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Plagiarism is one of the very complex & serious problems among the writers, students, and bloggers alike and thus the need to check for plagiarism is on the high these days.

So, if you’re worried about the duplication content in your essays, blogs, article etc, then this article will help you a lot to find the perfect solution for your need.

In this article, we have shortlisted the 7+ best plagiarism checker tools (Free & Paid) so you can sit back & secure your website’s contents.

These plagiarism checker tools run fast and detect the WHOIS information of users who have copied your contents. These widgets give you a completely user-friendly interface and also improves your websites SEO ranking.

You can trust us, we have considered these plugins on the basis of their ratings, reviews, features and a lot more.

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Let’s count the things that you have find in this post of plagiarism checker plugins.

1. Plagiarism Checker Pro: Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism Checker Pro is the #1 plagiarism checker that can detect any duplication contents across the Internet. It has an active installation more than 700000+ as on date.

It is one of the fastest online content checker tools as it only takes a second to complete the process of checking the contents. With this, you can find out the exact pages which have copied your genuine content.

Plagiarism Checker Pro WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Plagiarism Checker Pro Tool:

You can get its trial pack at free of cost only. After that its basic plan from $5 extends up to $499 for several industries.

Features of Plagiarism Checker WordPress Tool:

  • You can display the plagiarized contents on your website via slider section.
  • Through this plugin, you can check the entire contents by just copying the paragraphs, sentences or links.
  • It is simple and flexible so that you can add this on anywhere on your WordPress site and start checking your contents after finishing the work by just a single click.

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2. Plagiarism Auto-Check: Plagiarism Plugin For WordPress

Plagiarism auto-check has held the throne of best plagiarism checker WordPress tool for a long time. This plugin is second in the race of popularity. It gives you a completely user-friendly interface.

You can find out the exact pages which have been copied your genuine contents. Plus, you can also get aware about the user’s name, email id’s, addresses who have plagiarized your contents.

You can not only protect your contents but also can track the reaction of people regarding your contents.

Plagiarism Auto-Check for WordPress

Its user rating is 4/5.

Pricing of Plagiarism Auto-Check WordPress Tool:

It has two pricing plans based on its versions. $17 for Regular License and $85 for Pro Edition.

Features of Plagiarism Plugin For WordPress:

  • With this, you can send DMCA notice to the user in order to take down their copied page.
  • The plugin will check the contents in a scheduled way and notify you via email in case of any contents has plagiarized.
  • The tool is configured to google custom search API in order to access Google search services.
  • It provides automatic plagiarism recognition.

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3. Copyscaper: Plagiarism Checker SEO Tool

Copyscaper is a popular tool for checking your plagiarism content. The plugin consists various Copyscape API which lets you check the plagiarized content directly in your WordPress dashboard.

It can even find the person who is copying your articles without your knowledge. Copyscaper will automatically detect the copied data so that you don’t need to copy and paste text from your content to check again & again.

Copyscaper Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Copyscaper WordPress Plugin:

You can get its regular or basic plan at $25 only and extends its license at $95 for unlimited benefits and features.

Features of Plagiarism Checker SEO Tool:

  • By adding this widget to your website you won’t need to check articles multiple times because copyscaper keeps track of your every data.
  • With this, you can provide the permission to both writers or editors to check the article for duplication.
  • The plugin is compatible with various browsers like safari, opera, chrome and more.
  • It detects the list of contents that need to check for duplicates.

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4. Small SEO Tool: Plagiarism Checker Tool Free

Small SEO Tool comes in the top searches of WordPress plagiarism plugins. The love it has received from the users is immense. It is completely free and provides tons of features for your website.

This plugin lets you examine the texts or pages on your website and reports you if it finds any plagiarized contents over there. It is ease of use, the results are worth the application. It comes with a big green box where you can copy or paste your contents and verify the texts through a check plagiarism button.

