We all are aware of the fact that email marketing services are the best means to attract more & more customers and promote products/services online in bulk.

A good mailing service helps you create, customize, edit, and send emails around the globe with just a few clicks.

But have you ever thought about knowing what action were taken by users on those emails?

Do you bother to analyze the results of your email marketing campaign. Its simply about email marketing analytics. Email marketing analytics starts when you check mark the following points

  • How many emails land in the Inbox?
  • What was the open rate of the Campaign?
  • Total clicks received on the links in email?
  • How many people unsubscribed?
  • Bounce rate, user location?

And more.

These are few questions which are left unanswered by many email service providers.

Therefore, you need to have a service which will you overcome these backlogs which are causing harm to the success of your email campaign.

In this blog, we are going to unveil Best Tools for Email Marketing Analytics which provide advanced email tracking and analyzing facility at low cost.

Dive Into The Comparison of Best Email Marketing Analytics Tools.

Services Price – 5k Subscribers Free Trial Drip Emails Canned Replies
Pabbly Email Marketing $29
MailGet Bolt $29
SendinBlue $39
Express Pigeon $99

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

It is the one-stop solution for best quality, customization, affordable, user-friendly, bulk emailing solution which will fulfill all your online marketing needs.

In addition to the above facilities, you can also analyze & track user activities on your emails and monitor the results of your email campaigns through different reports.

Pabbly Email Marketing also offers a free trial with which you are permitted to send emails to 300 users daily for 14 days.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Email Tracking & Analyzing ->

With Pabbly Email Marketing, you get –

  • Drag & drop email builder.
  • Advanced list cleaning facility.
  • Notifies number of emails landing in spam.
  • Know the number of unsubscriptions per campaign.
  • Track the bounce rate and much more.


Pabbly Email Marketing has designed multiple plans which can help you do effective email marketing at low price. The pricing plan starts from $29/m for 5000 subscribers and ranges up to $1599/m for 1,000,000 subscribers.

Here we will discuss specifically two popular plans with you.

  • Rookie:- Send unlimited emails to 5000 users on monthly basis, just by paying $29/m.
  • Pro:- With this plan you can target 15,000 users and send them unlimited emails at a price of $49 a month.
  • Other than the above plans there are 10 more packages offered by Pabbly email marketing
[Note:- You will get a 20% Off on each plan if you opt for a year subscription.]

Just sign-up and start send responsive emails to subscribers.

This emailing service guarantees 100% inbox which helped us get 23% and 43.64% open rates on different marketing campaigns respectively.

Plus the paid plans are also very cheap. The base plan will cost you only $29 a month and will allow you to deliver unlimited emails.

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2. MailGet Bolt: Cheapest Emailing Service

MailGet Bolt is the cheapest in the list of 10 Best Email Marketing Analytics Tools and it provides best-in-class sending, tracking, analyzing facilities, plus you can test all its service through the free plan.

Another benefit of using MailGet Bolt email marketing service is that you can choose from a huge list of SMTP services and attach a number of SMTP services simultaneously. You can easily track and analyze the effects of emails delivered as it shows open rates, delivery rates, analytics and much more.


Email Analytics Features –

  • User-friendly email editor.
  • Email tracking and open rate analysis.
  • Send emails that are 100% responsive.
  • Autoresponder & drip campaigner.
  • Customizable email templates.
  • Multiple SMTP service choices available.


  • Can you imagine price as low as $29 a month for services like unlimited email delivery to 5000 users.
  • The next plans cost around $49 a month and provide service like unlimited email deliver to 15,000 subscribers.
  • There are 11 more plans which are offering different services at affordable prices.

SMTP! SMTP! Best way to enhance your deliverability rate!

With MailGet you get the option to choose any SMTP service of your choice and get it integrated in few clicks.

It also allows SMTP Routing which means you have to access to connect multiple SMTP relay parallelly for sending emails as per your needs.

And I am sure that you will get great open rates and deliverability results as we are using it for a year and we are completely satisfied with the services offered.

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If you are eager to know more about Email Marketing Services here are some blogs which can help:-

3. SendinBlue: Responsive Email Marketing Solution

SendinBlue is another email marketing service provider that suits all size business organizations.

It includes features such as behavioral targeting, autoresponder, database management, email campaign reports and much more with which any business organization can enhance their marketing procedure.



