Do you remember when did you use your desktop’s Drive “D” to save your files?

It might have been a long ago because now Google does it all. Google Drive is one of the most innovative cloud storage.

Now, why did we talk about this?

Because the files stored in Google Drive can find their ways directly to the website with few clicks.

But you’ll hardly find a theme which will give you this functionality and then Google Drive WordPress plugins come into the scene.

These plugins basically make a highway route from your Google Drive to the website. So, any file can be imported to your website and exported to your Google Drive, Dropbox, and multiple other options.

This will make an exim relationship of files and your website.
Further, there are just a lot of things that these Google drive plugins do on your WordPress website. You have to dig in and explore these attributes!

Let us discuss each plugin in detail.

1. Filetrip – Google Drive WP Plugin

Filetrip is most widely used Google Drive WP plugin which is used to distribute files from WordPress to the Cloud on autopilot. The plugin helps to sends copies of files which you upload to multiple destinations of your choice. Further, it helps in instantly copy files to Google Drive, backup to Dropbox, and a lot more. Moreover, this plugin does all this automatically in WordPress, but it can be done totally under your control.

 Filetrip Google Drive WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this effective WP plugin at a reasonable price of $29 with 6 months support and regular updates.

 Features :

  • Filetrip includes flexible and powerful backup scheduler.
  • You can create unlimited customize uploaders with different cloud destination.
  • It supports many file types such as mp4, jpg, pdf, doc, etc.
  • This plugin supports a transfer up to 2 GB size of backup manually or automatically in the background to both Google Drive & Dropbox.

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2. Use Your Drive – WordPress Plugin

Use Your Drive is an innovative WordPress plugin which is powerful WordPress cloud solution for Google Drive. You can display your Google Drive files in a well-organized manner using this WP plugin. It is simple Google Drive plugin which helps you make easy changes without any knowledge of coding skills required.

 Use Your Drive Google Drive WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

You can get this Use Your Drive plugin at a reasonable price of $29 with 6-months support and regular updates.

Features :

  • This plugin helps to automatically generate playlist streams directly from your drive.
  • It has a powerful search option where you can find Google drive content easily.
  • You can simply enable the updater so you will not miss any updates from the site.
  • Use Your Drive has useful shortcode builder so that one can easily create shortcode according to their need.

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3. Drivr – Google Drive Plugin

Drivr is the simple yet powerful plugin in the list of Google Drive WordPress plugins. This plugin helps you to add Google Drive files to your WordPress website quickly and easily.

It has simple drag and drop functionality so that you can embed audio, video and images files from your Google drive easily. Further, the plugin has an option to add files as plain links. Also, you can insert images to the visual editor and as featured Image using Drivr plugin.

 Drivr Google Drive WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin is available at just $15 with 6 months support. You can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $4.13 only.

 Features :

  • You can easily search files within your Google Drive Account in the fraction of the time using this plugin.
  • The plugin helps to categorized tabs based on file types also you can activate or deactivate and reorder tab according to your choice.
  • It supports all type of files further it has an option for images to change dimensions, add captions, etc.
  • The noteworthy feature of this plugin is it helps to search and embed videos from YouTube in just one click.

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4. Google Drive Downloader and CDN

Google Drive Downloader and CDN is a WordPress plugin that connects WordPress with Google Drive. With the help of this plugin, you can download the media files from Google Drive to the WordPress media library.

Further, it allows the user to set up and access their Google account in WordPress without seeing other user keys.

Google Drive Downloader - Google Drive WP plugin

Pricing :

You can buy this Google Drive Downloader & CDN WP plugin at $16 with 6 months support and regular updates. For extended license, you have to pay $80.

 Features :

  • You can select the folder from both the Google folder and the local save path.
  • It allows to copy URL to Clipboard.
  • It supports Google document and you can convert documents in PDF form.
  • With images, it supports any downloadable file types.

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5. EmbedPress – WordPress Plugin

EmbedPress WordPress plugin is the finest plugin in the list of  Google Drive WordPress Plugins. This plugin helps to embed almost everything on your online business website. It can add more functionalities to your website by connecting all the web services.

Further for using this plugin all you need is URL of your audios, videos or map etc. You just have to put URL of the supporter provider, and this plugin will understand the URL and will embed your content within minutes.

 EmbedPress Google Drive WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

  • For a single site license, you have to pay $39.
  • For 5 site license, you have to pay $69.
  • Unlimited site license package is available at $99.

Features :

  • You can embed Google Maps, Docs, Forms, Sheets and more on your website.
  • This plugin helps you to add over 40+ providers in your business WordPress site.
  • If you want to add Wistia videos with WordPress then EmbedPress is the fully-featured solution for you.
  • EmbedPress plugin will allow you to embed Facebook posts and videos easily by putting URL in your post or pages of your online website.

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6. Google Drive Embedder – WordPress Plugin

Google Drive Embedder is one of the most widely used plugin to unite Google Drive and your business WordPress website easily. This plugin helps you to embed Google Drive documents and folders in a well-arranged manner.

This WordPress plugin helps to add documents directly into your post or page. It is as easy as picking a photo from the WordPress media gallery.

Google Drive Embedder Google Drive WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

  • Single site license – Available at $19.
  • Double site license –  Available at $29.
  • Unlimited site license – Available at $39.


  • The plugin helps to structure file storage and will centralize all corporate documents in Drive. It is far better than unmanageable media system of WordPress.
  • You can easily control the access of employees as well as allow non-Google users to view Drive files and folders according to your choice.
  • This plugin has simple drag and drop functionality by which you can easily embed content in it.
  • You have a link to open or download files and this will also support many file types at a time.

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7. Google Drive WP Media – WordPress Plugin

Google Drive WP Media plugin is simple yet effective WP plugin. It helps you to upload and share your files directly from your WordPress blog to Google Drive. Also, it has 700kb chunked for handle uploading large files. Further, the plugin supports customization options so that you are allowed to make easy changes according to your need. Moreover, WP media plugin has shortcode button, you can insert shortcode to embed Google Drive file directly from your post editor.

Google Drive WP Media Google Drive WordPress Plugins


Download Google Drive WP Media plugin at free of cost from


  • You can easily attach your Google Drive files to your posts using this useful plugin.
  • Google Drive WP media plugin helps in displaying current storage space of your drive.
  • It allows you to auto insert your Google Drive files into your WordPress media library.
  • The plugin auto creates media library category based on Google Drive folder name in a well-organized manner.

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8. Dan’s Viewer – Google Drive Plugin

Dan’s Viewer is a useful WP plugin in the list of Google Drive WordPress plugins. This plugin is helpful in sharing files via Google Drive on your website. Also, it will allow you to download, viewing, and exporting files with ease and display files in a mobile-friendly way. Moreover, the plugin is easy to style with a lot of customization options for making easy changes.

Dan’s Viewer Google Drive WordPress PluginsPricing :

This Dan’s Viewer is a free plugin and is easily downloadable from official WordPress website.

Features :

  • The plugin allows drop down and up within folders without leaving the page.
  • It has the ability to store and use unlimited Google Drive Folders in a well-arranged manner.
  • Dan’s Viewer plugin has the ability to store and use unlimited Google Drive folders.
  • All options are configured with the help of shortcode available in this plugin.

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Now as you read all the 7+ Google Drive WordPress plugins, we hope you have understood each and every aspect of this article. You can select plugin accordingly from above free as well as paid plugins.

Stay tuned for more plugins.

You can ask your queries in the comment section.

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