & Ultimate where the smallest package charges you $675 per month for 30,000 contacts and so on.

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25. Klaviyo

Klaviyo an awesome email marketing platform that mainly helps e-commerce marketers to personalize, target, measure and optimize email campaigns to convert leads into regular customers.

Klaviyo Highlighted Features –

  • One of the powerful tool is segmentation using which you can segment your audience and send emails to relevant customers on the basis of behavior and transactional data.
  • Start your email campaigns with pre-built email templates which can be fully customized according to your needs.
  • Use an autoresponder to send automatic emails to your audience. Plus you also get 24/7 highly responsive email, chat and calls support.

klaviyo service

Pricing Structure –

Offers four plans namely Starter, Growth, Professional, High Volume and all the account are free up to 250 contacts with 500 mail limit.

It charges $25 /month up to 500 subscribers, $350 for 15,000 contacts and so on.

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26. Adestra

Adestra another leading email advertising service which powerful, easy-to-use, and comes loaded with enterprise level technology.Features like analytics, tracking, in-depth reporting, deliverability, and data security make this service a good option.

Adestra Functionalities –

  • Conversion tracking is an advanced tracking tool that delivers every essential detail about your emails campaign.Opens, clicks, bounces and more that will allow to measure the success rate of any campaign.
  • Compare and test different emails designed for various campaigns through split and A/B testing to send emails that are responsive, attractive and unique.
  • Unlock your contacts and other essential data from multiple integrations.

Adestra service

Pricing –

For pricing and other details, you need to contact them to ask for a customized plan.

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27. Vision6

Create, send, track and analyze all your email marketing campaigns using professional templates provided by Vision6 email marketing tool. It has got customizable web forms and allows automation of email sending. You can also send SMS, business reminders, and confirmations through it.

Attractive Features Of Vision 6 –

  • Choose from 70+ free pre-designed email templates that are mobile friendly and easy to customize according to your campaign needs.
  • Drag & Drop builder and inbuilt image editor makes it super simple to design emails from the scratch.
  • Vision6 provides technical support, training and other types of online help which is available 24/7.

vision6 service

Pricing –

The cheapest plan starts from $9 for up to 500 subscribers with 2,500 emails which is a Starter plan. The other two plans are – Business & Pro Marketer suitable for large subscriber list.

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28. Lead Squared

Lead Squared is an effective email marketing software that has helped dozens of small businesses in online marketing. This service offers high e-mail deliverability and easily integrates with several tools to create mail campaigns, landing pages & forms, lead management, lead scoring, lists & segmentation, tasks & reminders, and much more.

Attention Grabbing AttributesOf Lead Squared –

  • Drip emailing is a feature that encourages more leads to get converted into regular customers by sending the right text at right time.
  • Conduct personalized emails marketing campaigns and send emails that produce higher open rates, click rates, and more responses.
  • Improve your email performance by analyzing the results of the tracking feature.

leadsquared pricing

Pricing – 

It offers three plans namely, Basic, Standard, and Enterprise based on a number of contacts and users. Under its Basic plan, it allows 5 users to send emails up to 5000 contacts and cost Rs. 10,000 ($149.89) per month.

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29. ActiveTrail

Target Hero is now been acquired by ActiveTrail e-mail marketing service and it is offering 25% discount to all old subscribers of TargetHero. Attributes like reporting & analytics tools help you check the delivery of emails, bounces, spams and more.

Main Features That TargetHero Possesses–

  • Select from dozens of pre-designed, ready to use templates which are fully customizable as well.
  • Emails delivered using ActiveTrail are 100% mobile-responsive and look great on different screens.
  • There are various tools like autoresponders, triggers, and A/B testing to automate many manual processes.

Best Email Marketing Services

Pricing – 

It offers 3 plans named, Minihero, Hero, & Superhero. The lowest plan is Minihero, which costs $9.90/month for sending emails to 1000-3000 recipients.

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30. Elastic Email

Elastic e-mail is a simple and fast email delivery service that specializes in transactional as well as marketing email delivery. It allows you to upload contacts from different sources, manage subscribers and send newsletter campaigns etc. In addition to this, you can also start with the free sign-up.