SendinBlue is equipped with enormous feature & facilities which are as follow:-

  • Delivers the most accurate analytical results in the form of email client reports, list trend report, unsubscribe report, open/click tracking, etc.
  • Email designed are fully responsive and looks attractive on various devices.
  • Number of pre-designed email templates to choose from.
  • Add customized media and content, also gives access to inbox preview.


  • Commence your email marketing campaigns by sending 9,000 emails for free.
  • Light Plan is basically for beginners as it allows you to send 40,000 emails every month and charges around $8 for the service.

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4. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is one of the best email automation tools that allow you to send multiple email campaigns with behavioral trigger auto follow up. It provides an advanced analytics report of the performance of each email campaign.

Using powerful behavioral trigger feature of SalesHandy, you can schedule up to 9 stages of follow up emails with conditions such as Not Opened, Not replied or Been sent to target your audience.

The marketing email campaigns sent with SalesHandy lands in the primary tab of your prospects rather than the promotion tab. This increases the response rate and increases your conversion rate exponentially.

You can start using SalesHandy with 14 days Free Trial that allows you to send 200 emails and track unlimited emails.



  • Send up to 5000 emails per day with an email campaign feature.
  • Personalize your emails by using the Mail Merge tag.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting provide detailed reports on all the campaigns with Email tracking, link tracking, Email Open rates, etc
  • SMTP integration and custom domain tracking.
  • Create, save and reuse powerful email templates


  • Regular Plan: $9/user/month (billed yearly)
  • Plus Plan: $22/user/month (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan: $49/user/month (billed yearly)

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5. ExpressPigeon: Bulk Emailing Tool

ExpressPigeon is an innovative and robust email marketing platform, which is best fits for small to mid-sized organizations who want to keep an eye on their mail campaigns.

Services given by ExpressPigeon are top of the line and it comes loaded with various other features that helps you promote different types of products & services of your business online with ease.

Email Marketing Analytics Tools Track & Analyze

Features Email Reporting-

  • Reporting & tracking tool provides detailed reports on each campaign. These reports include results connected with spam, bounce, click rate, open rate, etc.
  • Easy list segmentation of contacts improves user experience and helps to target the right customers.
  • Supports multiple integrations and API’s
  • Add personalized effects and give custom designs to every email.


  • Send 1,00 emails to 500 subscribers with the free plan.
  • Get access to unlimited emails delivery to 10,000 users at a price of $50 a month.

Click the button below to explore more price plans.

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6. ActiveTrail: Mail Service Provider

ActiveTrail is a simple, fast and highly designated email delivery services. It offers an advanced analytics system through which you can track details of various bulk email marketing campaigns.

With this service, it becomes extremely simple to know a number of newsletters sent, open rates, clicks on links, unsubscribes rates, and more.

Email Marketing Analytics Tools Track & Analyze

Email Analytic Features –

  • The real-time analytics feature helps you track and watch activities at various email campaigns. It displays live reports on a delivery, opened, undelivered, spam and bounce emails.
  • Pre-designed email templates which are highly responsive in design.
  • Easy to use email builder and image editor for customizations.
  • Conduct a variety of testing like AB split and see email inbox previews.


  • Sign-up for the free trial and you can test any of the listed plans 30-day for free.
  • This is the most popular plan which has got a huge amount of features and gives you access to send unlimited emails to 10,000 contacts monthly.

Excluding the above plans, there is number of plans which ActiveTrail offers.

[Note:- Get a straight 15% discount on all plans for yearly subscription.]

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7. Communicator: Mass Mailing Service

Communicator is a rewon mass mailing service which hands you the best way to increase your sales & reach out customers in every corner of the globe.

You can easily track different activities of the receivers on your delivered mails. It’s pre-equipped with features such as using dynamic content, triggered emails and marketing automation facilities as well.

Best Emailing Tools – Track & Analyze

Features Email Analytics –

  • List Engagement Rate:- This feature will help you point out unique individuals from a huge list who have opened your emails over a period of time.
  • Segment Contacts:- Its advanced contact segmentation allows you to have an auto maintained contact list which keeps separate mailing lists with different permissions.
  • Open/Click Rates:- Tracking information of emails opened is further broken down by the location, device, number of clicks and more which is very beneficial is tracking activities.
  • Mail Tracks:- With this service you can simply track read time duration, inbox placement, bounce rates, unsubscriptions and more,


Essentials, Growth & Optimise are the three plans which cover the needs of all types of businesses offered by Communicator. To know the price details you have to ask for demo or sales team.

