Email verification is not a new term for marketers who do email marketing.

Rather, email verification is the most important task which almost everyone does while performing email marketing. As people who provide their email details often make mistake and even provide invalid email addresses.

So, to get rid of this situation, the email verification process is carried out.

Well, various services have raised up and all of them are good, but one thing what makes the variation between them is their email verifying methods. And if you go out looking for the best email verification services, then I could only say that it will be an unending task for you.

Comparison Of The Best Email Verification Services
Services Pricing For 100,000 Emails MTA Validation Greylisting Verification Ratings
Pabbly Email Verification $165  5.0/5.0
MailGet List Cleaning $159 4.9/5.0
Email Checker $299  4.9/5.0
QuickEmailVerification $320 4.5/5.0
XVerify $400  ✕  4.8/5.0
ZeroBounce $400 4.8/5.0

So, here, I’ve come up with a brilliant list of 10 best email verification services, which are best in the class of doing email validation and verification work.

Now, let’s check them one by one and find the most suitable for them.

1. Pabbly Email Verification

Real-time verification is possible with the Pabbly email verification service. Reach your customers by sending campaigns to valid email id and get a victory in the game of marketing. It identifies all the invalid, fake and bad email addresses from the list, and freshen up them quickly.

Pabbly Email Verification

Pricing – 

It cost you $5 for cleaning 1,000 emails, $25 for cleaning 10,000 and so on. A cost calculator is given on the website by which you can calculate the cost of email verification.

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2. MailGet List Cleaning – Email List Verify

It is yet another top validation service that freshens all the bad and inactive email addresses from your marketing list and provides the best results quickly. All you have to do is to just upload the unhygienic list to its web interface and they will give you a healthy email list that will be ready for sending campaigns.

List Cleaning

Along with verifying if an email is deliverable (will not hard bounce); they will also check for high-risk emails, complainers, disposable emails, emails linked to online fraud, roll-based accounts, and various other risky emails that can negatively affect deliverability. No other provider offers this level of detail.


Pricing – 

Pay as you go pricing starts at ½ a cent for 50,00 records and down to under 1/10th of a cent for higher volumes.

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10 Email List Cleaning Service

3. Email Checker

Email Checker is one of the web’s longest-running email checking services and one of the most robust and accurate email verification services in the marketplace. They have multiple tiers of service, offering something to fit all budgets.

Email Checker provides high levels of knowledge and experience which combined with their robust and dedicated server infrastructure, gives customers peerless email verification. Email Checker leads the industry, with detailed integration documentation for Python, Java, PHP, and C#.

Their service is backed up 24/7 by a professional support team who offer their experience and expertise via a dedicated Helpdesk.

Subscriptions and pay-per-use will both provide an email validation platform which ensures email addresses are accurate and checked in all situations.

Email Checker

Below are some of the key features their services has to offer:-

Integrations: Email Checker offers different integration offers for various customer needs – such as automated batch file submission and retrieval using batch API, FTP account access, and even manual upload.

Bulk API: Batch API service designed from the ground up, for fast batch processing of large B2B lists (up to one million email verifications per day).

Dashboard: Drag & drop interface, user-friendly access.

API Responsiveness: Fast API with market-leading uptime and SLA – 99.97% in the past twelve months

Documentation: Detailed documented with lots of code examples, hosting in GitHub.

Yahoo verification: Email checker offers “extreme” Yahoo (and Ymail) options in their real-time API, for the highest possible accuracy.

EmailChecker also have a specialist batch API service for checking high volumes of B2B email addresses at very competitive prices, if this is of interest to you then contact their sales team on

Pricing –

Email Checker offers a Free Trial, which allows 100 verifications, then there are two simple options:-

1) Pay-as-you-go: The price starts from as little as $14 for 1000 On-Demand Email verification credits and then keep reducing quickly, with increasing volumes. This is perfect for one-time users.

2) Monthly plans: You can start from as little as $10 a month, for 1000 checks per month and this covers not just their batch checking service but also their Rea-Time API service. Their plans sale up to 2,500,000 checks per month, with additional higher packages available, if required.

Choose either pay-as-you-go or a monthly subscription; Use our coupon code FORMG20 for an additional 20% discount off your order.

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4. Xverify – Intelligent Email List Cleaning

Xverify – They are the clear industry leader in email list cleaning space. What makes them unique, is that you can call and speak directly with an email consultant directly. Being that they are EU Privacy Shield Certified and located in the US, you can trust them to safely and accurately clean your data. Be careful sending you data to other providers that don’t meet these standards.

Xverify is CERTIFIED with EU-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK and SWISS-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK. It also provides DPA’s (Data Processing Addendum) to all clients who require them as part of their GDPR Compliance.

List Cleaning

Along with verifying if an email is deliverable (will not hard bounce); they will also check for high-risk emails, complainers, disposable emails, emails linked to online fraud, roll-based accounts, and various other risky emails that can negatively affect deliverability. No other provider offers this level of detail.
XVerify - Email Verification Service

Pricing –

Pay as you go pricing starts at ½ a cent for 50,00 records and down to under 1/10th of a cent for higher volumes.

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5. QuickEmailVerification

One of the most affordable and accurate self-service Email List Verification service providers, QuickEmailVerification has among its clients’ small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It offers bulk email list cleaning (no matter how big the size) as well as real-time verification with its powerful REST API. This interface is fully integrated with all major ESPs. This integration not only makes the process easier but also fully secure.

