If you own a website and want to upgrade it then Gravatars can be a great idea. Gravatars have become one of the most popular trends of the day. In case, if you are not sure about having these Gravatars on your website then let us tell you that millions out there are using it and its high-on-demand. Today, we are here with refined 5 Gravatar WordPress Plugins available the market.

Gravatar WordPress Plugins

How about we tell you a bit about Gravatars?

Gravatars are the Globally Recognized Avatar. It’s like a virtual identity of a user or a visitor on any website.

The sense of getting identified is a very crucial principle of human behavior. And here comes the need of a gravatar that will provide a picture identification to your site visitors.

Moreover, the listed plugins allow you to customize and make individual avatars. This can be done for the profiles, pages, chat rooms, and even as a mark of the main website too.

Further, these plugins will provide the feeling of personalization and authority to your website users. As they will see their own avatar, every time they comment on your blog or social media site.

Things you can do with these plugins

  • Let people make their own wp Gravatars on your website.
  • People on your website can upload and download images and set them as Gravatar.
  • Proper customization of gravatar like color, size, background etc.

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Below is the list of 5 best gravatar WordPress plugins. Read every plugin one by one, as no one knows which plugin features suit your requirements.

1.  User Avatar  – Gravatar Image WordPress Plugin

User Avatar Plugin is the best plugin in the list of 5 Gravatar WordPress Plugins. It allows your site visitors to upload an avatar of their choice.

Then, the backend admin panel is powerful and easy to use. Also, one can crop an image of their choice to design an avatar without any hassle. In fact, you will also get a webcam feature which will click image within no time.

Just save the designed size and your avatar will be ready. Moreover, you can also set a default avatar according to the role example administrator avatar, editor avatar.

 User Avatar Gravatar WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan –

This plugin comes with a regular license at $22 in which you will get full support for 6 months. You can also go with pricing plan of $28.75 for extended support of 12 months.

Features –

  • Comes with the avatar upload interface from team flipper code. It is completely easy to use and gives you the freedom to upload avatar image via file manager, webcam from a single place.
  • You will also get perspicacious shortcodes to show your avatars.
  • The plugin is 100% integrated with BuddyPress plugin. It will show your gravatar or avatars directly on social media network (BuddyPress pages)
  • It is WooCommerce integrated. Your online store customers can set up profile image on their registration form or my account page.
  • Provides 15 flat color schemes which can be used to give a colorful look to your avatar and gravatar easily.
  • Your WordPress site users can also set their own avatars in your site registration forms.

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2. SVG Avatars Generator – Gravatar WordPress Plugin

SVG Avatars generator is the simple yet powerful gravatar WordPress plugin. It allows you to create custom avatars as the plugin gets integrated with SVG Avatars generator very easily.

Further, the generator is completely compatible with all the major and modern browsers. Be it any screen resolution this plugin will give you the best ever experience in every resolution.

Once you are done with avatar designing you can download your avatar in SVG or PNG file to use these avatars as Gravatars.

SVG Avatars Generator Gravatar WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan –

Get this plugin at $29 and enjoy the benefit of full support for 6 months without any hassle.

Features –

  • Provides you completely simple interface as except for downloading it does not use JPGs and PNGs files. As a result, gives a perfect look on any devices.
  • You will get the facility to save a User’s avatar directly on a server.
  • Comes with three different color schemes like Dark, Light & Custom to design your avatar the way you like.
  • The plugins give automatic Shadows and Highlight to the avatars and make them more appealing.

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3. Author Avatars List – Gravatar For WordPress

Author Avatars List is the magical plugin in the list of gravatar WordPress plugins.  The core features of WordPress retrieve user information and design the avatars easily.

The plugin also displays gravatar according to the user roles on your WordPress site. One can even display their own image as an avatar with the help of author Avatar list. This plugin can give a social identity to the WordPress site visitors.

Author Avatars List Gravatar WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan –

You will be flabbergast to know that this plugin is available completely FREE of cost. Download it directly from the official website of WordPress with ease.

Features –

  • Provides you the feature to add the avatar in the sidebar by adding a new widget.
  • Comes with TinyMCE editor plugin which can be used to display the avatars in posts and pages with the help of shortcodes.
  • You can also adjust the size and perform tweaks like align the avatar left, centered or right with ease.
  • Equipped with advanced features show the roles of administrator, editors etc.
  • Use the display option in advanced settings to show the name and link the avatar with authors page.

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4. Letter Avatars – Free In Gravatar WordPress Plugins

Letter Avatars is free in gravatar WordPress plugins that don’t use image, scripts or font icons to create the custom avatars. Your avatar will be the first letter of your name or Email ID.

Letter Avatars Gravatar WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan –

Grab this plugin by visiting wordpress.org and download it FREE of cost without any additional charges.

Features –

  • The plugin is highly customizable as it allows you to shape your avatar the way you want. You can change colors, font size within few clicks.
  • Comes with proper integration with BuddyPress plugin that will show your avatar over social media. The social media users who are not having gravatar can use the letter avatars easily.
  • It is highly compatible with all other plugins, so no need to edit your theme/plugin files.
  • You will also get the feature to change the background as an when you want.

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5. Avatar Manager – Dynamic Gravatar WordPress Plugin

Avatar Manager is a dynamic gravatar WordPress plugin. It gives your site visitors their personal identity by providing the avatars. Moreover, the visitors can choose gravatar from the list of gravatar available in the plugin. They can even upload their personalized avatar from their profile screen.

Avatar Manager Gravatar WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan –

This plugin is a FREE plugin in the list of 5 Gravatar WordPress Plugins. You can download it free of cost from wordpress.org.

Features –

  • Gives the best user interface and provides on-demand image generation which makes things easy.
    Comes with 10000+ active installations via WordPress which is a remarkable number to believe upon.
  •  You can also upload any image directly from your computer to give it a shape of the personalized avatar.

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In the above blog, we have covered the trending and best 5 Gravatar WordPress Plugins. We researched over hundreds of gravatar plugins available in the market and then came up with the above-defined list. So, we hope that you would definitely have found a one for your WordPress site.

Feel free to contact us in the comment box in case of any query or suggestion. Our highly responsive support team will get back to you in no time.