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8. SendLoop: Email Marketing Software

SendLoop offers email marketing as well as marketing automation services which are of great quality. Using this mailing solution you can deliver unlimited emails and enjoy the benefits of features like multi-user access, live chat, free image hosting, email templates, tracking & reporting, plus you can also integrate multiple other services with it.

But if you still not satisfied, then you can get your money back in 30-days and the best part is the full money is refunded.

Best Emailing Tools – Track & Analyze

Features Email Reporting –

  • SendLoop also has email analytics which acknowledges you about email open rate, geolocation details, link click rates, bounces, etc.
  • Real-Time email tracking & reporting facility is also available as with this you can track and analyze your readers instantly.
  • Unlimited image hosting, plus multiple email templates which can be easily customizable are also there.


  • The forever free plan comes with 2000 subscriber access with which you can implement all the features & facilities of this service in your mail campaigns and deliver unlimited emails.
  • If you are interested in sending unlimited emails to 5,000 users, in that case, you have to pay $14 for this premium service.

There are more than 15 price plans which may vary in cost & number of emails. This service can serve the needs of any size of organization for email marketing.

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9. Emailmanager: Emailing Solution

Emailmanager is a big name in the field of digital marketing & mailing services. Along with email marketing services, they also provide other services such as promotional marketing services and yield marketing tools for agencies.

In addition, you can also track things like opened emails, clicks, bounce rate, unsubscribed users, location and other important details.

Best Emailing Tools – Track & Analyze

Email Tracking Facilities –

  • Emailmanager has various email tracking options such as real-time reports, Analytics360 and Google analytics. You can also track the location of people who interacted with your email.
  • Multiple user integrations are permitted which allows different users with varied access restriction to perform actions on a single report.
  • Simple contact segmentation to filter your contact list and manage it in different groups.
  • Marketing automation is there to help you take customizable actions according to the reaction of the user, all this is done automatically.


With EmailManager you get both options pay per contact plans & pay per campaign plans.

  • Start by sending unlimited emails to 2,500 email contacts every month at a price of $26.
  • The next plan cost around $43 with which you get unlimited email delivery to 5,000 contacts every month.

For more details on plans and pricing click button below.

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10. MPZmail: Email Marketing Tool

MPZmail is one such big competitor in the field of email marketing service provider. It provides an interface where creating and designing professional emails demands only a few minutes. Plus you can perform email tracking activity on all campaigns to track open, bounce, unsubscribe rate with ease.


Email Analytics Facilities –

  • Create emails and templates which look amazing in design are responsive and eye-catchy all this without doing any type of coding with email builder.
  • Send & track details like who is reading, clicking your emails, unsubscribers, bounces and more in real-time.
  • Send your emails at times when your customers are most available and likely to read through email scheduler. You can specify the date & time of email delivery with this feature.


  • Send unlimited emails to 1,000 contacts free of cost with this plan.
  • This paid plan will cost you $29 a month for unlimited email delivery to 6,000 subscribers.

For other plan, details click the button below.

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11. Vision6: Bulk Mailing Service

Vision6 was started keeping in mind to provide the best email marketing services through which people can simply enhance the reach of their business. It includes various features like creating customized web forms, automation in marketing and much more.

Best Emailing Tools – Track & Analyze

Email Analytics Features –

  • Get 70+ professionally designed responsive email templates along with user-friendly email editor.
  • See real-time analytics and tracking on various email campaigns and know who received, opened, clicked and shared the emails delivered in bulk.
  • You can also follow-up the bounce rate as well as unsubscription rates of the campaigns.


Vision6 has separated the packages into three categories Starter, Business & Pro Marketer:-

  • The basic plan of Starter package comes at a cost of $29 a month with 12,500 email deliver to 2,500 users.
  • The base plan of Business package is for $59 a month, with which you get access to unlimited emails for 2,500 subscribers.

There are multiple other plans which offer a variety of services at different price point.

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Final Conclusion To End

We have come to the end of this blog and I think now you would have made up your mind that which emailing service with tracking facility is best for your business.

This is a list of 10 Best Emailing Tools which can help you Track & Analyze user actions on your emails. Apart from the above services, there are numerous services available in the market.

So, if you have any suggestions? Share in the comments section below!

Finally, if you are interested in exploring more service related to email marketing, below are some more blog which will help you out.