We use email marketing services for creating and sending emails in bulk. But, we need to track the emails to know –

  • How many emails are opened?
  • How many have clicked the links in email?
  • How many have unsubscribed? 

So you can track your user behavior and put the best email design forward to send next time..


The process which is carried out to track and analyze the behavior of emails send is known as email analytics.

Some email marketing services  possess email analytics feature with different naming conventions such as email marketing analytics, email marketing tracking, email analytics tool, etc.


I have figured out 10+ email marketing services with email analytics so that you can pick the best email marketing solution for your business.

1. MailGet Bolt: Send Free Emails & Track Them

One of the best email tracking software is MailGet Bolt that sanctions you to examine all your sent emails delivery reports, open rate, click ratio, and much more.

By analyzing all the stats and reports, you’ll get a clear idea whether your marketing strategy is going on a right track or not and then you can quickly decide what to do & what to not.

MialGet Bolt offers a free trial where you get free 9000 emails/ month that means you will be able to send 300 emails daily for free.


Email Tracking & Analyzing ->

With MailGet Bolt, you can check –

  • How many campaigns has been delivered & opened
  • What number of emails goes into spam
  • Number of unsubscription from your mailing list
  • What’s your bounce rate and much more..

In this way, you can investigate each and everything of your sent emails in real-time and take the correct decisions for your email marketing software.

Start Sending 9000 Emails Absolutely Free!

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2. MailGet

Mailget is the best and affordable email marketing service provider that has incorporated various outstanding features such as create responsive emails templates, contacts management, list hygiene, email marketing analytics, etc. 


Email Analytics –

For email analytics, MailGet comes up with an easy to use and an inbuilt analytics facility where you can get a detailed report of your email campaigns which shows results such as how many emails has been sent, how many emails are opened, how many links are clicked and how many users have unsubscribed for your email. 

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3. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is another email marketing service provider that suits all size business organization. It includes features such as behavioral targeting, autoresponder, database management, email campaign reports and many more with which any business organization can enhance their marketing procedure.


Email Tracking –

Coming towards email analytics, SendinBlue provides the best email marketing tracking software. Their email campaign analytics feature enables you to get email client report, list trend report, unsubscribe report, open/click tracking, etc.

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4. ExpressPigeon

ExpressPigeon comes with an innovative and robust email marketing platform, which is best fits for small to mid-sized business organizations. Their email marketing services provide the best alternatives for creating and sending emails.

Express Pigeon

Email Reporting-

ExpressPigeon carries an effective campaign reporting tool, which provides a detailed report on each campaign. The report includes results connected with spam, bounce, click rate, open rate, etc.

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5. TargetHero

TargetHero is a simple, fast and highly designated email delivery services. It give services to create good looking emails using various email templates and send them in bulk number.

Target Hero

Email Analytics –

Target Hero comprise a real-time analytics feature in their marketing services that tracks and watch at every email campaigns. It display a  live report on delivered, opened, undelivered, spam and bounce emails.

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6. Communicator  

Communicator is another big name in the field of email services providers. Apart from providing email marketing services, it involves mobile marketing services too. Their marketing services provide various features such as using dynamic content, triggered emails and marketing automation.


Email Analytics –

Their email campaign analysis system provides a  comprehensive, easy to understand reports on email marketing. Their email analytics tool provides results through which you can view conversions, open rate & click rate by multiple dimensions.

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7. SendLoop

SendLoop provides up with providing email marketing services as well as marketing automation services. For creating and sending emails, it includes a lot of features such as drag-n-creator editor, ready-to-use-email templates, etc.


Email Reporting –

For checking the success of your email marketing campaign, SendLoop has established an email analytics software that acknowledges you about email open rate, geo-location information, link click rates, bounces, etc.

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8. Emailmanager

Emailmanager is a big name in the field of digital marketing services. Along with email marketing services, they also provide other services such as promotional marketing services and yield marketing tools for agencies.

Email Manager

Email Tracking-

Emailmanager has figured out various email campaign tracking options such as real-time reports, Analytics360 and Google analytics. Through these analytics features, you could know the percentage of audiences who received and opened your mail, how many emails gets bounced and many more results of every email campaign.

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9. MPZmail

MPZmail is one such big competitor in the field of email marketing service provider. It provides an interface where creating and designing professional emails demands only a few minutes. 


Email Analytics –

MPZmail has very powerful email analytics tools through which you can know how many people had opened, clicked and unsubscribed your email. For more detailed analyzing, MPZmail provides real-time stats and graphical representation of email campaigns results.

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10. MailerMailer

Mailermailer is one such popular and trusted email marketing service provider with which you can create and deploy eye-catching emails. Their marketing services include features like list management, advanced email creation tools, etc.


Email Analytics –

MailerMailer has embedded an excellent email marketing analytics software with which you can keep a view on the email being deploy out. With these analytics systems, you can track the number of audiences who clicked, who opened and who unsubscribed to your emails.

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11. Vision6

Founded in 2006, Vision6 was started keeping in mind to provide the best email marketing services in the digital world. It includes various features in their services like creating customized web forms, automation in marketing, etc.


Email Analytics –

For analyzing and tracking the behavior of emails being sent out, Vision6 email analytics system monitors all the bounced and unsubscribed contacts, and also unites with Google Analytics for keeping a view on website visitors.

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Apart from the above-stated email marketing services, still there are a lot of email marketing services in the world. Do you have suggestions of your own? Share in the comments section below!

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