Plagiarism Checker By SST Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Small SEO WordPress Tool:

This is a free plagiarism WordPress plugin. So you can start using it without paying any single penny.

Features of Free Plagiarism Checker Tool:

  • The plugin allows you to check your content in sentences wise or a paragraph wise.
  • You can check the various old posts or blogs with this plugin.
  • Upload any files or URL of your blog to check the plagiarized contents.
  • It detects each and every copied sentence of your blogs.

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5. Free Online Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism Checker Widget

Online Plagiarism Checker is a fully customizable WordPress plugin. Plus, it’s free! It is one of the fastest online content checker tools which takes only 5 seconds to complete the process.

The tool is created for WordPress users like webmaster, students, teachers & writers. It checks the text in your post and shows you the result whether the content is unique or duplicated.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Free Online Plagiarism Checker:

This plugin is free and won’t cost you any single dollar. It is the perfect choice if you’re looking for plagiarism detector tool for free.

Features of Plagiarism Checker Widget:

  • This plugin is completely SEO optimized so that it boost your website’s search engine ranking.
  • You can generate reports for your already checked contents and share it with your team members.
  • It allows you to check keyword density in your content, by a single word, two words, or by sentences.
  • The plugin also detects the grammatical errors in your contents.

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6. PrePost SEO: Plagiarism Checker For Free

Now, this is a free plagiarism checker plugin which is really effective. Relatively it has lesser features as compared to others but it will work perfectly for any blogs or contents. The plugin detects errors of your contents before it’s published and also improves your websites SEO ranking.

PrePost SEO Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

Pricing of PrePost SEO WordPress Plugin:

Get this WordPress plugin at free of cost. You can download it from

Features of Plagiarism Checker For Free:

  • It checks the links or anchor tags used in your post whether they are working or broken.
  • This tool detects the overall SEO score on your page and provides you suggestions to improve your posts.
  • Check spells and grammar errors in your contents.
  • The PrePost SEO is 10x faster as compared to other.

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7. TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism Detector Tool

TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker plugin for WordPress is fully customizable that help you to add widgets anywhere on your site. We’ve talked a lot about the features but this plugin makes me count support team as well. The plugin has got a really great or dedicated support team that comes with the best solution every time.

It comes with so many useful features so definitely we are not going to ignore any of them. The plugin detects you about which pages have quoted your original contents. Its single click enables you to obtain the user’s WHOIS information such as name, address, email, phone etc who has copied your contents and you can directly send a DMCA notice at the same time to that user.

TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

Pricing of TruVisibility WordPress Plugin:

Download this plugin at free of cost only from

Features of Plagiarism Detector Tool:

  • It provides a notification to you via email if anyone copied your contents.
  • You can choose “receive alert” for pages by using no-follow backlinks.
  • The plugin keeps records of every plagiarised data to its database.

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8. Plagiarism Checker Pro: Plagiarism Checker Tool Online

It is a time for free stuff! Here’s a free WordPress plagiarism checker plugin that works exactly good as premium plugins. This tool gives a lot of features for free so that you can not complain, after all.

With this power-packed WordPress tool, you can detect each and every page of your blogs which have been copied. It provides a secured channel (HTTPS) whenever a plagiarized post is being checked.

Plagiarism Checker Pro WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Plagiarism Checker Pro Plugin:

This easy and simple copied content checker plugin cost you nothing. It is completely free and can be downloaded from

Features of Plagiarism Checker Tool Online:

  • The plugin provides you a free trial plan so that you can easily try its first demo.
  • You can check plagiarism of your WordPress post including the percentage based on contents.
  • Completely SEO optimized WordPress plugin.

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The Takeaway:

So, this was our side of the best plagiarism checker WordPress plugins both Freemium & Premium. We really hope that you must have found a perfect choice for your website.

Moreover, if you have any other suggestion regarding other plagiarism tools then suggest us below the comment section. We would really take those list in our further blog post.

Thanks for reading!