Do you ever want to add cost calculation functionality on your website?

Then, WordPress Calculator plugins will do it for you and it does not require any coding skills.

WordPress Calculator Plugins

WordPress Calculator plugins effortlessly create price estimation forms on your WordPress website. Moreover, it can be used on your e-commerce website as well.

Let me explain to you, How?

Have you ever wonder that whenever you purchase a product online. It will show you the different parameters of a product such as color size etc. Then, according to its parameters, the price of the product automatically changes.

It is possible by backend code of calculation. And for those folks who are not that expert in manual calculator coding. Then, here is the list of the best WordPress calculator plugins that lets you create a calculator on your website with no efforts.

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1. Cost Calculator – WordPress Plugin

Cost Calculator is basically a WordPress plugin for quotations, price, and project estimation. This plugin allows you to easily create price estimation forms for your WordPress website. Your clients can fill up the form and as per the selected services, it will show the total estimated cost. This WordPress plugin has templates of different niche such as renovation, services, vehicle services, and medical services and so on.

Cost Calculator WordPress Calculator Plugins


You’ll get this theme from the at a cost of $29 only.

Additional Features

  • It is integrated with PayPal payment gateway. So, you can allow your users to make payments instantly and hassle-free.
  • The plugin has an inbuilt cost calculator builder with a drag and drop interface within any theme.
  • Simple and easy to use. Moreover, it comes with a clean code which can easily be modified.
  • It is integrated with a contact form which proves in more lead generation. Further, your business will improve.

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2. Zigaform WordPress Price Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder

Zigaform WordPress Price Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder is a flexible plugin that will allow you to create both simple and complex calculations including simple quotes, loan payment calculators, price estimation quotes, price estimation forms for your customers.

Zigaform offers a simple and easy to use platform for creating beautiful and powerful estimation forms. It allows you to create an estimation forms simply by dragging and dropping the elements. it is fully responsive that works well with all types screen including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.



It will cost you $38 for the premium version at

Also, free version available at

Additional Features

  • Visual & drag and drop form builder
  • Custom calculations
  • Email notifications
  • PayPal integration
  • 42+ types of fields included
  • Conditional logic for fields
  • Responsive design
  • Use any currency symbol
  • Multi-step form builder
  • Re-Captcha support
  • Accept operations with dates

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3. WooPrice Calculator

WooPrice Calculator is an extension of WooCommerce that lets you manage the pricing of your WooCommerce products. It enables you to directly import formulas into excel file. You can assign a calculator to the multiple products of your website.

The plugin allows you to create unlimited calculator fields, you can assign labels and values to them. This plugin shows the different pricing of your products of different parameters such as if you order products of $30 and quantity 2, then it will automatically calculate the total amount of $60.

WooPrice WordPress Calculator Plugins


It will cost you 48,00 € for 12 months.

Additional Features

  • It offers real-time calculation of the prices. So, your customers can change the product configuration in the cart.
  • The plugin supports conditional logic that lets you to show or hide the specific fields.
  • You can write custom formulas to calculate the price.
  • Supports regex for advanced field validation.
  • Stores the order details in the backend of WooCommerce.

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4. Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin for WordPress

It is a premium WordPress Calculator Plugin that lets your website visitors calculate their mortgage amount or their payments based on the interest rates and entered loan amount.

If you are a money lender then having a website with a mortgage and loan calculator is the best way to attract more clients. This plugin provides complete reports to your users. So, that they’ll come back again to compare with older reports.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin WordPress Calculator Plugins


To buy this plugin from the, you’ll have to pay $16.

Additional Features

  • With its simple easy shortcode, you can easily embed it on on your website.
  • It is translation ready. So, you can easily translate any field of the plugin in any language you want.
  • You can use this in your posts and widgets etc.
  • Email reports will be sent to your clients.
  • Provides the statistics for later report monetization.

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5. ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin

It is the multi-purpose form calculator WordPress plugin which automatically calculates the form values. With the help of this plugin, you can create cost estimators, form calculators, and extensive contact forms etc.

In this, form submission can be sent to both admin and the user individually. This plugin creates PDF files of the submitted form values and attaches them to the emails.

ez Form Calculator WordPress Calculator Plugins


To download this plugin from the, you’ve to pay around $39.

Additional Features

  • It comes with a backend verification for high security.
  • The plugin is integrated payments gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.
  • It is also integrated with WooCommerce. So, you can use the form calculator for your online store.
  • The plugin is incorporated with MailChimp and Mailpoet for sending an email notification.
  • Supports advanced calculation with conditional logic.

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6. Real Estate Calculators – WordPress Plugin

It is yet another mortgage calculator plugin that calculates the payment amounts and interests of the mortgage. Further, it automatically creates data tables to show interest, principal, and balance for your mortgage on a yearly basis.

This plugin can also be used as a renter calculator that calculates the gross income of a piece of investment property.

Real Estate Calculators WordPress Calculator Plugins


Download this plugin at just $12 only from the

Additional Features

  • Fast and easy to use a mortgage calculator. It can be used as a post or a full-page calculator.
  • It sends reports to your clients on their email address individually.
  • This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce so you can add e-commerce functionalities to your website.
  • It is integrated with BuddyPress that lets you build a social community on your WordPress site.

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7. JIMMO WP-Property Finance Budget Calculator

This plugin lets you to create a multi-page form on your website and allow your visitors to calculate the amount of loan or mortgage they can afford for the real-states.

The form that is created via this plugin is responsive and placed anywhere you want on your website.

JIMMO WP Property Finance Budget Calculator WordPress Calculator Plugins

No Charges

This plugin is available for free on the official WordPress site.

Additional Features

  • It takes the loan data such as repayment rate, percentage rate.
  • You can place it anywhere on your website such sidebar, page content and so on.
  • Flexibility to display the form on multiple places or pages of your website.
  • Simple and easy shortcodes are available to embed it on your website.

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8. FC’s Savings Calculator

FC’s Saving calculator is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create a detailed saving schedule with a set of charts. This plugin enables the site users to select their and date convention for future value schedule.

Additionally, the plugin provides you the complete schedule reports of deposit, interest, and balance. So if you are a financial blogger then you can add this calculator to your website to attract a large number of visitors.

FCs Savings Calculator WordPress Calculator Plugins

No Charges

It is free of cost plugin. You can download it from


  • It allows the website owner to select the default currency and date format. Further, users are not allowed to change it.
  • This plugin gives you the facility to add your brand on the calculator.
  • It can be used in posts as well as any page’s content area on your website.
  • Comes with four predefined sizes. Further, you can modify its CSS file for any changes.

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Well, that’s our take on 6+ WordPress Calculator plugins. We’ve mentioned both free and paid calculator plugins. So, you can pick the one which suits you the most.

Moreover, you can explore the plugins by clicking on the buttons given below in each mentioned plugins.

Hopefully, that you’ve like the article. For further suggestions, you can let us know in the below comment section.

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