QuickEmailVerification is extremely quick: some 100,000 email addresses can be accurately processed in about 60 minutes or even less. You don’t need to download any software whatsoever. Instead, you have an easy-to-use interface to do everything for you.

Additionally, it offers 24/7 support that has fully satisfied 35k businesses the world over. Finally, its accuracy of more than 97% makes it the top email verification service provider.

QuickEmailVerification - Email Verification Services

Pricing –

Apart from the Free Trial, which allows 100 verifications per day at no cost, there are two options:

a) Pay-as-you-go: The fees start at $4 for 500 verifications and then keep reducing quickly, with increasing volumes. This is excellent for one-time users.
b) Monthly plans: You can start at $25 a month, under which you get 500 verifications per day. It can be expanded to 50,000 verifications per day at attractive prices. A great choice for daily needs.

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6. ZeroBounce

Thanks to its 98+ accuracy and advanced data protection, ZeroBounce has become a top player in the email validation industry. The company not only helps marketers maintain healthier databases but also offers an efficient email scoring system, ZeroBounce A.I.

ZeroBounce can determine if an email address is good or bad. ZeroBounce’s
the proprietary technology uses algorithms to detect catch-all domains and
identify which emails are unable to be validated.


Here are some of the features that make ZeroBounce the number one choice of thousands of marketers around the world:

Email Validation: ZeroBounce can determine if an email address is good or bad.

Spam Trap Detection: the system uses proprietary algorithms to detect and remove spam traps from databases

Abuse Emails Removal: the service spots users who have a history of marking emails as spam and isolates them from others

Catch-All And Temporary Emails Detection: ZeroBounce reduces the number of bounces by identifying these risky addresses

Toxic Domains: these domains are known for spam, abuse, and bot-created emails. The system detects and removes them.

Real-Time Email Verification API: when installing on signup and registration forms, it verifies email addresses in real-time

Data Appending: ZeroBounce adds missing information to email lists, such as subscribers’ name, gender, location, and IP

Email Scoring: ZeroBounce A.I. uses artificial intelligence to determine the value of an email address. It’s an excellent catch-all email validator.

24/7 Customer Support: more than 15 email validation experts are online 365 days a year to help customers achieve better email deliverability

Pricing – 

The ZeroBounce Freemium account offers users 100 free email validation credits every month. The pay-as-you-go option requires no plan and no contract, and the pricing starts at $0.008 for cleaning between 5k-100k emails. The cost per email diminishes as the number of emails increases.

ZeroBounce also offers a Premium account that starts at $15/month. Larger companies can sign up for an Enterprise account, which starts at $1,500/month.

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7. Freshhly Email List Verification Service

Removing dead and fake emails is really a necessary task before sending an email to your subscriber list. That’s exactly InkThemes Email List Verification comes into existence. It cleans out all the invalid syntaxes and inactive subscribers from your list and makes it a healthy one so that you can send your campaigns without bothering about email deliverability.



Pricing –

Get 1000 emails verified at a price of $4. For extending the limit go with the below link where you get several pricing plans. So, choose one as per your requirement.

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8. MailGet

The first one on the list is MailGet, which is one of the cheapest email list cleaning service present in the world today. The best thing about MailGet is that the subscriber’s list cleaning is a one-click task.

MailGet list cleaning tool checks the email address by its domain, MX validator, domain validator, DEA checker etc, and presents a list of email address, with any spam, bounce or undeliverable case. So, get your emails deliver to the customer’s inbox and increased the rate of conversion with MailGet.

MailGet Best Email Verification Services


The software has various pricing plans among which we have displayed the lowest and the highest pricing plans.

The smallest plan is of $4 where the list of 1000 emails can be cleaned up, similarly, 5000 subscribers list can be verified for $12, 10,000 for $20, these were the lowest range plans.

The highest in the range is 2.5 Million emails for $1100, 5 Million for $1699, 10 Million for $2899.

As a wellwisher my advice to you is to go with the MailGet as it is giving you the best email list cleaning software at the cheapest price, you can see the minimum plan is of $4 which is hard to find in other service providers listed below.

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9. BulkEmailVerifier

It is yet another top email validating service where you can safely verify all your emails quickly. No need to install the service, just log in and upload the email list and the service automatically start removing all the dead emails from your subscriber list.Bulkemailverifer Email Verification Service

Pricing –

It has two verification plans, one for monthly emails, and other is based on the number of emails you verified. It charges you $75 for validating 15,000 emails.

You can also go with the monthly plans where you are allowed to validate 4000 emails daily for 2 months with a price of $79.

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10. DataValidation

Data validation is another email verification service that eliminates and detect the bad emails from your list.

The service not only validates the bad email addresses but also verifies the emails, improve deliverability, stop bounces before they happen and much more. Simply import your marketing list and get better and secure results quickly.DataValidation Email Verification Service

Pricing – 

The pricing of data validation is based on the number emails you verified. Suppose you have washed out a list of 10,000 emails then you will be charged as $50.

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Final Words…

Now, you are well aware of the best email verification services. So, pick the best one for your business.

I personally recommend you to go with MailGet. As it comes with an inbuilt feature of email verification i.e you won’t require to spend a single penny for verifying the email addresses.

Moreover, it is the cheapest email marketing solution which comes with tons of flexible features. Try once, you will love it!

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