Speciality Of Elastic E-mail –

  • Make an impression by sending emails that look attractive by using pre-designed templates that will land in the inbox of users and steal the subscriber’s attention.
  • With autoresponders and drip campaigns, features send email to your clients at times when they are most available.
  • Take decisions that are most beneficial by viewing the real-time reports and statistics about different email campaigns.

Elastic Email service

Pricing – 

Elastic Email’s cost plan is on the basis of per thousand mail sent. First 150000 emails are free per month, after that you have to pay $0.09/thousand emails and so on. The price will be low as the number of emails sent increases

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31. Vero 

Vero email marketing service is an event-driven platform. Vero focuses on drip marketing and particularly on behavioral email sending. It sends a user, triggered emails based on their actions, behavior, and responses. Here you can track clicks and also personalize emails with data from your web server.

Functionalities Of Vero –

  • Segment your contacts & target the right customer by sending relevant emails customers.
  • Send email in the different language as this software supports multiple languages.
  • Track the actions of users performed on emails that you deliver like clicks, open rate and more.

vero service

Pricing & Plans –

Four pricing plans are available with monthly as well as annually package namely Starter, Growth, Pro Enterprise.

The cheapest monthly plan started from $99 with 12500 customers and 25,000 emails/month whereas the annual plan started from $999 with 12000 customers and 30,000 emails/month.

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32. Listrak

Listrak is a top-notch email promotion agency, that offers omnichannel marketing across email, mobile and social using personalized campaigns. It has a single and integrated marketing platform that increases customer engagement which results in increase in sales.

Main-Features Of Listrak –

  • Use drag-and-drop editor to quickly create responsive emails that look attractive without writing a single line of HTML code.
  • It provides 24/7 phone and e-mail support. Plus an account manager is assigned that helps you throughout your campaign.
  • This service makes you capable of sending customer oriented and targeted emails just by segmenting your customers & audience.

listrak service

Pricing –

Listrak serves its customers individually and so its prices too are custom-tailored for each user, therefore no plans are available on the homepage.

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33. SendBlaster

SendBlaster is a bulk email sending software that will manage all your mailing lists and set up email marketing campaigns in just a few easy steps. It provides a complete set of features like creating graphics templates, list management, sending the newsletter, analyzing campaign statistics etc.

Properties Of SendBlaster –

  • SendBlaster an email marketing service that comes with some awesome emails templates that can easily be customized.
  • Import contacts from any source and formats like .CSV and more. You can also extract contact list from MS Outlook, Excel, Access, Gmail Contacts, Windows Live/Hotmail contacts, Yahoo mail etc.
  • Send personalized emails to each customer with an advanced feature and get more customers.

send blaster service

Pricing – 

You need to purchase a PRO license of SendBlaster that costs $129 and is valid for lifetime. However, if you extend attributes like protection against license key, upgrade the current release, add MailStyler base, MailStyler Pro, professional email templates etc, then charges will go up to $500.

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34. Bronto

Bronto is a marketing automation tool which increases your revenue by sending the targeted email to customers. It emphasizes on revenue driven campaigns which are conducted based on past campaign data. Bronto has some of the premium analysis and tracking tools as well.

Check Out The Special Attributes Of Bronto –

  • Personalized campaigns by using customers behavioral data which lets you target the right user at the right time.
  • Drag-and-drop email builder is also available through which you can create attractive emails. workflows.
  • Track and refine your email campaigns by features like Analysis and reporting.

bronto sevice

Pricing – 

Bronto has yearly plans and that too on the basis of email credits. The core edition allows 60000 emails per year at $995. The prices are really high here.

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35. Emarsys

Design, create and send emails that enhance your customer engagement with Emarsys email marketing solution. Run all your advertising strategy and multiple campaigns with ease by the real-time email marketing automation platform.

Emarsys Properties –

  • Track the campaign’s performance & analyze how your emails are performing.
  • Automate different type of responses like welcome notification and more with automation tool.
  • Deliver emails and messages that reach the inbox of users and look good on any device.

emarsys service

Pricing –

It has personalized plans, different for each user, you need to contact them to know the pricing package.

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Last Words..

Now that you have gone through the comparison of all the 40+ best email marketing services 2019, you can now decide which is the best email promotional tool that can increase your business productivity.

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