Using a right keyword is crucial and really plays an important role in making your site SEO optimized. The good keyword has the power to skyrocket your business by generating a massive traffic to your website.

Important definitions:

  • Keyword: This is the precisely targeted phrase used in SEO to drive traffic to a specific URL. It is also called “targeted keyword”.
  • Volume: This tells you the number of people who searched a specific keyword in a month.

We understand your problem and thus we are here with the list of 5+ best Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugins. These keyword tools will take you out from the traditional habit of spending a lot of time in searching for most relevant and searched keywords, as they will provide you with the list of all the related keywords in no time. All the plugins are compatible with WPML which makes it language friendly.

With so many features there is no doubt that the listed plugins are the pack of keyword toolbox.

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Get an edge over your competitors by getting the most suitable plugin from the listed best 5+ Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugins.

1. WordPress Keyword Plugin – Keyword Competitiveness Tool

WordPress Keyword is powerful and best in keyword density checker WordPress plugins which perfectly works as a keyword toolbox. This is designed in a user-friendly manner and equipped with all the features which make it the best keyword tool finder.

It will help you to find the relative keywords which can add as tags for a wider search. Moreover, it will help you to get your content search engine friendly and keyword friendly.

Wordpress Keyword Tool Plugin


With 6 months of support, you can get this Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugin at $18. For extended support of 12 months, you can also go with $23.25 pricing plan.


  • Provides you an in-time density value which will help you to calculate the values of keyword density in a single click. Thus it will help you in saving your valuable time.
  • It is WPML compatible and thus supports every language which makes it a user-friendly plugin.
  • After using this plugin your WordPress website will work with the same efficiency on every device as it is 100% responsive.
  • You will also get a long list of high volume keywords for your searched keyword.

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2. SEOBudd – Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugin

SEOBudd is a WordPress Plugin for keyword research. It will help you in getting better ranking for your content by providing you the list of the most popular keyword with ease. Moreover. It will also give you the right picture for your presence in social media websites.

SEOBudd Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugin


Get this plugin at a very reasonable pricing plan of $16 with support for 6 months. You will also get future updates completely FREE of cost.


  • Allows you to check the average page load time with the inbuilt feature.
  • Provides you a proper tracking of even incoming search keywords.
  • You will also get the traffic changes in percentage form which makes things easy to understand.
  • The plugin is compatible with all the major browsers like IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • SEOBudd plugin comes with an authentic quality checked by Envato which is a benchmark check for a minimum standard of quality.

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3. WordPress SEO Post Optimizer – Keyword Tool Researcher

If you want to increase your Google ranking sustainability than WordPress SEO post optimizer is the solution for it. This tool makes sure that whatever you are going to publish should be properly optimized for getting good traffic. Moreover, it hardly takes few seconds to come with the valuable result and saves time for other important works.



This awesome pocket-friendly plugin is available at $18 with special support for 6 months and at $23.25 for extended support for 12 months.


  • Comes with WPML compatibility which lets you choose any language for the usage of this plugin.
  • The plugin is WooCommerce ready that will also analyze the buying behavior at your online store and will give you valuable insights.
  • The powerful settings menu will help you to perform every difficult task with ease.
  • Provides you special feature by which you can also check value for your keyboard.

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4. SmartCrawl Pro – Keyword Popularity Tool

SmartCrwal is the peerless and incomparable keyword competitiveness to get your website completely optimized. You will get the best rated and highly searched keyword over the internet with their exact search volumes.

The plugin gets installed within few clicks and can be used by any type of user as no coding knowledge is required for the same. Moreover SmartCrawl Pro requires least efforts for boosting the PageRank and getting large traffic over your website.

SmartCrawl Pro WordPress SEO


This plugin comes with an affordable pricing plan of $49.50/month.


  • Comes with an Automatic Linking feature which will help you to Link important keywords with your content over different pages and posts on your site.
  • You can also move your SmartCrawl settings to any site for a glance checkup with import/export feature.
  • Once you share the content over social media platforms than SmartCrawl Pro will take care of things like social traffic analysis.
  • The page scanner will scan the whole page in a single click which will analyze and activate in few clicks only.

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5. Bavoko SEO Tools – Free In Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugins

Bavoko SEO tools is the simple yet powerful, easy to use keyword popularity tool. This plugin allows you to do both the things of SEO analysis and optimization with ease. With the rapid growth of social media platforms, the importance of social media presence is on top.

This plugin will help you Facebook & Twitter monitoring. You will get effective social snippets for post types which can be used for analysis of your content on Facebook and Twitter.



You can get this plugin completely FREE of cost directly from the official website of WordPress.


  • Provides you a good vast data saving feature in your cache every day. You can add up to 5,000 keywords through Google’s API.
  • The plugins will also showcase the ranking of keywords in charts and table formats for better understanding.
  • You will also get various tools like meta, page ranking analysis etc for better content optimization.
  • Your URL will get automatic redirection with the permalinks settings.
  • It also generates sitemaps for your website for faster indexing over search engines.

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6. PrePost SEO – Free In Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugins

PrePost SEO is the very helpful WordPress plugin which is a best keyword finder tool. The feature-rich plugin will solve all the major keyword related problems on your fingertips. The keywords will be shown in the descriptive list. You will also get the volume for every searched keyword.

PrePost SEO


Download this plugin FREE of cost from the official website of


  • Provides you the plagiarism checker feature which will help you detect duplicate content easily.
  • The SEO score checker feature will help you in analyzing your website at every time.
  • You will also get the facility of Checking the Grammatical mistakes and Spelling on just one click.
  • The post titles for search engines like Google, Bing gets completely optimized with this plugin.

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With this, we have done the reading part of 5+ Best Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugins. We are confident that this article has proved to be an asset in taking the decision of the best plugin for your website.

In case of any doubt feel free to comment below. We will get back to you ASAP.